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Robotics Engineering Books PDF: If you are pursuing or about to Pursue Robotics Engineering you must be looking for Books & Study Material everywhere. Halt your search as you have landed on the right page and you will get all of them here. You can even download the Robotics Engineering Books & Study Material via the quick links available. Go through the Syllabus, Important Questions List for Robotics in the further modules.

Download Robotics Engineering Study Material & Notes

You can get the B.Tech Robotics Study Materials and Books for free of cost. All you have to do is simply click on the download links and view them for using them as a reference during preparation. Get to know the concepts better by using the Robotics Lecture Notes over here. Use the Study Notes for Robotics and get in-depth knowledge of related topics in the discipline. Improve your problem-solving skills and knowledge in the subject by practicing using B.Tech Robotics Notes & Books.

Robotics Recommended Books PDF

Have a glance at the Robotics Engineering Books & Study Materials all in one place. You need not panic as we have mentioned the Best Books for Robotics Engineering Recommended by experts. You can rely on them on completely and they are as per the Latest Syllabus Guidelines.

Aspirants can use the Robotics Notes & Books over here to get an idea about the concepts. Furthermore, you can download the Books on Robotics, Question Papers, etc. through the quick links available.


  • To introduce you to the basic concepts, types of Robots and Parts of Robots
  • To make students familiar with various drive systems for robot, sensors & their applications in robots
  • Discuss the various applications of robots, justification, and implementation of the robot.
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Introduction to Robotics PDF  Download
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Robotics Engineering Question Paper  Download

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Robotics Engineering Syllabus

Aspirants planning to have knowledge in the concepts of Robotics and appear for the exams in Engineering can refer to the Robotics Engineering Syllabus over here. Have an overview of the concepts you need to prepare to clear the Robotics Engineering Exams. A prior idea on the topics you need to cover will always be an extra edge and you can plan in accordance. Check out the Unitwise Robotics Engineering Syllabus and plan a proper preparation strategy to crack the exam.

Unit 1

Introduction Specifications of Robots – Classifications of robots, Work envelope, Flexible automation versus Robotic technology, Applications of Robots, ROBOT KINEMATICS AND DYNAMICS Positions.

Unit 2

Orientations and frames, Mappings Changing descriptions from frame to frame, Operators: Translations, Rotations, and Transformations, D-H Representation, Transformation Arithmetic, Robot Arm dynamics, Forward and inverse Kinematics Of Six Degree of Freedom Robot Arm

Unit 3

Robot Drives and Power Transmission Systems Robot drive mechanisms, electric, hydraulic, servomotor, stepper motor, Mechanical transmission method, pneumatic drives,  Belt drives, Gear transmission, cables, Roller chains, Link, Rod systems, Rotary-to-Rotary motion conversion, Rotary-to-Linear motion conversion,  Lead screws, Rack and Pinion drives, Ball Bearing screws

Unit 4

Manipulators Construction of Manipulators, Electronic and Pneumatic manipulators, Manipulators Dynamic and Force Control, Classification of End effectors, Tools as end effectors, Drive system for grippers, Mechanical adhesive, vacuum, magnetic, grippers, Hooks & Scoops, Active and passive grippers, Gripper force analysis and gripper design.

Unit 5

Path planning & Programming Trajectory planning and avoidance of obstacles,  skew motion, path planning, joint integrated motion, straight-line motion, Robot languages, computer control, and Robot software.

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List of Robotics Important Questions

  • What is the work envelope? Draw work envelope for Cartesian coordinate, cylindrical coordinate, and spherical coordinate.
  • What are the common types of arm explain?
  • Explain with an example of the kinematic equations using homogeneous transformations robot end effector.
  • Derive the generalized equation for the D-H convention.
  • Explain about Robot motion planning by considering examples solve fifth-order polynomial trajectory planning
  • What are the requirement and challenges of end-effector?
  • Explain Newton –Euler formulation. Write its applications.
  • What is the differential transformation? How are they useful in the context of Robotics?
  • Explain about types of the actuator with neat sketch

Robotics Reference Books List – B.Tech Electives

Candidates can get a grip on the Robotics Engineering by referring to the books suggested by experts. Make use of them during your preparation and get to know the concepts better. All the topics prevailing in the Robotics Textbooks are given in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Refer to the Robotics Study Material & Notes for standing out from the crowd and also lay a stronger foundation of concepts.

  • Robotics Engineering: An Integrated Approach by Richard David Klafter
  • Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems by Chi N. Thai
  • Robotics: DISCOVER THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE with 20 PROJECTS (Build It Yourself) by Kathy Ceceri and Samuel Carbaugh
  • Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action) by John-David Warren
  • Robotics Engineering: Learn it, Try it (Science Brain Builde (Science Brain Builders) by Ed Sobey
  • Robotics: Everything You Need to Know About Robotics from Beginner to Expert by Peter McKinnon

FAQs on Robotics Engineering

1. Where can I get Robotics Engineering Notes PDF?

You can find Robotics Engineering Preparation related resources like Notes, Reference Books & Study Material on our page. If you wish you can find them online too.

2. What are some Robotics Engineering Reference Books?

Robotics Engineering Books recommended by experts are provided here.
1. Robotics Engineering: An Integrated Approach by Richard David Klafter
2. Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems by Chi N. Thai
3. Robotics: DISCOVER THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE with 20 PROJECTS (Build It Yourself) by Kathy Ceceri and Samuel Carbaugh

3. How to download Books on Robotics?

You can tap on the quick links available on our page to access Books on Robotics. Download the reference books and make the most out of them during your preparation.

Final Words

We tried mentioning the possible information that we can for Robotics Engineering Notes & Books. Make the most out of them during your preparation and score well in your exams. Share the article among your near and dear ones so that they may find this helpful. Bookmark our site for the latest updates on Various Notes, Books, Study Materials, etc.

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