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Production And Operations Management Notes PDF: Students who are preparing for upcoming MBA first-year 2nd sem exams can download Production And Operations Management(POM) lecture notes from this page for free of cost. These POM Notes & study materials for MBS are available in Pdf formatted files. So, candidates can easily download and access the pdf files of Production And Operations Management Notes offline whenever needed.

Books, Notes, study materials are the primary resources for any exam preparation. Thus the reason, today we are here to provide the MBA core subject ‘Production & Operations Management Textbooks & Notes in pdf’. Apart from the lecture notes on Production And Operations Management, we have prevailed syllabus in detailed structure, suggested books for POM, and Important Review Question list in this article.

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Download Production And Operations Management Lecture Notes & Textbook PDF

Looking for the pdf download link for Production And Operations Management Lecture Notes then here you go. The below table holds the direct links to download Production And Operations Management Notes, study materials, and model questions papers in pdf. These POM Textbooks are designed based on the latest syllabus and prepared in a simple and lucid manner to make it more understandable for students.

Study effectively with our handy prep resource material and plan your preparation methodology accordingly to secure good marks in the exam. So, don’t waste your time for further searches, just make use of these POM Lecture Notes Pdf by accessing the available below links and prepare well.

MBA Production And Operations Management Books & Notes PDF Download Links
Production and operations management Study Material Pdf Download
Production and operation management Text Book for MBA 2nd sem Download
MBA 1st Year Production and operation management Model Question Paper Download
Production and operations management Lecture Notes Pdf Download

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Recommended MBA 2nd Sem Production and Operations Management Books List

Thorough knowledge of the concept is very important to score well in the exams for all MBA students. So, learning the concept from the detailed explained book is the best & smart way to understand the topic easily. Thus, we have curated a list of best books for Production and Operations Management MBA recommended by subject experts. So, check out the list mentioned below and choose the suitable POM reference book for your preparation.

  • Production and Operations Management by Everette E. Adam, Jr. Ronald J. Ebert; Publisher: Prentice-Hall of India
  • Production and Operations Management by N.G. Nair; Publisher: Tata Mc. Graw Hill
  • Production and Operations Management by Panneerselvam R; Publisher: Prentice-Hall of India
  • Operations Management by Shafer Scott M; Publisher: John Wiley
  • Succeeding in Project-Driven Organizations by Knutson Joan; Publisher: John Wiley

Unit Wise Production and Operations Management Syllabus in Detailed Structure – Second Semester

A detailed structure of the MBA Production & Operations Management unit wise syllabus is presented here for assisting students to pave their preparation. By knowing the MBA 2nd Sem Production and Operations Management Syllabus, you can understand what are the concepts included in this subject in detail and plan your exam preparation schedule accordingly. Hence, let’s look at the below subheads and cover the entire syllabus of Production & Operations Management while preparation.

Unit I:

Operations and Productivity: Operations Functions and Evolution of POM; Framework for Managing Operations; Operations Strategy; Trends in Operations Management

Unit 2:

Product and Process Design: Product Development; Product Design Tools; Design of Services; Flexible Manufacturing; Systems; Process Design: Types of Process, Modern Production Technologies; Process Reengineering

Unit 3:

Capacity Design: Capacity Management; Economies and Diseconomies of Scale and Learning Curve; Capacity Strategies;
Decision Trees

Unit 4:

Facility Location: Location Strategy and its Importance; Factors influencing Plant Location; Globalization; Location SelectionModels

Unit 5:

Layout Design: Layout Planning; Layout Types; Design of Product and Process Layouts; Job Design; Work Measurement

Unit 6:

Inventory Management: Basic Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model; Quantity Discount Models; Spare Parts Inventory; Material Resources Planning; Manufacturing Resource Planning; Purchasing Objectives

Unit 7:

Operations Planning and Scheduling Systems: Aggregate Planning and its Process; Master Scheduling; Aggregate Planning for Service Organizations; Operating Schedules; Sequencing Rules; Optimized Production Technology and Synchronous Manufacturing; Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing System; Basics of SCM and ERP

MBA First Year 2nd Sem Production & Operations Management Important Questions

By solving various previous question papers of Production & Operations Management helps students gain more knowledge on the concept and some important & repeated questions from each unit. It aids them to prepare all those questions and get ready for the final examination to give their best shot & score well. So, here we have given some of the Production & Operations Management Important Review Questions list below for the sake of your preparation:

  • What do you understand by operation and production management?
  • Explain the regression method of demand forecasting.
  • Define operation processes and explain its key components.
  • Discuss critically the different models of forecasting.
  • Discuss the various stages in the evolution of production and operation management discipline
  • What is the function of a Production Manager? Is this function different from the function of a marketing manager?
  • What are the future trends in production and operation management?
  • How will environmental issues impact on the future of production and operations?
  • What is the strategic perspective of operation and production management?
  • Define the term “forecasting” What is its purpose? Describe the uses and limitations
    of the weighted moving average method of forecasting
  • What are the possible consequences if a large-scale firm places its product in the market without having estimated the demand for its product?

FAQs on MBA Operations Management Textbooks & Notes PDF Free Download

1. Which is the best Books on Production and Operations Management for MBA?

The books that are suggested by the subject experts and the toppers of the semester are the best books for MBA Production and Operations Management subject. Check out the above-mentioned Production and Operations Management recommended textbooks list and prepare well for the exams.

2. What are the best books about operations management?

Here are the three best books on MBA Operations Management:

1. Operations Management by William J. Stevenson
2. Production And Operations Management: Manufacturing And Services by Richard B. Chase
3. Introduction to Materials Management by J.R. Tony Arnold

3. Where can I get Lecture Notes for MBA 2nd Sem Production and Operations Management subject?

You can easily avail Production and Operations Management study material and notes from this page. Just access the needed MBA first year 2nd sem lecture notes with the help of available links and score well in the final examination.

4. How to download Production & Operations Management Text Books & Notes for MBA?

All you do is just hit on the direct download links available over here and simply download the Production & Operations Management Notes in PDF for free of cost. Save the file for further preparation and cover all the concepts of the subject before the final exams & secure more than pass marks.


We believe that you find enough books & lecture notes on Production & Operations Management MBA 2nd sem subject. In case you need anything related to Production & Operations Management Notes & study materials, please reach us via the below comment section. Also, visit our site and avail the updated & latest information on MBA First Year Core Subjects Notes, Study materials, Syllabus, Question papers, etc.

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