Old Age Home Essay | Essay on Old Age Home for Students and Children in English

Old Age Home Essay: Old Age Home is a new concept in India. However, in the west, old age homes are usually where people of elderly age reside. It is also a place for parents whose children are doing jobs out of their country to reside in the absence of their children. Old Age homes consider both blessings and curses.

It is a place where senior citizens are well taken care of with proper nutrition and diet. They are also provided the health facilities such as a general checkup, personalised diet and timely medication. However, many a time, it gets lonely for the parents who miss their children and wish to live with them instead.

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Long and Short Essays on Old Age Home for Students and Kids in English

A long essay on Old Age Home of 450-500 words has been provided it is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. For the reference of students in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, a short essay on Old Age Home of 100-150 words has been provided.

Essay on Old AgeHome

Long Essay on Old Age Home 500 Words in English

Old Age Home is designed for parents who live alone, have no children, or have irresponsible or careless children. It provides shelter and food for old people. In India, this is a new concept and many children are adopting it by seeing the Western culture. Well, India is the place where big families believe in living together in a single home, but with an increase of modernization and busy schedules of the young generation, old age homes are significantly increasing.

Nowadays, children are making excuses for not staying with their parents due to their urban lifestyle. Many people are adopting old age home solutions for their parents, as this is the place that takes care of them by providing them proper food, clothes, shelter and the time that they need at this age.

However, some children consider old age home as a good source for their parents to live with friends and enjoy their last breath or if they have to leave the country due to their job. But if we talk about a parent’s heart, they wish to live with their children instead of spending time with the unknown in an old age home. Well, it sounds a little harsh but the detachment of parents with their kids at the time when they need their children the most is heartbreaking.

Since there is an increase in old age homes in India, children have forgotten the meaning of family, love, and care. When children live with their parents they often learn many things from their experiences. The essence of family is missing in old age homes which can lead to feeling lonely.

The advantages of an old age home are that it is also known as a retirement home. Not just special friends and memories are found here, but also special care such as treatments by nurses and assistants are also provided under professional supervision. It also encourages senior citizens to pursue their hobbies and spend more time in nature.

Thus, we can also say that old age homes help senior citizens to have a peaceful time after retirement. They are also given access to books from the library, entertainment facilities, yoga or fitness classes. The ambulances and health care department is 24×7 ready to attend to any patient, even in case of an emergency.

However, it is always taught that children should understand the value of parents in their life and send them to old age homes only when there is no option left for them. They are the reason for our happiness and success. So, love them, respect them, and give them the care that they deserve. It’s not too late to make your parents happy. You should send them old age home but only for passing their time beautifully, not for giving up the responsibility of taking care of your parents.

Short Essay on Old Age Home 150 words in English

An old age home has become a common phenomenon these days. The phenomenon can be considered as a boon or a bane. While there is nothing wrong with living in an old age home if the aged parents have no child or the children have to move abroad due to work.

Living in an old age home can come with various benefits such as they can do regular activities, enjoy their last stage with friends, doctors can take care of them, and live a secure life with assistance from nurses and assistants. However, old age homes also have many disadvantages such as restricted meals, expensive medical bills, impersonal atmosphere, and loneliness.

The conclusion for living in an old age home is that it is a good option, but for a happy home, one should always prefer to live with their family until their last breath.

Long Essay on Old Age Home

10 Lines on Old Age Home Essay in English

  1. Old age homes are a new concept adopted by western countries.
  2. Aged parents need love, care, and respect from their children.
  3. Nowadays, children send their parents to old age homes.
  4. Old age home provides aged parents shelter, food, and care.
  5. Parents get extra care in the old age home with proper medical care.
  6. Old age homes provide friends, fun, and the best entertainment to senior citizens.
  7. Senior citizens are given the option to pursue their hobbies in old age homes.
  8. Aged people have access to the fitness centre, library and entertainment sources.
  9. Living in old age homes can be lonely.
  10. Old age homes are also known as retirement homes.

FAQ’s on Old Age Home Essay

Question 1.
What are the benefits of old age homes?

There are many benefits of old age homes such as medical facilities, shelter, food, companionship, entertainment sources, etc.

Question 2.
What are the disadvantages of old age homes?

People living in old age homes tend to feel lonely as they miss their facilities and they might also miss the element of freedom.

Question 3.
Why are old age homes increasing in India?

Old age homes are increasing in India due to the migration of the youth to bigger cities for job opportunities.

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