You’re Not Too Old to Speak English Fluently

English is a global language. Every one in six people use English to communicate. Today, with the emerging digital platform around the world, learning English is the only way to communicate and work.

Online meetings and global conferences have made fluent English a mandate for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Communication is a complex procedure, especially when you are traveling.

The global pandemic has made people realize the importance of verbal communication. If you are looking for ways to improve your communication skills, don’t worry, you are not too old to speak English fluently.

There are various simple ways to improve your speaking skills in a short period.

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7 Tips to Learn Fluent English Quickly

No matter what your reason is, when it comes to learning a language, everyone wants it quick and easy. Speaking a language fluently requires confidence and knowledge.

There are various strategies that you can apply to learn English quickly. Here, we have assembled seven different ways that will help you to speak English fluently.

  • Set Your Goal- It is important to set a goal before you start anything. You can set a period by which you would like to speak fluently. You can also make a schedule to give time to learn the language aside from your daily work and classes.
  • Make A Strategy- It is important to make strategies when you plan to learn new things. Before you make plans, you need to know the level of English that you are. Focus on the time you spend every day on the subject and the things that you do to learn the language.
  • Make It Your Daily Routine- You must stay in touch with a language every day. This will help you to remember grammar, figures of speech, and other essential techniques to speak correct English. Speaking with your family and friends in English is a good start to practice spoken English.
  •  English Environment Is Important- Learning a new language becomes easy when you surround yourself with it. If you cannot involve your family, you can always use applications and TV shows to do so.

For example, start with news channels that are English. News channels help you to understand the language easily. Other than that, reading English newspapers are of great help. It will help you to learn new words and increase your vocabulary.

  • Look For Methods That Will Help You To Learn English Effectively- As a student, it takes a toll to focus on learning a new language amidst all the classes and work. Learning new sounds and words can be hard when you don’t get help.

Therefore, the best way is to take classes from a professional. This way you can take tests and know about your development easily. Most people take up periodic online classes which helps them to learn the language within a certain period.

  • Listen- One of the most powerful tools for learning is to listen. When you listen to people or communicate, you can easily learn new words. Many applications help you to listen to a sentence and learn the language. You can repeat sentences and record yourself to know how you sound.

When you start recording yourself, you will get an idea of how different your accent is from the original audio. This will help you to compare and spot the differences easily.

Although some people do not like the sound of their voice, it is best to not overthink and work on fluency. Daily practice of using new phrases in your sentences will help you to learn a lot within a short period.

  • Practice Speaking English- There is a saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. Any new hobby you start needs daily practice for quick learning and perfection. The same goes for speaking fluent English. There are various ways through which you can start to practice on an everyday basis.

You can either hire a professional to learn about the language and use correct grammar in your sentences. You can use online applications or classes to perfect your speech. Lastly, you can take help from your friends and make a group to practice speaking English every day.

If you can manage to hire a professional, you will likely learn way more quickly. You can also get honest feedback and learn from your mistakes. Weekly tests will also help you to assess your progress which makes it a reliable option.

  • Join Language Exchange- Language exchange can be really fun. Now you might be wondering, what is a language exchange? It is to communicate and learn the language from a person who knows the language well while the other learns the language that you excel at. This is a fun way to learn a language and it is proven to work well among students.

You must learn the type of English you want to speak. Once you surround yourself with the topics you talk about, you will know the type of language and accent you want to use. This helps to learn the language quickly. According to BBC, learning around 800 English words that are frequently used will help you to speak around 70% of the language fluently. If you are a bookworm, it can be a great advantage for you to learn the language quickly.

The Advantages of Learning Fluent English

Irrespective of your age and purpose, learning a language can be fun and effective in your everyday life.

There are around six thousand languages that people speak. English is the most widely used language, it is the key to communicate with people from other countries while you travel overseas for work, education, and travel.

We have already discussed how to learn the language. Here, we have discussed the advantages of speaking fluent English.

Connect and Communicate– The pandemic and the lockdown and led people to sit back home and work in solitude. However, the digital platform has allowed us to connect and work with people all over the world. Fluent English will help you understand other people and their culture.

Use It to Grow Your Business– No matter where you stay or what business you are associated with, English is a must when it comes to expand and sell your services. It is also considered to be the international language of business.

English communication skills are a must when you seek a job in corporate sectors or other fortune companies.

According to CNN business, speaking fluent English is mandatory for every employee working in a company. Negotiating with clients, presenting new products, conducting events require speaking English.

A Must for Travellers– Learning English is an undue advantage for travel lovers. No matter where you travel, speaking English will benefit you in great ways.

Although there is no harm in learning a few local phrases English will help you survive with any kind of things you need like paying bills, ordering food, and look for off-beat places.

Increases Your Earning Potential– There is a section in your curriculum vitae asking for the la gauges that you know. When you know a lot of languages, it automatically increases your chance of earning a lot more than you would initially earn.

According to a study conducted by LECG Europe and Wharton, learning a new language automatically increases the annual income by 2%. Although it might seem less, however, in the long run, it is quite high and with higher returns.

If you are a foreigner and taking up English as your second language, it can be highly beneficial. It will instantly increase your earning potential in your home country.

Great for Your Academics– Learning English can be highly beneficial for any student. It automatically increases their potential for higher studies in foreign universities.

Most of the prestigious universities require the students to know fluent English and even conduct several exams to understand the depth of their knowledge. Therefore, career-wise, every student should learn English.

Empowers Your Brain– Several studies confirm that learning a new language can give power to your brain. Problem-solving skills, creativity, enhanced brain activities are some of the benefits of learning English.

Enjoy Amazing Movies and Classical Literature- Most of the world-renowned novels, poems, and dramas are written in English. You never know what can interest you in learning about classical poets and novelists.

Many great movies were made in the English language which can influence and inspire you to change your way of life. Although there are many translated copies available, can there be anything better than experiencing the original movies?

Beneficial for Immigrants– When you are planning to move to a new place or new country, it is mandatory to speak the common language even if you cannot speak the native language. This will help you to communicate with the locals.

How Do I Improve My Fluency In English?

There are various ways to improve your English and speak more fluently. We have assembled some activities that will help you to do so.

  • Speak in English often.
  • Listen to English podcasts and Ted talks.
  • Listen to audiobooks and read them often.
  • Try practicing a book conversation and record to listen.
  • Use English as a language to communicate with your friends.
  • Try to frame sentences from single phrases and use them in your daily life.
  • Watch English movies with English subtitles to learn the language quickly.

What Time Does It Take to Become Fluent in English?

The period to learn a new language differs a lot between an adult and a child. For adults who are absolute beginners might take up to one year to learn English with minima um of five hours of study every day. However, if you already know the language it might take a few months to become fluent in the language.

How to Improve English Fluency at Home?

Since the pandemic has led to lockdowns, most of us are spending time indoors. Therefore, learning English at home is the only option. You can hire a teacher or a friend who is fluent in English to communicate with over your mobile phone or zoom.

You can frame new sentences with different words you select from the dictionary and use them in your conversation. You can also record your conversation to have a better understanding of what went wrong. Other than these, you can also record yourself and repeat the lines you read in books.

Are There Any Apps That Will Help to Speak English Fluently?

There are various apps available in the play store that helps to learn English fluently. Here are some of them-

  • Zoom– It is a perfect platform to communicate with your friends and other language exchange partners. You can easily practice by conversing in English and recording it for better learning.
  • PromptSmart– Reading from notecards and communicating can be confusing for students. Prompting app is one of the best apps for apple phones. Teleprompter in the application helps them to adjust the speed of speaking.
  • Speakerclock– As a student or a debater, it’s important to speak English fluently and on time. Either it is an event or classroom, students are often limited to a particular period. Speakerclock helps to keep track of time and increase your speed accordingly.
  • Ummo– Ummo helps to bring up the filler words of students by listening to their speech. Thus, helping them to prepare their speech without recording it. Filler words can affect even the best of speakers.
  • Bookwidgets– Bookwidgets is one of the popular English learning tools among students which lets you practice with more than fifty exercises like games and quizzes.

It is one of the best apps for students to improve their public speaking skills.


If you are looking for high academics and education in prestigious universities, then learning fluent English is a must. What are you waiting for? Start practicing today to kick-start your career.

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