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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths has detailed explanations for all the questions in the Maths Textbooks prescribed by the CBSE Board. We offer Class 6th Maths NCERT Solutions for Students to resolve their doubts as well as to provide them deeper insights into the subject. All the 6th Class NCERT Book Solutions are provided in PDF Formats so that you can download them and prepare offline too in no time.

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We have mentioned the Chapterwise Class 6th Maths NCERT Book Solutions for your reference. Practice the different kinds of questions in the NCERT Solutions that are likely to be asked in exams. Subject experts have designed the NCERT Books Class 6 Maths in a structured format in order to ensure proper knowledge of concepts. Have a strong foundation for further classes by practicing the 6th Std Maths NCERT Solutions PDF.

Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers

In this chapter, you will learn various concepts like large numbers up to 1 crore, estimation of large numbers and roman numerals, Indian and universal arrangement of numeration. Know how to read and write and compare large numbers. All the 3 exercises present in the chapter cover these topics.

Chapter 2 Whole Numbers

The chapter begins with the introduction of Whole Numbers, predecessor, and successor of a natural number, addition, subtraction, and representation of natural numbers on a number line. There are 3 exercises in the chapter covering these topics.

Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers

This Chapter deals with topics like factors and multiples of a given number. Along with this concepts, you will also find topics like Perfect Number, Prime, Co-Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, Common Factors, Common Multiples. Students of 6th Std will also become familiar with topics like finding LCM, HCF using Prime Factorization Method. All the 7 Exercises present in the Chapter include problems based on these topics.

Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas

Students will learn about the topics line segment, type of lines, the distance between two points, concepts based on angles, polygons, regular polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles. There are 6 Exercises in total in this chapter.

Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes

This chapter tries to make students familiar with all types of shapes formed using curves or lines. In addition, you will learn how to observe edges, corners, planes, open curves, and closed curves in the surroundings. All the 9 Exercises present in the chapter covers problems on these topics so that you can better understand them.

Chapter 6 Integers

Chapter 6 of Class 6th Maths will give you an idea of negative numbers, representation of integers on a number line, addition, and subtraction of integers using a number line, ordering of integers, etc. There are 3 exercises in this chapter to cover these topics.

Chapter 7 Fractions

Class 6 Chapter 7th mainly covers the concepts like a number line, proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed fractions, like fractions, the simplest form of a fraction, addition and subtraction of fractions, comparing fractions, comparing like fractions, comparing unlike fractions, etc. There are 6 exercises in this chapter and covers problems on these topics.

Chapter 8 Decimals

The Decimals chapter deals with concepts like Tenths, Hundredths, Money, Length, Weight, Comparing and using Decimals, the Addition of numbers with Decimals, and Subtraction of Decimals. The 6 exercises present covers problems related to these topics.

Chapter 9 Data Handling

Data Handling Chapter of Class 6th makes students familiar with concepts like data, organization of data, recording data, introduction to the idea of pictograph, how to draw a pictograph, interpretation of a pictograph, introduction to a bar graph, interpretation of a bar graph presentation and drawing a bar graph. Students will better understand the concepts of Data Handling. 4 Exercises present will help you understand these concepts in a much better way.

Chapter 10 Mensuration

In the Mensuration Chapter, students will get to know the measurement of shapes, figures depending on area and volume.  Furthermore, you will get to know the topics like measurement of the perimeter, the perimeter of regular shapes, measurement of area, area of square and rectangle, etc. All the 3 Exercises will include problems on the listed topics.

Chapter 11 Algebra

Through Algebra students will, l learn how to solve problems using various Alphabets. Concepts like Introduction to Algebra, matchstick patterns, the idea of a variable, examples of variables, and use of variables in common rules, using expressions practically, expressions with variables, equation, Solutions of an equation are explained in detail here. There are a total of 5 exercises in chapter 11.

Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion

Students will know that comparison by division is called ratio. Topics like if two ratios are equivalent or not, the idea of proportion, examples related to it, examples on unitary method, etc.  3 exercises present in the chapter will help students better understand these topics.

Chapter 13 Symmetry

This Chapter will help you learn how to determine symmetrical items, operations based on symmetry. Principal Topics covered in this chapter are Making Symmetric Figures- Ink-blot Devils, Figures with Two Lines of Symmetry, Figures with Multiple (more than two) Lines of Symmetry, Reflection, and Symmetry. The 3 exercises better explain these concepts.

Chapter 14 Practical Geometry

Students will learn how to make shapes and the tools used for making these shapes, etc. Concepts like the circle, construction of a circle when its radius is known, a line segment, construction of a line segment of a given length, constructing a copy of a given line segment. In addition to these you will know about perpendiculars, perpendicular to a line through a point not on it, perpendicular to a line through a point on it, the perpendicular bisector of a line segment, angles, constructing an angle of a given measure, constructing a copy of an angle of unknown measure, bisector of an angle, angles of special measures.

MCQ Questions for Class 6 Maths PDF Download

Students can use our MCQ Questions for Class 6 Maths to complement their preparation. Assess your preparation standards and understand where you went wrong. Bridge the knowledge gap and score well in your board exams. Attempt them on a regular basis and enhance your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

  1. Knowing Our Numbers Class 6 MCQ Questions
  2. Whole Numbers Class 6 MCQ Questions
  3. Playing with Numbers Class 6 MCQ Questions
  4. Basic Geometrical Ideas Class 6 MCQ Questions
  5. Understanding Elementary Shapes Class 6 MCQ Questions
  6. Integers Class 6 MCQ Questions
  7. Fractions Class 6 MCQ Questions
  8. Decimals Class 6 MCQ Questions
  9. Data Handling Class 6 MCQ Questions
  10. Mensuration Class 6 MCQ Questions
  11. Algebra Class 6 MCQ Questions
  12. Ratio and Proportion Class 6 MCQ Questions
  13. Symmetry Class 6 MCQ Questions
  14. Practical Geometry Class 6 MCQ Questions

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths PDF

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NCERT Solutions of Class 6th Maths Free PDF Download

Students often need help during their exam preparation. This is where NCERT Solutions of 6th Class Maths come in handy to clear their doubts in the subject. Through these NCERT Book Solutions of Class 6 Maths Students will get more to practice and thereby improve their overall conceptual knowledge. We have covered Questions belonging to all the 14 Chapters in the 6th Std Maths NCERT Solutions.

FAQs on NCERT Class 6 Maths Book Solutions PDF

1. Where do I get Chapterwise NCERT Maths Solutions for Class 6 for free?

You can get Chapterwise NCERT Maths Solutions for Class 6 for free on a reliable portal.

2. How to download NCERT Solutions of Class 6 Maths?

You can download NCERT Solutions of Class 6 Maths by simply tapping on the quick links available.

3. How can I score good marks in the Maths Class 6?

You can score good marks in the Maths Class 6 by consistently practicing from the NCERT Books. Attempt the questions on a regular basis so as to improve your speed and accuracy in the final exams.


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