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We all have studied NCERT textbooks in our schools but did you ever wonder how NCERT was formed and why the responsibility of designing the textbooks has been given to NCERT only? This article outlines regarding, what is NCERT? Its objectives, vision and Logo. Why NCERT text-books should be preferred? So, let’s started…

What is NCERT?

In order to achieve a common education system, which followed a national character and encouraged cross culture diversification, NCERT was born. National Council of Education, Research and Training i.e. NCERT came into existence on September 1, 1961 and served as a government authorized autonomous organization. Headed by Dr Hrushikesh Senapaty as Director, NCERT has its official headquarters in Sri Aurbindo Marg, New Delhi.

How was NCERT Formed?

NCERT officially came into existence on September 1, 1961 but its foundation was laid couple of months back on 27 July, 1961. Ministry of Education at that time ordered a merger of seven government institutes, which led to formation of a single autonomous council named NCERT.

The main objective of Council was the adoption of a unified pattern of education across all schools in India which included 10 year generalized education program backed by a diversified schooling program for 2 years.

Objectives & vision of NCERT

The objective of national Council of Education, Research and training are:

  1. To conduct and promote educational research.
  2. To experiment education with innovative practices and ideas.
  3. To develop syllabus, textbooks and NCF i.e. National Curriculum framework.
  4. To develop teacher training modules, activity kits, strategies and other learning kits such as video, audio and interactive methodologies.
  5. To provide training to teachers such as pre-service and in-service teachers.
  6. To provide training to national as well as state level functionaries.
  7. To collaborate with international, national and state organizations.

NCERT envisions to:

  1. Connect the knowledge to the life outside school.
  2. Offer an innovative way to shift from the rote learning methodology.
  3. Enrich the curriculum for an overall development of the student which was not only limited to classroom teaching.
  4. Make flexible examination which is integrated with classroom life.
  5. Nurture an informed identity by caring concerns.

Logo of NCERT

Logo of NCERT includes three intertwined swans which symbolize the three aspects of NCERT’s working i.e. Research and Development, Training and Extension. The design has been taken back from 3rd BC Ashoka dynasty. The symbol was found in the excavations near Raichur, Karnataka. The motto of NCERT is written in Sanskrit meaning “life eternal through learning”.

NCERT Textbooks

NCERT is the sole authority responsible for publishing books prescribed by Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE). NCERT council publishes text-books for all classes from standard 1 to XII. Many state boards also follow NCERT prescribed books published in their state language.

These textbooks are the least expensive and most affordable books. Textbooks by private publishers are far more expensive than standard NCERT books. In 2017, a new policy was introduced that, from 2018 NCERT will have the exclusive rights for text books publication and CBSE will only be conducting the examination.

Importance of NCERT text books

NCERT books do not only cover your academic syllabus but also provides a solid foundation to your basics. All the entrance exams such as Engineering, medical and even UPSE, follow NCERT books.  So, to score good marks in your board examination and to fulfill your dream career, you need to follow NCERT text books sincerely.

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