My Neighbour Essay | Essay on My Neighbour for Students and Children in English

My Neighbour Essay: I live in New Delhi, where we own a house. My next- door neighbours, Mr. Hamid Ali and his wife Mrs. Naseem Ali, are very nice and helpful people. Mr. Ali has his own business while his wife is a homemaker.

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Short Essay on My Neighbour 200 Words for Kids and Students in English

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They have a small family which, besides themselves, consists of their two children, Zeenat and Javed. Zeenat is of my age and a good friend. We are classmates. Javed is younger than us and hasn’t started going to school yet.

My Neighbour Essay

They are all good, gentle people and get along very well with us. Everyone in the neighbourhood likes them. On festivals and other special occasions, we exchange sweets and presents with them. Last summer, when Mr. Ali returned from a business trip to Singapore, he brought gifts for all of us.

Whenever Mr. Ali is away on work, we go over to their house to keep his wife and children company. I really like having them for neighbours.

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