Mispronunciations on Prime-Time TV Debates and Other Forums

Mispronunciation refers to the pronunciation of a word that does not match either British English and American English. When you are in front of the whole world in a t.v debate, you should be careful about what you are saying and how it affects everyone.

It refers to your knowledge in English and speaking ability in English. English is the 2nd most used language globally, but still, people are not conscious of what they are saying.

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Effect of Mispronunciation on Daily Life

Live Program

If you are on a live program on t.v, you may sometimes get out of control and may use some words to troll on social media.

Political Leader

If you are a political leader, then any mispronounced word gives the opposition the chance to stand against you. The opposition may get a chance to go against you regarding your English knowledge and can misguide people against you.


If you are the anchor or representative of a show on T.V, then people notice your every action. About what you are saying, the way you are speaking, and the way you are representing yourself. After hearing your mispronunciation, people may start laughing at you. You will be the centre of action of every social media. You may feel shy for this reason.


If you are in a debate, there will be so many honourable people present, and everyone will give great attention to everyone’s word. any mispronounced word sometimes changed the meaning of the whole sentence.

People may take your word as a comment, and you may be facing people’s anger directly, which hampers your image in society; and Also, sometimes, a physical injury may occur.

A host of a Channel

When you became the host of a T.V channel, so many honourable guests came to your show, and so many debate shows will arise. if you can’t pronounce their name correctly, they may feel insulted and may leave your show, and that also hamper your job on the channel

Public Figure

When you become a public figure, so many people follow your imprints, so many people take you as an ideal and mispronounced word that can hamper your fan followings.

You may feel shy about mispronunciation. The recipient may misunderstand your mispronounced word.

Some Mispronounced Words on Media are Follows

Meera Shankar

Meera Shankar, an IFS who acts as an ambassador to the United States, pronounced the word Robot as Roh-boat, but the correct pronunciation is ROH-bot. She pronounced Reciprocal as re-sip-ruh-Kuhl, but the correct one is ri-sip-ruh Kuhl.

Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjrekar, former Indian batsman, During the match between Mumbai Indians and Delhi daredevils on 20 May 2018, Rohit Sharma got injured at his hand. Sanjay Manjrekar describes his injury as ri-thing for the word Writhing while correct pronunciation is rai-thing; foreign commentators within a few seconds corrected it.

Narendra Modi sir,

Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi sir, mispronounced the name of chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath as Aditya yogi Nath. Once in a parliament, he was pronounced Among as Am-oo-ng’.

Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant, the CEO of Niti aayog .he pronounced the word “comparable” as “Kum-pair -u-buhl” while the correct pronunciation is qoum-per-uh-bhul. competitive as’ ko- pit-i-tiv’ and the correct one is kuh-m-pet-i-tiv.

Navin Patnaik

The chief minister of Odisha, Navin Patnaik sir, is always a public figure but troll for his pronunciation. He pronounced a district name of Odisha, Baripada, as Baa-rii-paada- while the correct pronunciation is Ba-ri-pa-daa.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump used Namaste as’ Numuste’; he used Gujaat instead of Gujarat, and most importantly, he used swami Vivekananda as swami-vive ka- munand and chandrayaan as chandrajyan.

He also uses movie names Sholay and Sholjay, famous Indian cricketer name Sachin Tendulkar as Suchin Tendulkar, Ashram as Ashraam.

Shivam Vij

Shivam Vij, editor of Huffington post-India, pronounced potato as poh-tay-toh while the correct one is puh-tey-toh. And another word is Deliberately, pronounced as deh-lib-er-it-li, but the corrected one is dih-lib-er-it-li.

Prannoy Roy

Prannoy Roy is co-founder of ND t.v and the most famous journalist. He pronounced Repercussions as rep-er-kuhsh-uhn, but the correct one is ree-per-kuhsh-uhn’ And algorithm as al-goh-rith-uhm, But the correct one is al-guh-rith-uhm.

Shashank ND

Shashank ND, CEO of Practo, pronounced the word Chasm as Chaz-uh-m, and the correct pronunciation is Kaz-uh.

Rajiv Dogra

Rajiv Dogra, Indian ambassador to Italy and consul general to Karachi, pronounced the word wand as waind while correct pronunciation is wond.

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson is an American singer who once pronounced Chanukah as Chanukah, and it has gone viral.

Manish Tiwari

Manish Tiwari, a senior lawyer of the supreme court of India, mispronounced some words as follows. The word Rhetoric as rhi-to-rik while the correct one is ret-er-ik, the word Pyrrhic as pyar-it, but the correct one is pir-ik. The word demonstrates a demon street while the correct one is dem-uhn street.

Richa Chadda

Richa Chadda, a Hindi cinema actress, uses the word Statistics as sta-tis-tics, but the correct one is stuh-tis-tiks .

Sanket Upadhyay

Sanket Upadhyay, a senior editor of Nd t.v, uses instrumental as in-stroo-men-tl while the correct one is in-struh-men-tl. Use contest as-kon-test while the correct one is Kuhn-test.

Amit Baruah

Amit Baruah, a Resident editor of The Hindu, uses the word Divisive as dih-vi-siv but the correct pronunciation is dih-vahy-siv.

Arati Jerath

Arati Jerath, a political commentator and journalist, uses Rhetoric as rhi-to-rik, but the correct one is ret-er-ik.

Tips to Avoid Mispronunciation

  • Always try to speak loudly.
  • Speak in an appropriate way
  • Be confident about what you are saying.
  • Try to learn the correct pronunciation from the dictionary.
  • Watch English movies to rectify your mistake.
  • Don’t feel shy if someone points out your word; instead, learn the correct way of speaking.


This post is not to find out others’ mistakes; instead, it focuses on improving your skill. Few changes in mistakes can improve your pronunciation. Using proper English adds value to an individual English.

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