Librarian Courses in India | Admission Process, Top Colleges, Career Opportunities & Career as Librarian

Librarian Courses: For all book lovers who wish to become a librarian, this article will guide you. This article is about the available Librarian courses in India. It comprises details on the list of available classes, the course details like eligibility, duration, and syllabus, advanced courses career opportunities, and admission process.

Firstly, the article will guide you through the tasks and the role of a librarian. In the second section of the article, you can refer to the list of the available Librarian courses in India and their details. The final part of the article will guide you through the available advanced courses and Librarian course fee, eligibility conditions, admission process, job prospects, and career options.

Who is a Librarian?

The traditional concept states a librarian as an informational professional. However, with time, the modern-day has combined tasks with the changing technology. Librarians are professionals who cater to people to find the correct and make effective use of the information and databases.

A Librarian’s work focuses on three significant aspects: Administrative services, Technical services, and User services.

Librarians in Administrative services supervise the planning of the libraries and the management. They prepare budgets, direct the proper functioning of activities, and perform fundraising and public-relations duties. They also negotiate contracts for various materials, equipment, services, and also oversee their library employees.

The role of a Librarian in user services is to help their patrons find appropriate information, references, or books. This task needs knowledge of the appropriate information and also take charge of roles such as instructional personnel to help others evaluate their data.

The role of Librarians in technical services is to prepare, acquire, classify, create acquisitions and cataloging materials so that the patrons find them quickly and easily. Some Librarians also indulge writing summaries and abstracts, while some do not deal with the public directly.

Most of us have been to libraries, and mostly all schools and colleges have access to well-stocked libraries. Besides, there are many Private and Government funded and operated Libraries in India.

Tasks Performed by a Librarian

A Librarian performs various tasks such as organizing, collecting, and the issue of resources like films, audio files, and books. Librarians work in different settings such as museums, schools, colleges, and public libraries. Some of the other tasks include:

  • Librarians assist patrons in locating the leisure reading materials and references
  • They educate their patrons on how to access and search their information using the library databases
  • They catalog and collect library resources such as publications, films, texts, and books
  • They supervise check-out processes for resources materials and books
  • They maintain and manage library records, planning, budgeting, and budgeting of regular audits and activities and make sure it is updated
  • They host and organize author signings, book sales, and other reading events.
  • They help with various inventory of files and information and also perform audits.
  • They are the reason for a library’s fulfillment requirement needs, such as evaluating the precise groups of users, including all the undergrad, postgrad, and disabled students.
  • The validate and provide information about library policies and clarify the use of library amenities.

List of Librarian Courses in India

Three main formats are provided for Librarian courses:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree courses
  2. Certificate courses
  3. Diploma courses
  4. Advanced courses- Postgraduate courses and Doctoral courses

Librarian Courses Overview

  • Bachelor’s Degree Courses: Librarians have to get a three-year course in Bachelor of Library Science & Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Diploma Courses: Librarians have to obtain a year or in some cases 6 months to 3 years for a Diploma in Library Science & Diploma in Library and Information Science
  • Certificate Courses: Librarians have to get six months to a year for Certificate in Library Science & Certificate in Library and Information Science
  • Advanced Courses: Librarians have to get two years for Master of Library Science, Master of Library and Information Science, M.Phil. Library and Information Science & Ph.D. in Library and Information Science
  • Bachelor’s Degree Courses: To be eligible for a Bachelor’s course, the graduate must have completed from any discipline and a recognized institution or board or a Diploma in Library Science or a Diploma in Library and Information Science.

Librarian Bachelor Degree Courses

  • B.Lib. or Bachelor in Library Science
  • B.LISc. or Bachelor in Library and Information Science 

Librarian Diploma Courses

To be eligible for a Diploma in Librarian courses, you must have passed in 10+2 from any stream and institution.

The Librarian diploma course offers

  • D.Lib. or Diploma in Library Science
  • D.LISc. or Diploma in Information Science and Library

Librarian Certificate Courses

To be eligible for Librarian Certificate courses, you must have passed in 10+2 from any stream and institution.

The librarian certificate courses offer

  • C.Lib. or Certificate in Library Science
  • C.LISc. or Certificate in Information Science and Library

Librarian Advanced Librarian Courses

Upon successful completion of B.Lib. Or B.LISc. from any recognized institutions or board, graduates can apply for advanced courses such as

  • M.LISc. or Masters in Information Science and Library
  • M.Lib. or Master in Library Science

Librarian Courses Specializations

Librarian courses offer specialization in various sub-sections. The following are a few specializations:

  • Specializations in Librarian
  • Specializations in Meta Data Management
  • Specializations in Conservation
  • Specializations in Indexing
  • Specializations in Abstractor
  • Specializations in Archiving
  • Specializations in Researcher
  • Specializations in Information Architecture
  • Specializations in Cataloguing
  • Specializations in Preservation
  • Specializations in Administration.

Librarian Courses Admission Process

The Admission procedure for Librarian courses differs from one institute to another. Most colleges/universities intake graduates based on their degree or aggregate marks. It would help if you met the eligibility criteria to apply for the Admission process.

Individual reputed colleges conduct their entrance exam during the admission for the students. Most reputed institutes usually follow a merit-based admission process.

Top Colleges for Librarian Courses in India

Some of the well-known institutes offering librarian courses have been mentioned below –

  • The Banaras Hindu University or the BHU, Varanasi
  • The Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • The University of Delhi, Delhi
  • The Annamalai University, Chennai
  • The Bilaspur University, Chattisgarh
  • The Osmania University, Andhra Pradesh
  • The Jiwaji University, Madhya Pradesh
  • The Birla Institute of Technology or BIT, Jharkhand
  • The Bhavnagar University, Gujrat

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Job/Career Opportunities for Librarian Courses

To achieve career opportunities as a Librarian, you need to have a passion for learning and reading books. A Librarian has openings in places such as Public Schools, Universities & Colleges, Local Library Buildings, Law Offices, Court Houses, Museums, etc.

Librarians hold many available career opportunities that are not restricted. You can even get your senior job as a manager of a Library. Librarian course provides career opportunities to take responsibility in a specialist collection or services.

Depending upon your background and interests, you can plan and start your career effectively to reach top-level management.

Below-mentioned is a list of recruitment places you can work after pursuing Librarian courses

  • You are eligible to work in any Government, private as well as community-managed Libraries
  • You are likely to work in academic institutions such as Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • You are likely to work in special Libraries
  • You are available to work in foreign Embassies
  • You are likely to work in news agencies
  • You are available to work in museums and Galleries
  • You are likely to work in information centers
  • You are likely to work in private organizations and companies

Librarian Courses

Librarian Job Roles

Below-mentioned is a list of work setups for the following roles you can work after pursuing Librarian courses:

  • Assistant Librarian
  • Library Attendant
  • Records Manager
  • Junior Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Law Librarian
  • Consultant

FAQ’s On Librarian Courses

Question 1.
What is the Librarian Course Eligibility?

To become a librarian, you must have a university qualification or experience as a library assistant or work-based training.

Question 2.
What are the courses available to become a Librarian?

There are four main courses you can opt for while choosing a Librarian course- Bachelor’s Degree Courses, Diploma Courses, Certificate Courses, and Advanced Courses.

Question 3.
What are the present career opportunities in this field?

You can be an assistant Librarian, Library Attendant, a Records Manager, a junior Librarian, an archivist, a Law Librarian, or a Consultant.

Question 4.
What is the average salary package for a librarian?

In India, the average salary package for a Librarian can differ between INR and 2 to 4 lacs per annum.

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