How To Write Leave Application: Let Us Have a Look At Some Excellent Ideas

When you are a working person, you need to understand the importance of writing a leave application. Uncertainties can occur anytime, and you must know how to write a leave application to ask for one formally.

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What is a Leave Application? Leave Application Format & Samples

There are different ways in which you can write a leave application.

  • Email format
  • Letter format

Let us get to know the best ways of writing a leave application in this article:

A leave application is a formal request in a written format that can help you in applying for an absence from work. It is a formal letter that is written to the seniors for informing them about your absenteeism.

A holiday application is a standardised or official way to arrange a break at a given time. There are many ways to write an application, school students use a particular format, university students use a new format, and bureaucrats use a different format.

Your application should state the reason why you are writing a leave request. Furthermore, the authority or the company or the agency must consider your submission. There is a high risk of refusal if the reason for which you write does not appear right or false. The justification should be good and true, so it will not be refused. There must be certain personal explanations primarily, such as cancer, urgent jobs, sick parents’ visit, marriage or an emergency, etc.

What are the Different Types of Leave Applications?

There are many different types of leave applications that are written for various purposes. They can range from leave applications for being sick to go on a wedding or vacation.

  • Application for being sick
  • Hospital visit
  • Marriage holiday
  • Leave of motherhood/parenthood
  • Let us have an immediate mission
  • Exit the courtroom
  • funeral vacation
  • Exit because of the poor weather
  • Vacation leave

What is the Importance of Writing a Leave Application?

In all leave applications, a few components are necessary. The language of the application, for example, should be courteous and the substance formal. This involves having the right words. Furthermore, mistakes and punctuation errors do not exist. Finally, there are some details to be used with a leave request:

  • Why take a break
  • Relevant leave times
  • Details regarding the touch
  • Documents endorsed

Things That Are Needed In A Leave Application

Now that a lot is cleared with you, let us move forward and understand the important things you must include in your leave application.

  • Name and address of the receiver: you must ensure that your leave application reaches the right person. It is important to add the name and address of the person to whom it concerns.
  • Subject: to make it clear for the reader, there has to be a subject line that clears what is the application is about.
  • Salutation: another thing that must be there in your application is the salutation to give it a formal feel.
  • Body: always keep in mind that the body of the application must be clear and short. You do not have to write stories, just a clear message, and your work is done.
  • Thank you note: you must always make the reader feel obliged and thankful as he is providing you leaves.
  • Complimentary closing: be formal and finish it in a single sentence.

Things To Consider Before You Write A Leave Application

Let us understand the points that one has to keep in mind before you start writing a leave application.

Let your senior understand the issues you face

This is one of the things you can do if there is an emergency and do not have time to write an application. The approval might take time, but emergencies cannot wait; hence it is considered one of the best ways to talk to your senior and explain why you need to leave.

Sometimes it might also happen that you get stuck somewhere and forget to inform him; a sudden leave application might create misunderstandings. You might hurt his ego, and he might consider you as a careless person forever. Hence communication is the best way to clear things and ask for leave.

Be work focussed and not let your profession get hampered.

Keep in mind that you will need to assure your boss that no work will be affected when you are planning for a long leave. Also, assure him that you will be available to work from your location if needed.

One of the things is that you must complete your work well before time so that if there is a deadline, your team will not face the rude behaviour of your boss. Be responsible and plan out things accordingly. Not only will this make your boss impressed, but it will also prove beneficial for you in the long run.

One of the best exercises is to run all the odd situations in your mind and be prepared in advance.

Quick Tips For Writing A Leave Application

Let us discuss some of the quick tips that can help you with writing the best leave application.

  • Be polite and come straight to the point.
  • Mention the purpose in a precise manner
  • Do not lose your grip on the depth of the article.
  • Keep it brief and do not tell stories in your application.
  • Cross-check on the grammatical mistakes

Samples For Writing A Good Leave Application

Now that you have understood the format and ways of writing a good leave application let us look at some of the samples that can help you understand it in detail.

Sample number 1: An annual leave application

Subject: leave application for annual leave


This is to inform you that I have loads of leaves pending in my leave quota. My sister is getting married in December, and I am looking forward to visiting my place in advance and participating in the ceremonies. Thus I would like to apply my leaves for 15 days.

I have completed my deadlines and have also explained to the team about their duties. I will be available if you need anything on call. I will be completing all the pending tasks before I leave for vacation.

Please consider my request and approve my leaves.



Sample 2: leave application for maternity leaves

Subject: leave application for maternity


I am XYZ, holding the position of content writer in your organisation. As I have entered my third trimester and my delivery dates are approaching near, I would like to avail myself of the maternity leaves. My due date is …… I would like to be on leave from () to ().

My work has been completed, and the one that is pending will be completed before I go on leaves. I am also attaching my medical certificate to make sure that nothing is left to prove the factual information. In case you need me for some work, I will be available by mail and call.

Please approve my request.



Sample 3: casual leave application

Subject: casual leave application


I am writing this leave application as my son is not well, and I want to take leave for five days. He is suffering from a fever, and I have to be by his side for medicines and other stuff. I understand the importance of upcoming deadlines, and hence my work is up to date.

I will be available on calls and emails. Also, if there is anything urgent, I can work from home very well and complete that on time. I want to avail leaves from () to ().

Kindly approve my leave request. In my absence, ABC will be in charge of all the work and handle it efficiently.



Sample 4: Sick leave application

Subject: application for sick leave


This is to get to your notice that I am suffering from a high fever and back pain. The pain is critical and is making it impossible for me to travel and sit for long hours. My doctor has advised an X-ray along with proper bed rest for some days. I want to apply for sick leave for one week from () to ().

I am attaching all the important documents along with my medical prescription and the different test reports as well. I wish you to grant me a leave for one week to take proper rest and get back to work in a proper manner.

I will be available on my mail and get in touch with me on my phone number as well. Please grant me leave for the same.



Sample 5: Emergency leave application 

Subject: application for an emergency


I am ABC, a content writer in your organisation. It is with remorse that I have to apply for an emergency leave beginning today. Since the leave’s essence is that they are unforeseeable, I feel sorry that more than one day of notice cannot be given to you.

A few hours ago, my sister had an accident, and she was admitted to an emergency room. I’m supposed to be in the hospital with my parents in Delhi. I plan to take care of most of my immediate problem within a week and intend to return to the office on Wednesday, i.e. (date of your joining).

Please contact me at my email address and my telephone number in case of any emergencies and questions about work ( contact number). As she is aware of the project and activities related to it, you can also contact (colleague name) for any work-related discussions.



Sample 6: leave application for a vacation

Subject: leave application for going on vacation


This is to inform you that I am planning to go on vacation with my family. This is a planned trip, and I will need 15 days to leave for the same. I have a leave balance of around 25 days in my kitty. I want to apply for a leave of 15 days with prior notice of 10 days.

I have completed my projects and deadlines. Also, I have explained the remaining things to my team. In my absence, XYZ will be handling all the things I can be reached easily on my phone number.

Please grant me leave. Hope for a positive response



Sample 7: leave application for examination

Subject: application of leave for exams


Sir, my name is ABC, and I am working in your organisation as a content head. I would like to inform you that my exams are commencing from next week. I would not be able to attend the office for around ten days.

I have completed my work, and there is nothing pending from my end. Also, in my absence, XYZ will be the incharge of handling the things. I will be available on the call and mail if any emergency arises.

Please grant me the leaves for the same.




This was a quick guide to help you understand how to write leave applications. Hope, you must have understood the concept. Go ahead and apply for the leaves without any hassles with a perfectly written leave appl

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