How to Learn Vocabulary | Tricks to Learn English Vocabulary Fast

Learn Vocabulary: Learning vocabulary is a practice that works overtime and usage of the English language. It’s imperative and essential to building a strong and persuasive speech.

It would be best if you built a useful vocabulary which you can use in your speech as well as writing. One of the advantages of having a strong language is to be able to come up with words that will contribute effectively to the verbal communication you are having with someone.

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How to Learn English Vocabulary

While writing, a person can take time and think about what to write. Therefore, having a useful vocabulary is essential for both verbal and written communication.

Active and Passive Vocabulary

When you look at the sentences you use, you can easily divide them into two sections: active voice and passive voice. These two components are a small part of the learning of vocabulary.

The functional vocabulary which you use regularly is one that contains active and passive words. However, there are many tricky operational and passive words which you don’t use regularly. Therefore, it’s essential to not look at the active and passive voice of names when you are trying to build a vocabulary.

Importance of Building a Vocabulary

While talking, you would want to convey what you feel to another person. However, when you can’t think of the right words which will be helpful and useful to you while making that sentence. It shows the lack of your vocabulary.

Building a useful vocabulary is essential to have a good conversation. When you know words, and when to use these words in a sentence, it helps you have a meaningful discussion.

It is vital to have a useful vocabulary, especially to have conversations. Otherwise, while talking, you would have to pause and think of words that they want to say next.

Here is an example of alternative sentences you can use while talking:

  • The footbridge was destroyed in the floods last night.
  • Alternative example: The footbridge was washed away from the floods last night.

How to Improve your Vocabulary

Words that you use for speech and writing are different. You will have to make the distinction while you are talking to people. When you start making the distinction, you are building your vocabulary.

Here are some of how you can build a useful and robust vocabulary:

Step 1: Develop a habit to read: Reading books is a habit where you will continuously learn new words. It’s one of the best ways you develop a useful and robust vocabulary.

Books teach you many different new words, and it shows an example of where you can use them. It’s a habit which exposes you to new and other stories. You can read books and newspapers regularly to improve and build a vocabulary.

Step 2: Use a Dictionary: Another way to build a vocabulary is to use a dictionary and thesaurus. Both the resources are helpful for you to learn synonyms of words in the context that you want to use it.

A dictionary is essential because it will give you all the relevant information about a word. You will learn antonyms, root words and words which are related.

It would be best if you found out the meaning of the words. Therefore, keep a dictionary around you when reading books and newspapers. You will understand the importance of the words you are reading.

Step 3: Note down words: When you are learning new words, make sure to note them and find out their meaning. It’s a habit which is going to help you remember the name. You can use the words you register down in your regular conversations, which will help you build a useful vocabulary.

Noting down words will help build your list of new words you are learning. You can refer to this list while writing as well as remember it when you are talking.

Step 4: Explore words online: When you start making lists of words you are reading regularly, you will be expanding your vocabulary. One step to take it forward is to read terms online.

When you read words online, you can find out their meaning and pronunciation. It’s going to help you read the story as well as know when to use it in your speech.

You can add the new words that you are learning to the list of names. It’s going to help your memory retain the story and its meaning.

Step 5: Use the words you are learning: When you are building a vocabulary, it comprises of two steps. Both actions are essential in the process of creating the language.

Step one of building a vocabulary is to note down words and learn their meaning. You need to understand the terms.

The second step of building a vocabulary is to use the words as a part of your conversation. It would be best if you looked at both these aspects. When you use the comments, you are expanding your vocabulary.

People learn new words and complete the first step. However, they don’t use it in their regular conversations which makes it difficult for them to remember the words. When you don’t use what you are learning in everyday conversations, you will start forgetting the new words that you are learning.

It would be best if you used the words that you are learning while building a vocabulary. One of the best instances to use the words you are learning is while you are at a party. It’s the best way you can test your knowledge and build a useful vocabulary.

Step 6: Subscribe to daily feeds: In the age of technology, one of the best inventions is the internet. On the internet, you will find various feeds which are known as the word of the day feed. When you subscribe to these, you will learn a new name every day.

Word of the day feeds you all the necessary details about a name. You will learn the meaning, example and which part of speech the story belongs to in a sentence.

Vocabulary Building Exercises

It’s important to know what are the ways to build a vocabulary. However, another essential aspect is that you continuously use it in your speech. Here’s a list of vocabulary building exercises that is going to help you.

  • Take a sentence and form sentences: When you are learning words, it’s essential to understand when and where you can use these words. Therefore, you need to form a few sentences of these words you are learning. You can speak them out loud when you are trying to understand the story. It’s an exercise of forming sentences and reading them out loud. This exercise is going to be helpful for you while building a vocabulary.
  • Collective groups: Another critical activity that you can use to create a language is to collect different group words. There are many groups under which you can place words and then form sentences of the name. Some of the collective groups are food, weather, travel, and clothes. You can start building your vocabulary with simple words which you can to simple cooperative groups.
  • Speak about what you see: One of the best ways to expand and grow a language is to speak about what you see. Describing your surroundings is one of the best exercises. You can regularly take a few minutes out of your day and tell your surroundings. You will be learning new things every day, and you will have fun describing your surroundings.

Important Points to Remember while Building a Vocabulary

When you are building a vocabulary, you need to remember a few critical points that you need to remember. Here’s a list of a few essential issues you need to remember:

  • Using tricky words in simple conversations isn’t necessary: If you think that using complex expressions in a sentence is fancy. You are doing the wrong thing because it’s unnecessary. One of the best things to do while talking to people is to use words of common parlance.
  • Verbs are essential: When you are reading a sentence about a person or something, you will want to know what they are doing. Verbs are critical in describing the action of the person. It’s important to use verbs in sentences. They make the sentence clear to the reader.
  • Use the sentences you read somewhere else: There are many occasions when a speaker says something. You remember it for a long time. One of the reasons for this is that these sentences are catchy and unforgettable. If you have heard words, sentences and phrases which are memorable, add it to your vocabulary.

Don’t forget nouns: While building a language, you shouldn’t forget the nouns. Keep your nouns clear as it’s one of the most important parts of speech as well as the sentence.


When you are building a vocabulary, you need to be patient and not rush to learn words. In conclusion, it’s essential to make sure that you take small steps which you will learn and remember. Taking small steps is going to help you build a strong vocabulary over time.

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