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Higher Classes 9th and 10th standard are very crucial phases for laying the base of the future of the child. Scoring well with flying colors especially in 10 standard marks the first step towards the future success as it lays the foundation of the career of the student. To achieve the best and desired results, Lakhmir Singh Solutions acts as the step towards success.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions are available for Science subject for both 9 and 10 standard. It is rightly said “Perfect beginning leads to perfect destination”. To make the perfect start, hard work added to perfect guidance is important leading to fruitful results. That perfect guidance is what Lakhmir Singh Solutions offers.

Lakhmir Singh Textbook Solutions for CBSE Class 9 & 10 Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Solutions

Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Solutions

Science is everywhere around us in form of machine, motion, chemicals, life etc. Everything is science. To understand the things around us, a student has to have clear crystal concept about the thing. Biology, physics, chemistry deals with life, motion and chemicals respectively.

These subjects are taught in 9 and 10 standard in detail laying the foundation for proof concepts. A student with best teacher starts to analyze the things practically and feels confidence when encountered the same in real life. Subject books such as NCERT provides the skimming of all the important topics but the in depth knowledge of these topics are provided by other reference books.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions is the best solution offered to answer all the curiosities of the students and gives the thorough details of all the topics giving the confidence and feeling of mastery in the particular topic.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions books by provide complete syllabus in a very systematic way. Planned approach has been followed. Basic concepts have been explained in a very simple language with number of examples as the author believes that base has to be strong for the foundation.

Each and every solution is explained step by step with even very basic explanation so that the student reading the book feels as if the teacher is sitting just next to him and explaining the concept. All the concepts have been very fine-tuned according to the latest syllabus and student done with Lakhmir Singh Solutions feels confident enough giving the exam.

The atoms molecules, chemical equations are considered as the base of chemistry. Periodic table is the crux for the chemical reactions. All these important topics have been explained in a very user friendly approach with numerous practice set questions. Practice set questions covers the topic from all the different angles giving the clear crystal picture of the concept.

Physics is considered as the difficult subject of Science as it contains numerical problems where the student gets stuck if the concept of the student is blur. Each numerical is solved step by step with every minute detail and formula’s that even once a student goes through the numerical of the book, student feels confident of solving any sort of numerical leading to good score in Physics.

Physics is considered as game changer subject because if the concept of the student is clear about the topic, a student can easily solve all the numerical related to that topic and if the concept is just skimmed concept, Numerical solving becomes a challenge. All the important laws and formulas are explained and proper reasoning is provided for each and every point.

Life has many forms – Humans, plants, Animals all signify life and understanding life is bit complicated as we have to memorize the several things. Biology is all about the game of your memory with understanding. Understanding the different jargon’s in biology is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But this has been challenged by Lakhmir Singh Solutions in which each concept has been made related to the other for easy learning and memorization of the concepts. Biology is all about life and if one starts loving life, learning becomes fun. Biology is an amazing subject and scoring too.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions is the best teacher a student can get because it not only provides the theoretical knowledge but provides numerous set of examples and explains each concept in a very fine tuned manner that even the school or coaching teacher cannot explain the concept in that detail. It could save your tuition or coaching fees and nothing can beat the self-study method of learning. Indeed, Lakhmir Singh Solutions is the smartest way of coaching.

These books are easily available in market as well as the students can freely download these books for reference from These are available as PDF and free of cost. In today’s world where everything has price tag, even imparting knowledge, provides the knowledge without any fee or subscription. Anyone can download via the links provided in very easy steps.

In today’s online world where everything is just a click away, download the reference books Lakhmir Singh Solutions for 9 and 10 standards for the bright future. Give this new way of learning a chance. Knowledge and the hard-work with smart guidance would surely result in a boon. Happy Learning!

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