Immersive Environment to Get Fluent in English Fast 

Creating an Immersive Environment is widely regarded as one of the best ways to learn the English language in a classroom setting. If you are in school, it is most likely that that school curriculum doesn’t actually provide a fully immersive environment. But you can create one in your classroom. Trying to understand the language and connections with the real world is imperative if you want to learn a new language. This isn’t easy when you aren’t around people that speak the language, and the only way you can learn it is from this classroom setting. So to be able to utilize the classroom fully, you create an immersive environment.

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How Do you Create an Immersive Environment?

So what is an immersive environment? This is a process a classroom tries to teach at least 50 percent of the subjects in English. Statistics show that initially, there is a drop in the number of students that apply, but slowly it picks up. While it is challenging to implement the program in your school by influencing your teachers or principal, you can definitely do it in your own classroom. Implementing it in your classroom is more comfortable because it is easier to convince your classmates over the teachers. The various ways to implement this in a school are as follows-

Use Familiar Stories

By narrating stories that everyone is already familiar with will help them connect with it more on a personal level. By Using stories that everyone in the class knows, they will be able to follow along with the story. The main characters and the ending will create more familiarity with the students by already knowing the plot. The only difference this time is that the story is told in English, and that can be a little difficult for the students. But by doing this, students will be able to understand how different words are used and if they follow along correctly, they will be able to hear how different phrases are used in English.

Task-Oriented and not Textbook Oriented

When students come together to create an immersive environment, it is essential to make sure not everything feels its textbook oriented as that can be boring at times. So by giving students different problem-solving tasks, the class will be more enjoyable. It is crucial that students learn to do these tasks efficiently so they can carry out the work that is required for different subjects. The functions that can be included can be giving presentations, doing a play, giving speeches, etc. By doing these various tasks, they will be able to implement them in the real world and be more confident to speak the language in different social settings.

Including Culture

This is the most crucial step in creating an immersive class as it adds more depth to the words they are learning. By understanding how communication plays a pivotal role in different cultures will make them understand the power that language holds. It is essential for students to understand the context with which this is all meant, and this is because students will have a greater understanding of their background and the role it plays in their life. Because different cultures think different and understanding that can be done through poetry, stories, books, folksongs, etc

Allowing them to Fail

Learning a new language is never easy, especially when a person’s culture is different from the language. Learning a new language takes a lot of time and patience. It is essential for teachers and students to give themselves enough time to learn the language as it can’t be understood in a day or two. Every language has its own set of gestures, the culture associated with it, and body language that makes it unique from the rest. So trying to learn all this can be overwhelming because you are so used to one language and culture; learning another is like resetting your entire self.

How Do you Create an Immersive Environment

Well Rounded Curriculum

Studying different subjects varying from science, history, geography, civics, etc. all can help you extract the most out of the issue. It is essential to have a good set of subjects to help you study the language from various perspectives. Trying to solve an answer in a different language will help reinforce what we are learning, which can help us pick up the language at a much quicker pace.


By utilizing various resources from different websites can help in immersive learning. By using different resources can help to make the experience a more wholesome one. By only subjecting the students of the classroom to one type of culture can make the class feel a bit bland, so utilizing the internet and learning different ones can make the learning experience much better.


Creating an immersive environment is a wholesome method of learning a new language. This can make the experience of learning so much more enjoyable for the students as they will be subjected to different cultures, understand their subjects in a foreign language, and be able to create emotional links with the real world. This entire experience makes students more confident to speak the language and communicate with others whose primary language might be English. This immersive Environment shows you don’t need to go to another country to learn the language or change the whole curriculum in school to learn the language.

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