250 Idioms with Meanings and Examples

Idioms are such words in English that do not make any sense right away. But people familiarize themselves with idioms to express something in their way. People use idioms all most on a day to day basis.

Proverbs and idioms are different. Proverbs are more like general saying where idioms are not a general truth and advise. Mainly idioms are used in a more relaxed way where proverbs are used to connect to people on a deep physiological level. In this article, we will see 200 idioms and their meaning.

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250 Idioms With Their Meanings, Sentences and Examples

1. Chicken and Egg situation

In this situation, it is undecided who came first and who is the cause of the other.

Example – Does knowledge comes from curiosity or curiosity causes gaining knowledge? It is a chicken and egg situation.

2. On cloud nine

Being on cloud nine means, you’re delighted.

Example – I was very tensed before my exam, but I was on cloud nine when I finished my exam.

3. Under a cloud

Being under a cloud is when someone is under suspicion.

Example – After the information got out, he was under a cloud for a long time.

4. Head in the clouds

Head in the cloud is used when describing someone who is not in touch with reality.

Example – What was he thinking competing g in such stage with no preparation? He must’ve had his head in the clouds.

5. Small cog in a large wheel

A man who has a relatively small role in a bigger picture.

Example- Ram works as a clerk in his company. His work is like a small cog in a large wheel.

6. The other side of the coin

This is used to describe a different opinion or a different point of view.

Example – We must always see the other side of the coin in all arguments

7. Pay someone back in his own coin.

This means treating someone the same way they have treated you.

Example- People who cannot pay someone back in his coin will face difficulty in life.

8. Left out in the cold

Ignoring someone or something

Example- They do not get along very well with Ashok, so they left him out in the cold.

9. Pour cold water on

It means criticizing a plan or an idea in a manner that people lose interest in it.

Example – You have to be very creative when giving investment pitch. Otherwise, not only the investors will disagree, but they also will pour cold water on your idea.

10. blow hot and cold

When someone does not stick to one thing and alternates between two moods.

Example – My manager blew hot and cold on my pitch for a few days and eventually rejected it.

11. To come to a head

A situation of crisis arises when it comes to a head.

Example – The economy of India has come to a head after the nationwide lockdown.

12. Cool your heels

It is used when someone is making one wait.

Example –Cooling your heels can not be a priority when the work is not complete.

13. Cut corners

Doing something the easiest way or take the easy way out for a problem to save time and money.

Example – I usually cut corners when I have less time to prepare.

14. Run its course

When something develops and finishes its process naturally without any external interference

Example- We have to let it run its course to witness the final form.

15. Stay the course

It means pursuing something till it’s achieved despite the difficulties.

Example – I will stay the course no matter how hard it gets.

16. Cut someone down to size.

It means showing an egoist or exaggerated person their actual worth.

Example – If the new guy talks further, the team lead will have to cut him down to size.

17. Daylight robbery

When someone charges unreasonably high for something.

Example – Many reputed brands charge in a way that it feels like daylight robbery.

18. Boil the Ocean

When someone tries to achieve something too unrealistic.

Example – If you expect us to complete the task by tomorrow, that would be like boiling the ocean for us.

19. Handle with kid gloves

It means taking care of something sensitive with extreme details and caution.

Example – She handles her patients with kid gloves.

20. Clear the decks

Removing all the unnecessary distraction and objects before achieving a task.

Example – I usually clear the decks before preparing for any exam.

21. Between the devil and the deep blue sea

It means you are in a dilemma, and you have to choose between two equally tough choices.

Example – In life, there will be many situations where you have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

22. The luck of the devil

It is used to express someone’s extreme luck.

Example – Ram cheats in every exam but never gets caught. I think he has the luck of the devil.

23. Keep an ear to the ground.

Someone who keeps an ear to the ground knows about the recent trends and events.

Example – It is good to keep an ear to the ground in today’s world.

24. Turn a deaf ear.

It is used when you ignore other people’s sayings and opinions.

Example- His appeal always seems to fall on deaf ears of the authority.

25. Eat like a horse

When someone eats a lot or in colossal quantity is said to eat like a horse.

Example – David runs like a cheetah and eats like a horse.

26. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

It means doing the same damage to someone as he received.

Example- If you do anything to him, I will get back to you the same way! An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

27. Face the music

It is used when someone receives criticism for his work from the other side.

Example – I will surely face the music for last week’s report from my boss.

28. A flash in the pen

A situation or work that has happened only once and will not repeat again

Example- Barcelona’s recent years’ success can be compared to a flash in pen.

29. Hold your horses.

It means being patient for something.

Example – Hold your horses for the next season


29. Drag one’s feet

It means completing a task very slowly.

Example – Don’t give him the work! He may drag his feet before the deadline.

30. Worth its weight in gold

It is used to emphasize that someone or something is highly useful or valuable.

Example – Rajat is worth his weight in gold. He has single-handedly organized the whole event.

31. Go against the grain.

It is used to indicate that some actions or ideas are totally against your belief and values.

Example – It is against the grain to accept the crimes happening around the nation.

32. Jump the gun

Doing something recklessly or not thinking enough before doing something.

Example- He jumped the gun by giving the presentation without consulting with his teammates.

33. Stick to your guns

It means standing firm against all difficulties and hurdles.

Example- He stuck to his gun despite all the criticism coming from his colleagues.

34. Let one’s hair down.

It is used to indicate a free and informal way of behaving among people.

Example- You are always formal, let your hair down sometimes.

35. Hand in glove

It is used when someone works together to achieve something illegal or unethical.

Example- They worked for hand in glove to leak the company’s information outside.

36. Looking for a needle in the haystack.

The phrase can be compared with trying to find something tiny in a big pile of things or objects.

Example- It was like looking for a needle in the haystack when I tried to find his contact number.

37. Wearing your heart on the sleeve

It means expressing your heart too openly in front of people.

Example – Do not wear your heart on the sleeve in your professional life!

38. Move heaven and the earth.

It means putting supreme effort behind something.

Example – Rahul moved heaven and earth to get in his dream university.

39. Hit the Bottle

It is used to describe drinking alcohol excessively.

Example- He is a cheap drunk usually, but yesterday he hit the bottle until the morning.

40. Hit the book

It used to indicate studying.

Example- I need to hit the book because my exams are approaching.

41. Get someone off the hook.

It means helping someone get out of a difficult situation.

Example- I will try to get him off the hook because he is a good friend of mine.

42. Hit the sack

It means going to bed.

Example- Recently I am hitting the sack quite late at night.

43. Cut no ice

To cause no effect or influence over someone’s opinion or any type of situations.

Example- He cut no ice in the meeting, so I guess we’re losing the client.

44. On thin ice

It means being in a risky position.

Example- He was on thin ice with the coach after scoring duck in the final match.

45. Strike while the iron is hot

It means taking advantage of a situation and act quickly.

Example – Strike while the iron is hot because once gone, the deal is not coming back.

46. Hit the Jackpot

This phrase is used to describe someone’s massive and sudden success.

Example- I have hit the jackpot in the final examination.

47. Have the last laugh

Whoever has the last laugh in an argument or when competing in some way, wins in last.

Example – Ram had the last laugh in the debate competition irrespective of his early losses.

48. See the light of a day.

When something is brought to the public or appears for the first time

Example – The Telegraph saw the light of a day on 7th July 1982.

49. Light at the end of a tunnel

It means seeing some hope after many ups and downs.

Example – After trying continuously to reach the client, finally I saw some light at the end of the tunnel.

50. Toe the line

It means behaving in a certain way your authority expects you to behave.

Example – If I don’t toe the line in my office, soon my replacement will come.

51. Live on a borrowed line.

When something is existing or living more than it should, or people expect it to live.

Example – My old television finally became non-functional after living on a borrowed line for a long time.

52. Hold your tongue

It means telling someone to stop speaking.

Example – Hold your tongue; otherwise, you will face the consequences.

53. Cry for the moon

Crying for the moon means to ask for something unaffordable or complicated to get.

Example- “Don’t cry for the moon son!” the old man said to the boy.

54. Hit the nail on the head

It means being right about a particular thing.

Example – Mike hit the nail on the head as he correctly pointed out whose fault it was.

55. Nail in the coffin

It merely indicates the end or failure of something.

Example – He put a nail in the coffin of all the fake schemes of the man by telling the police everything.

56. Pay through the nose.

It is used when you pay an excessive for something.

Example – He paid through the nose for his son’s surgery.

57. Under someone’s nose

It is used when someone should notice a particular thing, yet he fails to notice it.

Example – The answers to the homework questions were under our nose all along.

58. Cast pearl before swine

It means giving someone something who doesn’t appreciate or understand its value.

Example – Don’t waste your time lecturing them. I am sure it will be like casting pearls before swine.

59. Put the cat among the pigeons.

It means telling or doing something that can make a large number of people angry.

Example – I like to do my research before accusing someone of something instead of putting the cat among the pigeons.

60. Put someone in his place.

Putting someone in his/her place means showing them they are not worth what they think they are.

Example – Sometimes, people need to be put in their place.

61. point the finger at

It merely means blaming someone directly.

Example – You should stop pointing your finger at others all the time and start blaming yourself!

62. Pour out one’s heart.

It is used when someone wants to express his/her inner thoughts.

Example – Sometimes, when life gets tough, one needs to pour out his/her heart to loved ones.

63. Shallow your pride

It is used when someone compromises his/her self-respect in work or his action.

Example – Shallowing your pride is advisable for a sales intern.

64. When push comes to shove

It means when terrible or desperate circumstances arise.

Example- I don’t study that much, but when push comes to shove, I can spend nights studying.

65. Raining cats and dogs.

It is used to indicate heavy raining.

Example – It is raining cats and dogs throughout the whole day.

66. Read between the lines.

It means understanding what is someone’s real intention though it is unsaid.

Example – Reading between the lines seems like our vacation is cancelled.

67. Beat a retreat.

It means to run away from a troublesome situation.

Example – We were cornered, beating a retreat was our only option.

68. Take someone for a ride.

It means deceiving people or simply tricking them.

Example – Her new boyfriend is merely taking her for a ride.

69. Go through the roof.

It means tremendous increment in something.

Example – The price of gold is going through the roof.

70. On the ropes

On the rope means very close to accepting loss or defeat.

Example – Our startup has come to a point where it seems like it is on the rope.

71. Rub salt into someone’s wounds

It means making a bad situation worse.

Example – Do not rub salt into his wounds. He is already going through a lot.

72. Give someone a run for their money.

It merely means competing with someone on an equal basis.

Example – “Though we are the underdog here, let us give them a run for their money,” our coach said to the team.

73. Shut one’s eyes to

It indicates refusing to see the truth in a situation.

Example – For a long time, Lalit kept his eyes shut to the fraud that was happening around him.

74. Allow the dust to settle.

It indicates allowing a situation to become stable after some excitement.

Example – We have celebrated enough. Now let’s allow the dust to settle.

75. Take the word out of somebody’s mouth.

It means saying the same or completing the sentence of someone.

Example- I took the word out of my dad’s mouth before he could finish the sentence.

76. Eat your words

It means to admit that your previous statement about something has been proved wrong.

Example- I thought he would fail in the exam. But I had to eat my words after the results came out.

77. A shot in the dark

It means guessing something random.

Example- I used to always take a shot in the dark while making important decisions.

78. Call the shots

Someone who has power and authority can call the shots.

Example-Around here, his brother is the one who calls all the shots.

79. Head and shoulders above

A person who is much better than the most.

Example – In my school days, I was head and shoulders above my peers in sprinting.

80. Put to bed

It means helping a baby to fall asleep.

Example- I will be late. I have to put my daughter to bed.

81. Put something to sleep.

It means giving a drug to someone (mostly animal) to help him die without any pain.

Example – After suffering for a few days, The doctor put his dog, Rosie, to sleep to help her die without pain.

82. By the skin of your teeth

It means completing something barely or very small margin.

Example- I completed my project before the deadline by the skin of my teeth.

83. Have a thick skin

A person who has thick skin is not affected by other’s opinion.

Example – My mom thinks that I have a thick skin.

84. Start with a clean slate.

It indicates starting something from the beginning despite bad experiences from the previous times.

Example – Sometimes, when life gets extremely messy, starting with a clean slate is the right thing to do.

85. No smoke without the fire

It means every rumour and gossip have some ground to it.

Example – People are saying she is dating her boss. Well, there can be no smoke without the fire.

86. No strings attached

It means providing a service or doing something without any condition.

Example – Many investment firms allow new traders to trade no strings attached.

87. Throw a spanner in the work

It means preventing something to happen smoothly or the way it should be.

Example- Do not throw a spanner in my work in the last minute. I can’t redo the entire project.

88. Wear two hats

It means managing several works at the same time.

Example- I am usually lazy, but when needed I can wear two hats too.

89. Throw one’s weight around

It means showing off own’s power in public.

Example – The way he throws his weight around is making a negative impact on the campus.

90. Throw caution to the wind

It is used to describe someone’s action, which acts recklessly.

Example – Throwing caution to the wind to win the girl over has not gone well for him.

91. Spill the beans

It means revealing undesired information entirely unintentionally.

Example – Though we decided to keep our vacation secret, someone must have spilled the beans.

92. Be in a tight spot

It is used to describe the situation when someone is in a difficult situation.

Example-Even after returning all of his debt, he is still in a tight spot.

93. Spread yourself thin

It means joining many activities but not doing any of them properly.

Example – Do not spread yourself too thin, dedicate your energy towards a single goal.

94. Steal the show

Stealing the show means getting all the praises and attention in an event.

Example – As always Anjali stole the show with her dance.

95. Let off steam

It can be used when someone let go of his stored frustration or anger.

Example- I told him to let off some steam before the meeting.

96. Blow someone’s cover

When a person reveals some secret or undesired action of another person, then it can be used.

Example – If he continues his dirty politics game with me, I will be sure to blow his cover also.

97. Leave no stone unturned.

It means to do everything or go to any extent for achieving something.

Example – He left no stone unturned for protecting his company image.

98. Set in stone

It means what is set in stone cannot be changed.

Example – The appointment is not set in stone. So it can be changed, I think.

99. Go on record

It merely means the statement you will give is the final and official statement.

Example – Ashok went on record against the murder that he witnessed.

100. Milestones

It is used to emphasize the critical event’s in someone’s professional life.

Example – Getting a job at google was a milestone in Michael’s career.

101. Move at a snail’s pace.

It means to move as slow as a snail or simply means move very slowly.

Example – Today, I moved at a snail’s pace while returning home from school.

102. Time is money

It means time is a precious resource.

Example- Don’t waste your time, Jim. Do not forget your time is money.

102. Out of touch

It means not in contact with something or someone for some time.

Example- I am basically out of touch with all my relatives.

103. Feel out

Feeling out means trying to get a sense of things.

Example- I am still feeling out the vibe of my college.

104. Flesh out

Fleshing out means presenting a detailed version of something.

Example – My seniors asked me to flesh out the schedule of the event to my classmates.

105. Go all out

Going all out means giving all you have to offer.

Example – Every year, he goes all out for his birthday.

106. At odds

Being at odds means being on different terms. Normally, this phrase is used to refer to conflicts,

Example – They were great friends once, but the competition leads them to be at odds all the time.

107. Go-getter

A person who is very energetic and wants to succeed very much is a go-getter.

Example – Rathin is a go-getter type of person by nature.

Break a leg.

108. It means wishing someone good luck.

Example – Right before the performance, Arab’s mom told him to break a leg.

109. Golden opportunity

It indicates a perfect chance to achieve something.

Example – People should not waste golden opportunities in their youth.

110. A busybody

People who always try to gather news about other’s private life.

Example-“Oh! He is just a busybody. Ignore him,” the man said to me.

111. Old as the hills

It means someone who has aged very long.

Example – Though my grandfather is as old as the hills, still he lives very actively.

112. Barrel of laughs

It means someone who is very humorous.

Example- Your brother really is a barrel of a laugh.

113. Out of the blue

It means that randomly or unexpectedly.

Example- He came out of the blue.

114. With flying colours

It means doing something or finishing something with great result.

Example- Despite all the ups and downs, he achieved his success with flying colours.

115. As of right as rain

It means one who is right as rain is in excellent health.

Example- I am pretty sure your father will be as right as rain very soon.

116. Brain drain

Loss of intelligent minds from an organization or even a country.

Example- Due to the capitalistic movements in America, India is facing massive brain-drain in recent times.

117. Green with envy.

It means being very jealous of something.

Example – Ratan was green with envy after hearing my CAT result.

118. Gray area

It means an unclear area.

Example- According to him, there is no absolute right or wrong but a grey area in this case.

119. White lie

It means a little lie used for not hurting anyone’s feelings.

Example- We, human beings often tell white lies to our loved ones.

120. Clean bill of health

It is a statement by a medical professional to certify someone as healthy.

Example- After his rehab got completed, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health.

121. Frog in one’s throat

This phrase usually refers to the feeling of something stuck in one’s throat.

Example- When the teacher asked questions, it seemed like every student had a frog in his throat.

122. About time

It means the present time.

Example- It is about time we buy a house.

123. Fish memory

It indicates to someone who tends to forget things easily.

Example- People say I have a fish memory.

124. Dawn till dusk

It means from morning till evening.

Example- I will wait for him from dawn till dusk.

125. Party animal

It refers to a person who likes clubbing and partying very much.

Example- John, is a party animal.

126. Get a life

You use this phrase to a boring person to live life to its full potential.

Example – Don’t sit around all day John. Get a life.

127. Business as usual

It simply means things are usually going or going without any changes.

Example- “What are you up to these days,” I asked John. “Buisness as usual” he replied.

128. Think outside of the box

It means thinking differently than the conventional way.

Example- Rohit was the only guy in our class who thought outside the box.

129. Nitty Gritty

It means the essential aspect of an idea or experience.

Example- If the side work is done, let us get into the nitty-gritty.

130. Biting more than one can chew

It merely means bearing more work or responsibility an individual can handle alone.

Example- Do not bite more than you can chew; otherwise, everything will get messy.

131. It’s a piece of cake.

It refers to something very easy.

Example- Completing the report within tonight doesn’t seem like a piece of cake for him.

132. Keep me in the loop.

It means keeping someone informed all the time.

Example- The director told us to keep him in the loop about the ongoing project.

133. Make up one’s mind

It describes the situation when you make a final decision about something.

Example- I have made up my mind about doing an M. B. A after my graduation.

134. Pie in the sky

It describes an impossible thing to achieve, but it is pleasant to think of.

Example- I think my dream of going to London will remain a pie in the sky.

135. You bet.

It is used when you agree with someone.

Example- You bet they will try to manipulate you.

136. Getting goosebumps

It means getting tremendously excited about something.

Example- I’m getting goosebumps just by the idea of seeing the concert.

137. Give it to me straight.

It means saying something directly in a very straightforward way.

Example- About my resignation, I gave it to the hr straight.

138. I’m hosed

It means to be in an undesired situation.

Example- If my dad finds out I skipped school, then I’m hosed.

139. Can’t make head or tail of something.

If you are unable to read or understand one or a situation.

Example- I still can’t make head or tail of anything he has said.

140. Keep one’s word

It means doing one has promised.

Example- Amir is very good at keeping his words.

141. Lose your temper

It means becoming very angry about something.

Example- Losing your temper in your workplace is not a good idea.

142. Run around in circles

It means achieving nothing but being very active.

Example – Stop running around in circles, guys! We need to reform our strategy.

143. sell like hotcakes

It means something which sells out pretty fast is the one that sells like hot cakes.

Example – Sanitizers are selling like hotcakes in the pandemic.

144. Drive a hard bargain

It is used when you try hard for getting a profitable deal.

Example – People who can drive a hard bargain on any product are famous in sales.

145. Make no bones about something

It is used when you speak what is on your head and make your intentions very clear.

Example- I made no bones about getting a new car at the end of the year.

146. Take away your breath.

It simply means something is very spectacular that it takes one’s breath away.

Example- Her beauty took my breath away.

147. Close the door on someone

It means not to have any kind of relations with someone or something.

Example – After knowing about the fraud, Anil babu closed all door on the investment firm.

148. Burn the midnight oil

Someone who works very late at night.

Example – I had to burn the midnight oil before my final exam.

149. Be off the mark

Being off the mark refers to being incorrect.

Example – He was entirely off the mark about his reports.

150. Back the wrong horse.

It means backing up or supporting something that eventually turns out to be unsuccessful.

Example – If you are investing in the share market, you have to be careful about not backing up the wrong horses.

151. Eat like a bird

One who eats the very little amount of food.

Example – My sister eats like a bird.

152. Kill two birds with one stone

If someone kills two birds with one stone, it means he/she fulfils two targets with a single try.

Example- I used to kill two birds with one stone by eating breakfast and completing my homework at the same time in my school days.

153. Shoot from the hip

It means reacting without considering any circumstances.

Example – Amal had a habit of shooting from the hip.

154. Egg on your face

It is used when someone looks stupid for his/her work.

Example – After promising a hattrick and not scoring any goal, he had egg on his face.

155. An arm and a leg

It means something that costs too much.

Example – A stretching session in a local physiotherapy centre cost him an arm and a leg.

156. Stab someone in the back

It means betraying someone’s trust.

Example – Stabbing a friend in the back is the worst thing a man can do.

157. Right off the bat.

Right off the beat indicates doing something as soon as possible.

Example – Doctor told me I need medical assistance right off the bat.

158. Like a fish out of water

It means being in an uneasy or position.

Example- Even after hearing all the instructions, Aritra stood there like he was a fish out of water.

159. Stir up a hornet’s nest.

When you make trouble, you stir up a hornet’s nest.

Example- He always stirred up a hornet’s nest when his day did not well.

160. Back against the wall

It means to be in a difficult situation with limited choices to make.

Example- Everyone has had their back against the wall someday in their life.

161. Head over heels

When someone is madly in love, this phrase is used then.

Example- I fell head over heels for Sucheta right when I saw her for the first time.

162. Upset someone’s applecart

When you spoil an organized plan, you upset someone’s applecart.

Example- Midterm exams are upsetting our applecart of going to Missouri.

163. Up in Arms

Up in arms means being angry for something.

Example- The employees were up in arms with the authority when they heard there would be no increment this year.

164. Blow your own trumpet

When you blow your own trumpet, you boast about your skills and achievement.

Example- Do not blow your own trumpet in front of your elders.

165. Separate the wheats from the chaffs

It means separating skilled individuals from useless ones.

Example- In a competitive environment, it isn’t easy to separate the chaffs from the wheats.

166. Change tune

Change tune means changing your behavior around certain people.

Example- I did not expect the witness to change his tune that fast.

167. Bend over backwards

This is used to describe one’s desperation to please someone.

Example- He bent over backwards after knowing my position as the I. A. S.

168. Against the clock

It means as fast as one can to complete something before a specific time.

Example- We worked day and night against the clock to make the event successful.

169. Make one’s blood boil.

It means making someone very angry.

Example- Do not make his blood boil by standing there.

170. Over my dead body

This phrase is used to declare your strong opposition to an idea or an action.

Example- You’ll have to go over my dead body before marrying her.

171. Miss the boat

Missing the boat means missing a valuable opportunity.

Example- You’ll miss the boat if you don’t take the initiative.

172. Call a spade a spade.

Calling a spade a spade indicates telling the truth even if it is very harsh.

Example- Raman has the habit of calling a spade a spade since childhood.

173. Call it a day

Someone might call it a day after being tired or doing something with no improvement.

Example- We were tired, so we decided to call it a day.

174. Heart skips a beat

When you are excessively nervous or excited about something, your heart is said to skip a beat.

Example- My heart skipped a beat when I saw her again.

175. Kill the goose for golden eggs.

It means destroying something valuable to you because of greed.

Example- Do not get influenced by the broker’s words. You might kill the goose for golden eggs in the process.

176. Play your cards right.

It means taking advantage of a situation with whatever someone has.

Example- If you want to win this game, play your cards right.

177. Draw first blood.

Someone who draws first blood is someone who gets the first score in a competition.

Example- I was the one who drew first blood in the boxing match.

178. Shoot oneself in the foot

It means one who makes his/her situation bad on his/her own.

Example- He shot himself on foot by telling the broker all his details.

179. Know which way the wind is blowing

Knowing which way the wind is blowing, one can predict a situation.

Example- After the meeting, he got an idea at which way the wind is blowing.

180. Wash dirty linen in public.

It means discussing private things in public.

Example- Do not wash your dirty linen in public under any circumstances.

181. Change hands

When something changes hands, it means someone new is owning it.

Example- The house had changed hands a few times before I bought it.

182. Have one’s hand full

It usually means being busy with multiple things.

Example- Ask someone else, I have my hand’s full with different works.

183. Twist someone’s arm

It means making someone do something by creating pressure on him.

Example- Sometimes, crime investigation includes twisting the arm of the criminal.

184. On top of the world.

This phrase is used to describe extreme happiness.

Example- He was on top of the world after knowing that he has become a father.

185. Turn the tide

It means changing a situation’s way of developing,

Example- None of them can turn the tide of the deal based on the situation they are in.

186. Try one’s patience

It means putting a test on someone’s tolerance.

Example- “Do not try my patience boy. ” The guard angrily said to the student.

187. Not the only fish in the sea.

It means there is not only one option to choose.

Example- They need to realize that they are not the only fish in the sea.

188. A bolt from the blue

This phrase describes a vital incident that happens surprisingly or all of a sudden.

Example- It felt like a bolt from the blue, seeing him after so many years.

189. In the same boat.

Being in the same boat means being in a difficult situation together.

Example- If the market crashes, we will be in the same boat.

190. Bell the cat

This phrase means taking a risky job under one’s wing.

Example- I tried to teach him how to bell the cat several times.

191. Ace up one’s sleeve.

This phrase means a hidden advantage one can use anytime he/she wants.

Example- The governor has several other aces up his sleeve.

192. In cold blood

It means doing something with cruelty.

Example- He murdered his son in cold blood.

193. White elephant

It indicates something very costly to keep and maintain.

Example- The washing machine is a white elephant to me.

194. Throw up one’s hands

It means showing frustration and anger when everything goes wrong.

Example- The coach threw up his hands when his team lost the game.

195. Thron in your flesh

It indicates something that always troubles someone.

Example- The new project has been a thorn in the flesh of the employees.

196. Bitter pill to swallow

It means a failure which is hard to accept.

Example- Failing in the exam was a bitter pill to swallow for him.

197. Spoil someone’s plans

It usually means ruining someone’s plans.

Example- He always spoils our plans.

198. In the same breath

It means doing two opposite things in an instance.

Example- He can lie and point out other’s fault all at the same breath.

199. A road map

It usually means a detailed guideline of a plan.

Example- We need to make a proper road map if we want to succeced.

200. To have sticky fingers.

A person who steals has sticky fingers.

Example- Beware of him. He has sticky fingers.

201. A blessing in disguise

It means a good thing which seemed like bad earlier.

Example- His mentor was a blessing in disguise for him.

202. Better late than never

It means it is better to come a little late than not coming at all.

Example- I know it took me some time get myself together. But it is better late than never.

203. Easy does it.

It means telling someone to approach something slowly.

Examples- “Easy does it guys! Those are big waves. ”

204. It’s not rocket science

It means telling someone it is not as complicated as he thinks.

Example- “Don’t think too much. It’s not rocket science. ”

205. Go back to the drawing board

Going back to the drawing board means giving something a fresh start.

Example- “I guess I have no choice left other than going back to the drawing board. ”

206. A dime a dozen

This means a product has very little value.

Example- “Those jewelleries are pretty but they are a dime a dozen. ”

207. Make a long story short

It means telling a story or an incident in short.

Example- “I have plenty of work. So make your long story short. ”

208. To get in shape

Getting in shape means getting healthy and fit.

Example- I have to get in shape before the competition starts.

209. Comparing apples to oranges

This phrase means comparing two completely different things.

Example- His words felt as if he was comparing apples to oranges.

210. Your guess is as good as mine

It means having no idea of the context.

Example- “Will he go the event?” Your guess is as good as mine. ”

211. Barking up the wrong tree.

It means finding a solution to the wrong place.

Example- “If you ask him to guide you, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree. ”

212. Every cloud has a silver lining.

This phrase is used to describe that good thing will come after the bad ones.

Example- “Do not worry about the failures because every cloud has a silver lining”.

213. Don’t give up your day job.

This phrase is used as a way of telling someone that they are not good enough.

Example- “How was my dancing?” “Umm, Don’t give up your day job. ”

214. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

This phrase means not putting too much energy and effort into a single thing.

Example- “No matter how skilled you are, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. ”

215. When pigs fly.

It means stating something that will never happen.

Example- “His condition will improve when pigs will start to fly. ”

216. lower the bar

It means keeping the expectation low.

Examples- People need to lower their bars sometime.

217. Raise the bar

It means keeping the expectations high.

Example – He intends to raise the bar in the game.

218. Dutch uncle

It usually refers to a person who always criticizes and points out the fault in someone’s work.

Example- “The way he criticized his son, he surely seemed like a dutch uncle. ”

219. King of the hill

It refers to a person who is a champion in his field of work.

Example- Rajat used to be the king of the hill in hockey back in the days.

220. Bang for the buck.

It means value for someone’s money.

Example- “The pub sure is a bang for the buck. ”

221. get rid of

It means removing unnecessary things out of sight.

Example- Indian government need to get rid of the Kashmir dispute as soon as possible.

222. Herculean task

It refers to a work that requires massive physical strength.

Example- It will be a herculean task to get through the training.

223. Goose egg

This phrase refers to something with no value or zero.

Example- The price of the item was nearly goose egg.

224. Old school

It refers to something that is old fashioned.

Example,- John, is a guy with old schooled thoughts in his head.

225. Anything but

It means despite anything, (something) that does not happen.

Example- I went to the new mall today. It was anything but organized.

226. Way forward

It refers to the only path for success.

Example- “It is the only way forward if you want to really get the job done. ”

227. Smack dab

It means exactly.

Example- We did smack dab according to his instructions.

228. pat on the back.

It means appreciating someone for his/her excellent work.

Example- The way he completed the task, he should receive a pat on the back.

229. Heart touching

Heart touching refers to something that makes people emotional or very happy.

Example- “It was a heart touching story. ”

230. Mull over

It means taking too much time to decide.

Example- We were mulling over the project ideas before deciding a single one.

231. Come out

It means revealing something unintentionally.

Example- Comes out, he was in the hotel throughout the day

232. Vim and vigour

It is used to describe someone with high energy levels.

Example- Exercising daily with all vim and vigour results in an incredible physique.

233. Bucket list

Bucket list means a list of activity one dreams of doing during their lifetime.

Example- I have not done one single thing out of my bucket list.

234. light-years away

It means something that is nearly unachievable.

Example-Our Dream of making a time machine is light-years away.

235. The lion’s share

The lion’s share means the majority share of something.

Example- I will keep the lion’s share of the cake this time.

236. Screw up

It means making a big mistake.

Example- I screwed up on the very first day of my job.

237. Aftermath

This phrase means the result of something horrible.

Example- The government is helping people deal with the aftermath of the flood.

238. Pep talk

Pep talk means motivational speech.

Example- The professor gave us a little pep talk before the exam.

239. Heavy heart

Being in a heavy heart means being in a state of sadness.

Example – With a heavy heart, we all bid goodbye to our retiring teacher.

240. Apples to apples

This phrase is used to describe a fair comparison between two things.

Example- People need to always compare apples to apples.

241. Music to ears

Music to ears means something that feels good to hear.

Example- The early holiday announcement was music to our ears.

242. Taken for granted

It means something or someone is considered less valuable.

Example- “They have taken me for granted for a long time. ”

243. Mind your own business

Minding own business refers to not interfering with other’s matters.

Example- “Do not lecture me! mind your own business. ”

244. Lean towards

This phrase means to be interested in something.

Example- He leaned towards me after hearing my proposal.

245. Chill pill

The chill pill is an imaginary pill that makes one calm down.

Example- “Do not get excited guys. Take a chill pill. ”

246. Set off

It means starting a journey.

Example- I will set off for London tomorrow.

247. Act of God.

Act of God means action within no one’s control.

Example- “We could not do anything. It was like an act of god. ”

248. Keep the wolf from the door.

It means somehow managing to keep away hunger and starvation.

Example- I can barely keep the wolf from the door based on my monthly salary.

249. Sense of humour

Sense of humour means a person’s ability to understand and enjoy a joke without any assistance.

Example- “I did not know Mr. Anuj very well. But after coming to this party all I can say is Mr. Anuj sure has a great sense of humour. ”

250. Earworm

This word usually refers to a song that comes to the mind of a person again.

Example- “The new song of Rihana is just like an earworm. It is not getting out of my head. “

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