How to Introduce Yourself in English | Self-Introduction Examples in English

Introducing yourself is an activity that can’t be escaped and is mandatory in every formal and informal conversation. When you are attending a conference and meeting new people, you are required to introduce yourselves to them. Attending a social function is not a different thing because here also introduction is the first part of every conversation. When you join a new company and meet your colleagues, the best way to start a conversation with them is by introducing yourself. These were some of the examples that show that introduction plays a big part in almost every conversation.

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Importance of Introducing Yourself

Introduction plays a significant role in conveying your personality to others. The way a person introduces himself/herself to others shows his/her ability to be confident while meeting new people. It shows the communication skills of the speaker who is introducing himself/herself to others who are listening to him/her. A good introduction will make the listeners feel comfortable to start a chat with the speaker and also will make a first good impression of the speaker. A good introduction can help to break the ice while meeting new people.

The first impression created by the speaker through his/her introduction will have a much larger impact in his/her personal and professional life because as we know, the first impression is the last impression. A bad introduction will not excite the listener to continue the communication further. Imagine losing a big business contract because of a bad introduction at the starting of the pitch; this can cost a lot to a person.

In this article, you will learn about introducing yourself in different situations and how to interest the listener to continue the conversation further. In this article, you will learn to introduce yourself in four different situations.

how to introduce yourself in english in interview

Introduction in a One-to-One Meeting

When you are meeting someone for the first time, you must start the conversation by introducing yourself by saying your name. The listener might reply back with his/her name to this conversation. In case, the other person didn’t mention his/her name then you can ask them that and also in some cases you might not have heard it correctly so you can just ask him/her to repeat his/her name. After knowing the names of each other, you can move to ask some ice-breaking questions. You can have a chat for one to two minutes about different things such as location, weather, traffic, sports events, etc.

After completing the initial part of the conversation, you can go to the substantive part and continue the conversation for a longer time. Sometimes people jump to this part just after introducing the names, which is also ok for having a good conversation.

If you want to make your one to one conversation with another person impactful, then try to keep the following things in mind.

  • Try to include comments and observations in your conversation.
  • Try to ask open-ended questions most of the times.
  • Channelize and use the people’s desire of talking about themselves.
  • Try to be expressive and don’t talk like a robot.
  • Try to listen carefully about what the other person is saying during the conversation.
  • Don’t try to put up an intellectual topic just go with the flow.

When there is silence in the conversation, and there is no substantive topic to put on, then its a sign to end the conversation.

Introduction in a Professional Gathering

When you are meeting new people in a professional gathering, you cant follow the introduction method you have used in a one-to-one conversation. In such cases, you have to introduce yourself at one go. This introduction should include all your personal and professional data such name, the location where you reside, your designation in a company if you are working, how long you have worked in that company, company location and professional experience you have gained in all your life.

Among all these personal and professional data, you can take out some data which are not relevant such as location which is only required in meetings or conferences where there are people from different places. In such introductions, you must avoid giving too much personal data such as age, family structure, hobby, etc.

In this introductions, you must always give preference to professional data because it conveys how much experienced and skilled you are, which can help you in giving some great business and career objectives.

Introduction to a Sought-After Person

You might face certain situations in your life where you will have only one shot to make an impression on others by your introduction. This type of situations arises and are common in conferences and networking evens where participants get a minute or two to speak with sought-after industry veterans. So in such cases, you must have to bring out maximum advantage from the chance you will get by bringing out the best in you with your introduction. Try to be unique than others so that you will come out as a creative person before others.

The best way to make this introduction productive is by suggesting some Solutions for the organizations biggest problems. For this, you have to do thorough research on every activity of the company and its sub-brands if any.

Introduction in a Social Gathering

Social gatherings are somewhat informal events; therefore adding personal details in your introduction is acceptable in this case. However, you must also include process data to such introductions because it is also required. You must include details of your experience if you had any which is related to the theme of the event.

After the introduction is over in such gatherings, people tend to talk with each other in a one to one conversation here, and you should follow the steps we have discussed earlier under one to one conversation.


Introduction of yourself in front of others holds a very important place in every conversation, especially when you are meeting new people who don’t know you at all. An introduction is essential in professional as well as personal conversations. It is the best way to start a conversation. A person should know what type of introduction he/she has to give in what situation because the different situation demands a different type of introduction. Introduction of a person makes a first impression of the person on the listeners

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