How to become a CA Chartered Accountant in India | Eligibility Criteria, Scope and Salary

How To Become A CA Chartered Accountant In India?: Chartered accountants are considered the most highly compensated in India. Taxation and accounting are subjects that make Chartered Accounting an appealing career option. As a Chartered Accountant (CA), you face many challenges, but you also have great career prospects. The Chartered Accounting course lasts approximately five years. Hence, the amount of time spent on education is necessary if you intend to become a Chartered Accountant.

Private as well as public organizations in India are looking for Chartered Accountant professionals. An accountant is involved in managing an organization’s accounts. Aside from managing an organization’s finances, they help resolve disputes and prevent bankruptcy. Choosing this career path can be quite a daunting task, so it is always a good idea to start thinking about it as soon as possible.

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Who is a Chartered Accountant?

In accounting, the designation “Chartered Accountant” refers to an individual who has received official certification that he/she is qualified to handle tax-related and accounting matters. Tax returns, preparing and reviewing financial documents, maintaining investment records, auditing financial statements, and reviewing business practices are commonly involved. In addition to offering advisory services to businesses and individuals, a Chartered Accountant is qualified to offer services to companies.

Roles and Responsibilities of a CA

As a chartered accountant, you need to be able to demonstrate your ability to work effectively under pressure, have excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as be knowledgeable in the many aspects of accountancy and accounting. It is also important that you are certified, accredited and licensed by the appropriate associations and governing bodies. In any firm that they work for, a CA must perform the following functions.

  • Ensure all accounting duties are being performed.
  • Systematize accounting processes and procedures.
  • Make sure income statements are reconciled.
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports.
  • Control the master records in the general register.
  • Pay online banking bills and release the funds.
  • Make sure you comply with state revenue regulations.
  • Reporting and accounting support on a continuous basis.
  • Take charge of the entire finance process.
  • Create a report on expenses.

Eligibility Criteria of a CA

A candidate must review all the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the CA course and submit all the required materials to the ICAI before they can pursue this course. In order to be eligible for the CA profession, candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria, which are set by the ICAI. Below are the requirements for becoming a chartered accountant. CA eligibility is required before an individual enrolls for the Chartered Accountant course.

  • CPT registration is available for Chartered Accountants after the 10th class, but candidates can only take the exam after passing the 12th class.
  • A student may apply for CPT in both the commerce and science streams.
  • A student from the Commerce stream must earn at least 50% in the Class 12 exams to qualify for CPT.
  • A minimum of 55% in the class 12 board exams should be achieved in all other streams excluding mathematics.
  • Upon passing the CPT exam, students become ICAI members – the exam and course conducting body in India for all Chartered Accountants.

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Scope of Chartered Accountancy

Any business or organization, no matter how big, small, or self-employed, will need a chartered accountant – whether it is commercial, private, or non-profit. The finance and taxes of any company that generates revenue are managed by chartered accountants. They either hire independent professionals or turn to chartered accounting firms. There are several sectors where chartered accountants can specialize:

  • A business or industry
  • Accounting firms
  • Firms providing consulting services
  • Governments and institutions
  • Financial services
  • Institutional investors
  • Practising independently/self-employment

India’s top career choice has always been Chartered Accountancy. There is no easy way to enter this profession, but if you succeed, it offers great opportunities, a great salary, and great respect. Chartered accountants have many other value-added traits besides earning a lot of money or being highly qualified. Chartered accountants or CAs have a tough road to travel and can easily be said that it is one of the most difficult professions, however, if you work hard and dedicate yourself to it, you can succeed.

How to become a CA Chartered Accountant in India

FAQ’s on How to Become a CA Chartered Accountant in India?

Question 1.
What is the salary for CA?

CA is in high demand in auditing firms, bank-finance companies, stockbrokers, law firms, etc. During the articles, candidates have limited salary options, but they will be able to earn a good salary at the completion of the course. In the first few years after completing the final course, the average pay for CA is between Rs. 4 and 6 lakh per annum. CA is paid differently depending on the company and city in which they work.

Question 2.
What is ICAI CA Exam?

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is qualified by completing a three-level course with the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI).

Examinations include:

  • The Foundation Examination (formerly known as the Common Proficiency Test (CPT))
  • The Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)) Examination
  • Final Exam (FC)

Question 3.
Does Chartered Accountancy have an age limit?

The CA course does not have an age limit. You should, however, pass Class 12 at the very least. The CA course can be taken at any stage of a finance or accounting professional’s career.

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