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Financial Accounting Notes PDF: In MBA Post Graduation Degree, students will cover all core subjects like finance, accounting, management, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics to set the career in the right path. But for an easy understanding of the concepts, you require the best resources with you at your preparation. For making that possible, we are gathering all Core subjects of MBA prep resources. In that way, today we have come up with the preparation source for one core subject i.e., Financial Accounting.

Students are advised to refer to this Financial Accounting Lecture Notes and prepare all the topics in detail. You will get the complete MBA financial accounting notes in pdf along with syllabus, accounting study materials, MBA 1st sem recommended books, important review question list in this article. Hence, utilize these resources during your preparation and score well in the MBA first semester examination.

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About Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is at most the process of providing financial statements that businesses use to show their financial performance and status to people outside the company, including investors, creditors, suppliers, and customers. An efficient financial system allots resources in various investment avenues along with encouraging savings and therefore it stimulates the economic development rate. This subject is also included in other courses too like B.COM and BBA. So, students who are pursuing these courses can also able to download financial accounting notes & books pdf from this page.

MBA Financial Accounting Lecture notes & books assist you a lot during your preparation by explaining the concepts in a simple and understandable language. So, look no further and just grab the opportunity of downloading pdf formatted MBA Accounting Notes and Model Papers.

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MBA First Sem Financial Accounting Lecture Notes & Study Material in PDF Free Download Links

Practicing with the best financial accounting books will make you stand as a topper in your first-year semester examinations. You can find many advantages by learning accounting concepts via these notes & reference books. Financial Accounting Notes Pdf includes a detailed explanation of the concepts covered in the syllabus and important questions, solved and unsolved exercises for every topic, and many more like this. To get benefitted by these during your preparation, make sure to download MBA financial accounting lecture notes pdf and utilize it while studying. You can Download Financial Accounting MBA 1st Sem Textbook, study materials, question papers in pdf format from the below table for free of cost.

Financial Accounting Notes in Pdf Download

PDF Download Links
Download Financial Accounting Textbook Download
Financial Accounting Study Material Pdf Download
MBA Financial Accounting Model Question Papers Download

Reference Books for Financial Accounting – MBA 1st Sem

Apart from the Financial Accounting Notes Pdf download, we have also added some of the best books for MBA Accounting in finance suggested by subject experts and top universities in India. After referring to the lecture notes of financial accounting, check out the below list of Financial Accounting Reference Books, and pick the best one out and kick start your preparation for the first sem examination.

  • P.C. Tulsian, Financial Accounting, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
  • Lal, Jawahar, and Seema Srivastava, Financial Accounting, Himalaya Publishing House.
  • S. N. Maheshwari, Financial Accounting, Vikas Publication, New Delhi.
  • Monga, J.R., Financial Accounting: Concepts and Applications, Mayoor Paper Backs, New Delhi.
  • T.S, Grewal, Introduction to Accounting, S. Chand and Co., New Delhi
  • Shukla, M.C., T.S. Grewal, and S.C.Gupta. Advanced Accounts. Vol.-I. S. Chand & Co., New Delhi.
  • Bhushan Kumar Goyal and HN Tiwari, Financial Accounting, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.

Detailed MBA Financial Accounting Syllabus 2020

Have a prior idea about the detailed syllabus of financial accounting help students to understand what are the concepts covered in the textbooks, notes, & study materials. So, check out the detailed MBA First Sem Financial Accounting Unit-wise Syllabus from the list presented below and make use of the Financial Accounting Notes Pdf available over here and pave your preparation.


Book-Keeping and Accounting – Financial Accounting – Concepts and Conventions – Double Entry System – Preparation of Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance – Preparation of Final Accounts –Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet With Adjustment Entries, Simple Problems Only – Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Receipts.


Depreciation – Causes – Methods of Calculating Depreciation – Straight Line Method, Diminishing Balance Method, and Annuity Method – Ratio Analysis – Uses and Limitations – Classification of Ratios – Liquidity, Profitability, Financial, and Turnover Ratios – Simple Problems Only.


Funds Flow Analysis – Funds From Operation, Sources, and Uses of Funds, Preparation of Schedule of Changes In Working Capital and Funds Flow Statements – Uses And Limitations – Cash Flow Analysis – Cash From Operation – Preparation of Cash Flow Statement – Uses and Limitations – Distinction Between Funds Flow and Cash Flow – Only Simple Problems


Marginal Costing – Marginal Cost and Marginal Costing – Importance – Break-Even Analysis – Cost Volume Profit Relationship – Application of Marginal Costing Techniques, Fixing Selling Price, Make or Buy, Accepting a Foreign Order, Deciding Sales Mix.


Cost Accounting – Elements of Cost – Types of Costs – Preparation of Cost Sheet – Standard Costing – Variance Analysis – Material Variances – Labour Variances – Simple Problems Related to Material And Labour Variances Only.

Important Review Questions for MBA 1st Sem Financial Accounting Paper

Candidates can also refer to a few important questions of financial accounting along with good lecture notes for MBA 1st Sem Accounting subject on this page. We have given some of the essential MBA Financial Accounting Review Questions for 1st Sem Exams below:

  1. Why is accounting called the language of business?
  2. Write a short note on accounting standards.
  3. What are the functions of accounting?
  4. ‘Accounting is a service function’. Discuss the statement in the context of a modern manufacturing business.
  5. What is the significance of the dual aspect concept?
  6. Is accounting a staff function or line function? Explain the reasons.
  7. Distinguish between financial accounting and management accounting.
  8. Give an account of the various branches of accounting.
  9. What are accounting concepts and conventions? Is there any difference between them?
  10. Accounting as a social science can be viewed as an information system. examine.
  11. What is the position in India regarding the formulation and enforcement of accounting standards?

FAQs on Financial Accounting Books & Study Materials PDF Download

1. What is financial accounting notes pdf?

Financial Accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that holds a record of a company’s financial transactions. By applying regulated guidelines, the transactions are recorded, summarized, and presented in a financial report or financial statements such as an income statement or a balance sheet. Financial Accounting Notes Pdf holds a detailed explanation of the subject along with many exam resources for candidates to prepare before the exams.

2. What are the basic concepts of financial accounting?

There are many concepts which are essential for learning deeply to gain more knowledge of accounting subject. In MBA, Financial Accounting subject is a core one because a student can set up their career with better opportunities in the field of financial accounting. So, let’s check out the basic concepts of accounting from below and study thoroughly by using MBA Financial Accounting Books & Notes Pdf:

1. Accural concept.
2. Conservation concept.
3. Consistency concept.
4. Economic entity concept.
5. Going concern concept.
6. Matching concept.
7. Materiality concept.

3. What are the two major types of books of accounts?

There are two main books of accounts, Journal and Ledger.

4. Which is the best book for financial accounting?

Students can find various best books for MBA financial accounting our there in the market but choosing the correct one is the biggest task. To help you guys in this, we have researched and collected a few good books for financial accounting MBA 1st sem which are suggested by the subject experts. They are as follows:

1. Fundamental Accounting Principles by McGraw Hill
2. T.S, Grewal, Introduction to Accounting, S. Chand and Co., New Delhi
3. Ambrish Gupta, FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGEMENT, Pearson, Delhi, 2004.

5. How to download pdf formatted Financial Accounting Notes for MBA 1st sem exams?

Candidates who are seeking an MBA course can get all subjects books, notes, study materials for semester exams at So, visit the site and find MBA Financial Notes Lecture Notes pdf to download. Or else, just click on the links provided here & download Financial accounting books & study materials in PDF for free.

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We hope the provided content about MBA Financial Accounting Notes pdf free download will help you more during your 1st sem exam preparation. If you need more info related to MBA 1st Sem Accounting Books & Study Materials pdf, drop a comment below through the comment section. We will shortly get back to you with the best sources you required. Meanwhile, visit our website and find additional data like MBA Course Details, Accounting Reference Books, Full notes, and many more.

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