Essay on Smart City in India | Smart City in India Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Smart City in India: The movement of Smart City in India was introduced by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has a plan and a vision to build 100 smart cities in the country. Smart Cities are similar to ordinary cities but equipped with more advanced technologies and more transportation facilities along with a high rate of educated population with better sanitation and health facilities. In this essay, we will tell you more about Smart City in India in detail.

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Long and Short Essays on Smart City in India for Students and Kids in English

A long essay of 450-500 words has been provided it is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. For the reference of students in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, a short essay of 100-150 words has been provided.

Long Essay on Smart City in India

Long Essay on Smart City in India 500 Words in English

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a mission of digital India in which he focused to develop the cities into smart cities. His vision is to come up with 100 smart cities all over India to help the development of the country and open a gateway for global marketing for the benefit of the economy.

The main objective or motive for this project is to improve the lives of the citizens of that city and to upgrade the city in terms of technology, infrastructure, health and sanitization, and transportation. If the city gets evolved then it would be a major boon for the country as the industrial sector would be developed which will result in increased employment opportunities and a rise in the economic and financial condition of the country.

This project is led by the Ministry of Urban Development. The smart city’s mission is to re-establish the urban areas in terms of better education, better health facility, and an educated population. With an improvement in the Cities, the GDP of India will also rise and more and more countries will be interested in collaborating with India for business opportunities.

The major objective of this mission is to supply electricity and an adequate amount of water supply to every house, along with providing services for proper roads and health facilities, increasing the security of the citizens, promoting the proper vehicle and parking facilities, good administration, and much more.

As the Smart city mission is so vast, there are some setbacks in this project. The funds are not adequate, the contribution of the leaders and other ministers is absent, limited skilled labour, and many other problems. But India’s Public Authority is trying its best to get this project back on track so that it will improve the lives of the citizens in the country and also improve their satisfaction.

The smart city project is beneficial for the industrial sector as it will open the passage between India’s metropolitan urban communities like the Chennai-Bangalore corridor, Delhi-Mumbai Corridor, Bangalore-Mumbai monetary corridor to begin with.

Advanced technology will be used to maintain the infrastructure and proper utilization of resources during the entire setup of the project. Automated techniques and sensors will be used to gather information about the citizens and that information will be used to improve the condition of the smart city.

All the infrastructure, gadgets, industries, water supply organization, traffic, and transportation services will be done according to the information provided by the technicians and engineers. With the help of smart cities, India can attract new markets and new industries into the country which will increase the revenue, the employment rate will increase and the economic and financial condition of the country will be more stable.

With this change, we can achieve something big in the future. With the help of the Smart City project, we can make our country developed and open welcome more opportunities for the citizens of the country for a better quality of life. We can work in a more advanced environment and save the resources for future use. With this project, our country will be developed and open to global marketing.

Short Essay on Smart City in India 150 Words in English

Smart cities refer to a city with better technologies and better facilities than the normal city. The main motive behind the movement of smart cities in India is to utilise the resources well rather than wasting them, which can make them go scarce. Also, to enhance the performance of the industries and for the well being of the overall economy of the country.

The smart city movement in India was begun by our leader Narendra Modi. As India is one of the developing countries, our leader has a vision of making it into a developed country so that other countries can invest their money in the organizations led by Indian entrepreneurs.

For the project, the information is gathered with the help of electronic gadgets and sensors. The information and data collected are used to improve the activities taking place in the cities and to develop the infrastructure and services of the city. Smart cities in India would open the doorway for more industrial collaborations as more countries would like to invest in India for better profit.

Short Essay on Smart City in India

10 Lines on Smart City in India Essay in English

  1. The concept of a smart city is to utilize a limited amount of resources for better facilities.
  2. In India, the smart city mission is under the Ministry of Urban Development.
  3. In 2016, Narendra Modi introduced this mission with a vision of building 100 smart cities in India.
  4. A total sum of 48,000 crores has been confirmed by the Indian cabinet for this project.
  5. Smart city projects will help in improving the financial condition of the country.
  6. It would be a chance to open the gateway for global marketing in India.
  7. The main foundation of this mission is to provide better facilities such as providing sufficient water supply for all the citizens, and electrical supply in every house.
  8. With the scarcity of skilled labour and not enough contribution from other leaders, this mission is facing a few setbacks.
  9. The smart city mission will improve the lifestyle of people and also provide better employment opportunities.
  10. In the upcoming years, smart cities in India will promote globalisation.

FAQ’s on Smart City in India Essay

Question 1.
Who introduced the Digital India Movement?

Narendra Modi introduced this movement in the year 2016.

Question 2.
What is the main motive of the Smart City movement?

The main motive is to utilize the limited resources for better facilities and safer infrastructure.

Question 3.
Which department supervises the Smart City mission?

The Ministry of Urban Development Department controls the Smart City mission.

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