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Pigeon EssayThe word represents a symbol of peace in our minds. A pigeon is a beautiful, stunning bird that is mostly domesticated by humans. It has attractive features that increase the delight at the sight of it. Additionally, pigeons also serve a wide range of other purposes in our day to day lives. Pigeons are most popular for their beautiful looks but in the early days, they were also used for delivering mails and messages over long distances.

It is necessary to know about the flora and fauna of our country in detail. The topic of Pigeon is a popular topic among school students on which they are asked to write compositions. We have provided useful samples below.

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Long and Short Essays on Pigeon for Students and Kids in English

A long essay of 450-500 words has been provided. It is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. For the reference of students in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, a short essay of 100-150 words has been provided.

Essay about Pigeon in English

Long Essay on Pigeon 500 Words in English

Pigeons as birds are symbols of calmness and beauty. They are widely used to represent peace and harmony throughout the world. Even if they majorly serve the purpose of domestication by bird lovers and different houses, there are many other dimensions to their benefits and advantages. They are known for a sharp sense of memory and accuracy as a result of which pigeons were used to deliver messages in and around different parts of the world. 

Some characteristics of pigeons are identified in terms of different colour variations and other bodily features. They are small to medium-sized birds and can be white, brown or red in colour. Their feathers serve the purpose of enhancing beauty as birds as well as regulate the body temperature. Pigeons have wings that facilitate flight which is essential for them to serve the different purposes they are known for. Their beaks are sharp and they also have pointed claws which can be used for different purposes and also for defence. The upper part of the beak helps them carry out breathing functions. These physical features are noticed significantly in all varieties of pigeons and the variation in colour can be attributed to the species to which a pigeon belongs.

There are specific patterns of behaviour that can be commonly encountered in pigeons as is the case with other birds. They are usually found in most climatic conditions and in the majority of countries around the world. Pigeons are also compatible and adapting in nature as they easily socialize with the different kinds of environment where they are put in. They are known to search for resources and gather their food and build their nests on their own with twigs, stems and anything that is available in their nearby environment. Pigeons reproduce by laying eggs and usually have a lifespan of about 4 years. This makes them ideal as pet birds and explains why they are most commonly chosen for domestication. 

Keeping the usefulness and popularity of pigeons aside, it is important to note that birds are sometimes exploited by human life. Be it in the name of hunting, domesticating or any other commercial purpose, there have been several instances of the exploitation of these peace-loving, majestic birds. So as human beings, it should be our duty to not only appreciate the beauty and make use of the features of the birds we pet or see around us, but also protect them and provide them with a suitable habitat. Also, to offer food and water to the birds near our homes by situating small cans of water outside our balconies, especially in the Summer season. This will help with saving as many pigeons and birds as we can from the harsh UV rays of the Sun, pollution and global warming.

Short Essay on Pigeon 150 words in English

Pigeons are small and beautiful birds that can be often seen in homes and around us. They are calm and friendly creatures that serve as great pets. The best thing about pigeons is their sharp memory. This is a reason why they were used to transfer messages in the ancient days. Pigeons have white, grey or red feathers that cover their bodies, provide protection and help them maintain the body temperature. Pigeons lay eggs and produce young ones.

Pigeons are independent birds and look after their own shelter and food. They make characteristic calls to interact with each other. They also serve many other purposes which is why they can sometimes be misused. However, causing harm to pigeons or any other animal or bird around us is not the right thing to do. Our motive should be to live in cooperation with these birds in order to sustain a healthy and beautiful environment. 

10 Lines on Pigeon Essay in English

Some lesser-known facts about pigeons are related to their heart rate, wings and instances of their utility.

  1. It is fascinating to know that a pigeon has a heart rate of beating 600 times in a minute.
  2. The wings of a pigeon move 10 times in a second while flying.
  3. Pigeons fly quite high up to 5000 or more feet.
  4. Their speed of flight is about 70 kilometres per hour.
  5. They lay a pair of eggs for reproducing their young ones.
  6. The young ones hatch in a timespan of about 20 days.
  7. Pigeons are known for their beautiful appearance and sharp memory.
  8. They are a popular bird to pet domestically.
  9. In earlier days, pigeons were used to send messages.
  10. During World War II a message sent by flying pigeons saved the lives of thousands of people from the bombing of a village. 

Essay for Pigeon in English

FAQ’s on Pigeon Essay

Question 1. What are pigeons famous for?

Answer. Pigeons are famous for their beauty and memory.

Question 2. What makes pigeon a unique bird?

Answer. Pigeons were trained to send messages in the earlier times.

Question 3. What is the lifespan of a pigeon?

Answer. Pigeons live for about four years.

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