Essay on Love | Love Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Love: Love is one of the four basic human emotions that we experience from birth to death. In life, we feel love for different people in varied ways and multiple dimensions.

It is not possible to love two people in the same way. Most of our relationships are based on love and understanding. Love can change the world, they say. We have so much to give that the human heart can never run out of love.

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Long and Short Essays on Love for Students and Kids in English

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Essay on Love

Long Essay on Love 500 Words in English

Love is an emotion that we all experience at different times in our lives. Love is the purest emotion of all, and if channelized in the right way, it can make life beautiful for us.

We experience love since the very minute we are born in this world. At the time of birth, we are vulnerable creatures alien to the ways of the world. We seek protection and security. We become familiar with the mother’s love as she cradles us in her arms and feeds us.

To a child, love is based on who gives him/her food. Thus, a baby always loves his caregiver the most as she provides food and warmth to the baby. Therefore, children experience the first feeling of love and emotional dependence for their mothers, who usually care for them.

We share every relationship that we share, be it with our parents, grandparents, relatives, siblings, friends, or partners, based on love. Love has an essential ingredient without which it falls apart, and it is called trust. Every relationship we make has a strong base of trust. Love stands on the pillar of faith, and love will crumble to pieces if there is a lack of confidence in a relationship.

Our parents love us unconditionally. We make mistakes and hurt them at times, but they never give p on us. Mother’s love is the purest form of love one can receive. Our siblings share a relationship of solidarity with us. We love our siblings, but we also fight with them a lot, which is only natural. We must understand that those who love us have the right to tell us when we go wrong. They care for us, and thus, they must correct and guide you.

This is the thing about love. If you truly love someone, you will talk to him about his mistakes face to face. A good wisher would never speak ill behind our back. Love makes us better and more developed humans.

Love comes with several selfless acts. When we love someone when we often tend to put their needs before our own, we must also realize how important it is to fend for ourselves.

Love Essay

We must take care of ourselves, and self-love is not selfish. Loving someone unconditionally is all well and good till they start taking advantage of it. Loving someone also comes with the inevitable act of letting go. We cannot force anybody to love us, and thus, if someone wants freedom, we must grant them that. We must never hold back anyone. The ones, who stick through us till the end, are or real friends.

Self-love is a very worthy concept in today’s world. Often, we become so engrossed in doing what is best for our loved ones, we forget ourselves. In sooth, we must be so overflowing that we are left with enough to give even if they take and take.

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Short Essay on Love 150 Words in English

Love sustains us through the difficulties of life. Love is a life-saving force that holds us together and offers us solace in tough times.

A child buries itself in its mother’s arms when he is scared of the big, cruel world outside. We seek our friend’s comfort when we get bad grades in examinations. The power of love can heal wounds. Maya Angelou once commented that love could do the unimaginable. It can cross mountains and leap fences to arrive at its destination.

Love makes us better humans. Love makes us sensitive, sensible, and empathetic. Without love, we would be a hopeless flock of people lost in this endless, chaotic labyrinth.

10 Lines on the Topic of Love Essay in English

  • Love is the most powerful emotion in this world, and it is the adhesive that holds us together.
  • Love sustains us and makes us more sensitive individuals.
  • Love can heal this world. People suffer from diseases and maltreatment. Love gives us the power to look after them and improve them.
  • We must understand that loving unconditionally is not wrong, being selfless is not illegal, but we must also differentiate between love and compulsion.
  • People who love us will never take advantage of us. They will care for us and make us better human beings.
  • No love can ever be successful without trust. We must trust and believe our loved ones and try our best to make them happy.
  • Self-love is also essential. We must love and accept ourselves and recognize the beautiful individuals that we are.
  • Hatred can make our world evil and a foul place to live. The gift of love makes us gentle and caring individuals who are willing to give peace a chance.
  • Love can make us and break us. We must never regret loving someone, even if that person hurts us. We must be content to know that we played our part.
  • There are no definitions for love as it is subjective. But one thing is for sure, “love is something if you give it away; you end up having more.”

Essay on Love

FAQ’s on Love Essay

Question 1.
What is self-love?

Self-love refers to the idea of loving oneself. It is not narcissistic. It is merely giving you the love and acceptance you deserve.

Question 2.
Is love always selfless?

Love can never be selfish. We always want the best for people we love, even at the cost of our own needs.

Question 3.
What is the right age for a romantic relationship?

Ideally, one should wait until he/she is mature enough to choose a suitable partner. Premature n=romantic encounters may lead to problems and permanent emotional damage.

Question 4.
What is the way to choose a correct partner?

One must choose his/her partner carefully by understanding the emotional bonding and trust vested in the relationship.

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