Energy Crisis in India Essay | Essay on Energy Crisis in India for Students and Children in English

Energy Crisis in India Essay: Energy is one of the important resources that we need to run industries. It is also required in our day-to-day life. For being an economically developing country, having sufficient energy is highly required. Many natural resources are used in producing electricity to supply it to households. Petroleum is the primary source of energy and the following are coal, lignite, and flammable oils. Due to increasing industrialization and expanding our needs, there’s been an energy crisis in India. In this essay, we will understand the reasons for the energy crisis and how we can avoid it.

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Long and Short Essays on Energy Crisis in India for Students and Kids in English

A long essay on Energy Crisis in India of 450-500 words has been provided it is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. For the reference of students in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, a short essay on Energy Crisis in India of 100-150 words has been provided.

Essay on Energy Crisis in India

Long Essay on Energy Crisis in India 500 Words in English

If we talk about the importance of energy in our life then we can say that energy is responsible for the improvement of many sectors like agriculture, industrial, medical, and many more. For a country to be developed, energy is very important. Without energy, the machines won’t work and there will be no growth and development in the country.

There are many sources of energy like fossil fuels, wind, sun, and water. There are some traditional sources of energy too like fuelwood, animal waste, and residues of agriculture. Fossil fuels are the primary source of energy and it includes coal, lignite, petrol and natural gas. Unfortunately, the level of fossil fuels is decreasing day by day because the consumption of energy has increased.

To meet the increasing demand for energy, companies and industries are working hard which ironically results in using more power than before. The demand for fossil fuels has increased in India which results in this energy crisis. As we know that India is a developing country which means the consumption of energy is increasing to operate industrial activities. The economy of the country is dependent on these activities.

The energy is consumed by each sector of the economy and each section of the society in India. Not only in India but developed countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, and many more face the same problem. As there is a rise in the population, the demand for energy instantly increases.

As the prices of oil in the international market are increasing rapidly, this puts India in an energy crisis. We are in the need of energy-efficient machines and technology especially in the case of vehicles because as they consume most of the energy produced by petroleum. The government should take the necessary steps to preserve the natural resources for the benefit of the future so that we won’t have to face the energy crisis in India again.

The form of energy which is in greatest demand is electricity. The requirement for electricity is so important that without electricity, it would be very difficult to live or perform functions. Though, there has been tremendous growth in power generation as most of the areas of India enjoy the electricity facilities provided by the government. Still, there are some areas where there is no electricity or there is a huge shortage of electricity.

All our agricultural sectors and industrial sectors are dependent on electricity and energy resources. So, if you want to save fossil fuels from getting extinct then you should limit the use of energy. We must start saving fuels for the future so that there will be no crisis of energy in India. Nuclear, solar, wind, and biogas are alternative sources of energy. With the help of modern science and technology, we will be able to save more energy and reduce the load on natural resources for generating energy. The solar panel can be used to generate electricity but it can only generate electricity for small firms. As modern science is developing, we are getting unique and innovative ideas to save resources and end the energy crisis in India.

Short Essay on Energy Crisis in India 150 words in English

India is one of the developing countries and the reason is the industrial and economic development. The development is possible because of the energy resources that India uses to generate power which not only helps machines but also households. India is rich in natural resources but because of the continuous consumption of energy, the natural resources are depleting at a rapid pace.

Fossil fuels like coal, wind, and natural gas are the primary sources of energy but they are becoming rare as there is an increase in the consumption of electricity and power. Coal is an important source of energy in India but due to the increase in population, the demand for sources of energy is increasing, thus leading to an energy crisis in India.

Therefore, to preserve the natural resources of the country, you can use some alternative sources like using solar, biogas, and nuclear form of energy. It is also stated that nuclear power is very important for the development of the industrial sector.

Short Essay on Energy Crisis in India

10 Lines on Energy Crisis in India Essay in English

  1. India is suffering from an energy crisis.
  2. The reason behind it is the continuous use of natural resources that produce energy.
  3. Some major natural resources are coal, lignite, and petroleum.
  4. Traditional resources can be used as fuelwood and animal waste.
  5. Developed countries are also facing an energy crisis.
  6. Petroleum energy is mostly used in automobiles.
  7. The demand for electricity in a country is increasing at a faster rate.
  8. Most of the sectors are dependent on electricity for daily operations.
  9. The industrial, economic, and agricultural sectors are the major users of energy.
  10. Solar, wind, and Biogas are great alternatives for natural resources.

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FAQ’s on Energy Crisis in India Essay

Question 1.
What are the primary natural resources for energy generation?

Coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium are the primary natural resources.

Question 2.
Which sector consumes most of the petroleum energy?

The automobile sector consumes most of the petroleum energy in India.

Question 3.
What are the alternative sources of energy?

Solar, wind, and biogas are alternative sources of energy.

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