Diploma Visual Communication Course Details | Eligibility, Colleges, Admission, Fee Structure, Career Options, Top Companies, and Salary

Diploma in Visual Communication: A Diploma Visual Communication Course is a Mass Communication curriculum at the Diploma level. The flow of ideas and data in structures that may be read or seen is described as visual correspondence. Visual communication is primarily delivered or transmitted two-dimensional images, and it includes signs, typography, sketching, visual portrayal, representation, shading, and digital process to a restricted extent or entirely.

This is usually a one-year academic program; however, it may not be the same everywhere. After completing the course in various sectors, the applicants will have access to a variety of opportunities in the field of the media and entertainment industry.  If you’re interested in this course and wish to pursue a career in this field, we are here to help you navigate the process of applying for a Polytechnique Course in Visual Communication and realizing your ambition.

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What is a Diploma in Visual Communication?

The Visual Communication Diploma is a one-year program. This course is created to provide the students with the most advanced, dynamic, and creative development tools available. This course will take you through some of the vital concepts such as basic technological communication, digital content designing, design histories, website design, 2-D layout, 3-D layout, drawings, and design process, among others.

A Diploma in Visual Communication is generally taken after individuals have completed their 10+2 standard from a certified organization. The distribution of information to specific audiences through various means is the main focus of the Visual Communication Course. If you want to be a part of this amazing creative profession then explore this article to know more about the Polytechnique in Visual Communication course.

Diploma in Visual Communication Qualifications or Eligibility Criteria

Certain eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled to be eligible for taking the course in Diploma in Visual Communication. The following are some of the requirements for this course.

  • Students can apply for this course after completing class 10 with a minimum of 40% total from a recognized board; However, there is some institution that takes admission for the students who have completed their class 12 alternatively, you can take a comparable test in the Science stream including Electronic Media.
  • Depending on the school, confirmation qualities may differ.
  • Applicants who want to take this program should be interested in visual communication and media.

Admission Procedure of Diploma Courses in Visual Communication

Students can apply to the desired college online or by directly contacting the institution. You can refer to the steps below for Online and Offline Admission Procedure:

  • For online admission: First, you need to visit the web page of the college/university you wish to take admission to.
  • Register yourself on the college portal by entering the details such as phone number, email address, etc.
  • Select the course and pay the application fees. You will be notified once your application is processed
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a personal interview.
  • Applicants are chosen based on how well they perform in a personal interview
  • For offline mode, you can directly visit the institution with the required documents.

Documents Required for Diploma in Visual Communication Design in India Admission

Nowadays, both physical copies and pdfs of documents are acceptable. The following documents should be kept handy while applying:

  • Mark sheet and pass certificate of your Class X or XII examination.
  • Proof of date of birth.
  • School leaving certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Domicile certificate/ residential proof or certificate
  • Provisional certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Caste certificates
  • Proof of disability (if any)
  • Migration Certificate

Skills Required for Visual Communication Diploma Certificate Course

One of the most basic requirements that allow us to execute any activity or work with maximum efficiency and proficiency is skills. Here is some of the example of skills that you would need for a Diploma in Visual Communication.

  1. Knowledge: It is one of the most significant factors that make us alert and thoughtful, and knowledge of the field in which we operate will assist us in overcoming obstacles in the related profession.
  2. Creativity: It is the capacity to think about a work or an issue in a new or unusual way, or the ability to use one’s creativity to come up with fresh ideas. It is one of the important skills of Visual Communication as it’s an art that requires creativity.
  3. Strong analytic abilities: You can’t do without good analytical skills in your work as a visual communicator. Almost everything complex requires the skills to visualize, conceptualize, express, and resolve.
  4. Visualization of Information: We communicate with a large number of people, including colleagues, relatives, and even strangers. There is a lot of information transferred among two people when they talk to one other. But, not everyone is capable of seeing all of the data they encounter. It’s a talent that not everyone possesses. The process of transforming a person’s emotions, ideas, complicated thoughts, technical concepts, diagrams, and timelines into something incredibly creative is known as the visualization of information.
  5. A good understanding of advanced design software and technology: As visual communication is all about computers and the use of the latest software, if you are aware of the advanced and latest technology it will be an added benefit for you.

Diploma Visual Communication Course Syllabus & Subjects

The Diploma Visual Communication Syllabus is divided into 12 units which are as follows:

1st Unit 2nd Unit 3rd Unit
Communication skills Media, culture, and society Television production,
Principles and practices of photography Film studies Post-production techniques
 Introduction to visual communication Basics of Design Media research methods
4th Unit 5th Unit 6th Unit
Art of sound. Media management Professional photography
Animation Visual analysis techniques Digital compositing
Introduction to Unity 3D Development communication Materials
7th Unit 8th Unit 9th Unit
Digital-press Web weaver Design execution, and presentation
Advertising and public relations Design principles Web designing
Visual art Advertising basics Enhancing personality
10th Unit 11th Unit 12th Unit
Principles of visual and other sensory perception Color psychology Unity 3d course
Fundamentals of design Optical/visual illusions Virtual Reality course
Communication as a process Associative techniques Augmented Reality course
Using precision instruments
Thematic, visual thinking

Subjects Covered in Diploma Visual Communication Course

Following are the subjects that are taught in the Visual Communication Diploma Program:

  • Media management
  • Computer and Technology
  • Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia and Animation/Game Art
  • Web Design
  • Design Management
  • Advertising and Merchandising
  • Editing and Writing
  • Film Production and Editing
  • Visual language
  • Video communication
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Animation Unity 3D
  • Visual Design
  • Communication Theory
  • Art and Design
  • Drawing
  • Design principles
  • 2D Graphics
  • Film studies
  • Television production
  • Media Laws and Ethics

Best Diploma in Visual Communication Colleges in India With Fees

We have listed some of the best colleges that offer courses for Diploma Visual Communication along with the College/institution Type (Private/Public) and their Total Fees so that it will assist you to choose the best college among many.

College/Institution Private/ Public Total fee
Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation, Bangalore

Srinivasa Nagar, Bangalore

Private ·INR 1.10 Lakh


Raffles Design International

Andheri East, Mumbai

Private INR 3.74 Lakh
MCC – Madras Christian College, Chennai Private INR 1.27 L
PSG College of Arts and Science – PSGCAS Public INR 96.85 K
College of Arts, University of Delhi

Tilak Marg, Delhi

Public INR  46.6 K – 52.4 K
Annamalai University

Tamil Nadu – Other


Public INR 28.8 K
School of Distance Education, Bharathiar UniversityCoimbatore Public 47.4 K – 53.6 K

What to do after Diploma in visual communication? (Career Scope)

Each year, the visual communication course grows in popularity in India as more people express an interest in it. As a result, there is no uncertainty regarding visual communicators’ future possibilities, both domestically and internationally.

People with a visual communication background are hired by big MNCs and media firms. Photographers, editing, design, and other new trends are drawing students. People are becoming increasingly interested in visual communication. Due to these factors, this program’s future is more promising than ever.

Career opportunities in visual communication are plentiful, both in the private and public sectors. After finishing visual communication, students may be employed in sectors such as:

  • Printing and production
  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • The advertising sector
  • The film industry
  • Movie and content production
  • Freelancer and many other fields are covered.

Such diploma holders are given a generous stipend, which will increase with practice, expertise, and talent in their disciplines.

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Diploma in Visual Communication Jobs in India

After completing a Visual Communication Polytechnique course, there is numerous job opportunity available from which students can select their desired profile and start their career in the respective field. Some of the popular job profiles in this field are listed below:

  1. Instructional Designer
  2. Media Marketing Executive
  3. Teacher
  4. Graphic Artist
  5. Client care Executive (Web)
  6. Work area Publisher
  7. Instructional Designer
  8. Advanced Photographer
  9. Visual Artist

Must Refer These Career Options Related to Visual Communication:

Top Recruiters for Diploma in Visual Communication in India

Visual communication is an artistic technique that blends art and technologies to visually express thoughts and knowledge, making them more engaging and understandable. And various companies need people with such skills, some of the companies that hire Visual Communication Polytechnique Certified Students in India are:

  • Vodafone
  • Fab India
  • Kraft
  • Pedigree

Diploma in Visual Communication Salary in India

A Diploma Holder in Visual Communication may expect to earn between INR 2,00,000 – INR 5,00,000  per year on average. However, your income will vary depending on a variety of circumstances, including your job title, location, working hours, and other considerations.

Diploma Visual Communication Course Details

FAQs on Diploma in Visual Communication After 10th

1. What are the main tasks and responsibilities of a visual communication professional?

A professional in visual communication’s employment functions and responsibilities may vary depending on a variety of circumstances.  The roles, on the other hand, are comparable to the study’s viewpoint. Even though they work for the government, the news industry, MNCs, and other industries account for the majority of their employment. They work as a reporter, artist,  designer, marketing director, teachers, organizers, and a variety of other occupations.

2. Is a profession in visual communication a good choice?

For now, it’s easy to claim that it’s a solid career option. However, everyone’s own viewpoint may differ. It is a really good option to pick based on the current work options available. As the social media phenomenon grows and connects us all from all corners of the globe, Visual Communication will play an increasingly important role.

3. In the realm of visual communication, what are some of the highest-paying occupations or job profiles?

This industry has a lot of job prospects because the market isn’t too congested. As a result, high-paying positions are available in both the public and private sectors. Job opportunities range in salary from INR 2 Lakhs to INR 8 Lakhs annually.

4. What is the purpose of visual communication?

The use of visual communication aids in the comprehension of information by the viewer. It improves understanding of the topic matter. Drawings, pie charts, animation, signage, typography, and graphic designs are just a few examples of two-dimensional graphics that enhance understanding.

5. What exactly is a diploma in Visual Communication?

Diploma in Visual Communication is a Mass Communication Course at the Diploma level. The flow of ideas and information in systems that may be read or observed is described as visual correspondence.


A Diploma in Visual Communication is one of the most prominent careers that attract many students all around the globe. It gives people exposure and scope to the world of media and the Show biz. As media is becoming increasingly popular and one of the highest paying industries many people are joining Visual Communication Degree courses to be a part of it.

Visual Communication is one of the ways through which you can express your view and ideas with the help of graphics and different software. If you have the passion and skill to be an expert in this field then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful Visual Communicator with high remuneration. For more career updates and other course details, visit our comprehensive website @Ncertbooks.Guru

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