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Database Management System Lecture Notes PDF Download: Grab the opportunity to download Database management system books & notes pdf from this page for free of cost. Guys who are pursuing BTech 3rd year should collect these best DBMS Textbooks and use them as a reference while preparing for the exam. It assists you with deep knowledge of all DBMS topics and creates a basic knowledge about the Database management system.

Apart from the 3rd Year DBMS Lecture Notes pdf, you can also make use of the database management system reference books & study materials ppt, question papers pdf, and latest DBMS syllabus from the further modules. So, Download Database Management System Full Notes and Books in Pdf for B.Tech 3rd year exam free of cost from the available quick links.

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About Database Management System (DBMS)

Database Management System or DBMS, in a nutshell, means the technology of storing and retrieving users’ data with maximum efficiency as well as proper security measures. DBMS permits its users to create their own databases according to their necessity. These databases are extremely configurable and provide a bunch of options. Nowadays, the importance of data is very high compare to other things because people are storing and retrieving data in a huge amount as the tasks are done in the form of a cloud.

To protect and reduce the burden of the data in the storage, a database management system is introduced. It manages data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple tasks with ease. For exact and in-depth knowledge you guys should refer to the DBMS Textbooks & Lecture Notes pdf which are available here. Also, you can Download Database Management System Notes in Pdf format with the help of quick links provided here in the below table.

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Database Management System Books & Notes Pdf Free Download links

Access the DBMS Books and Notes tabulated over here in Pdf download links and kick start your preparation. With Database Textbooks & study materials pdf, syllabus & important question, you can score more marks in the exam.

Download DBMS Textbooks & Lecture Notes PDF Download Links
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List of Suggested Books for Database Management System (DBMS)

You can have plenty of benefits by referring to the good Database Management System (DBMS) Reference Books. It helps you explain the concepts in a simple manner, offers important questions list after completion of every unit, and many more, Also, you can get a good grip on the subject after effective preparation done with these suggested books of a Database management system. So, check the list out there and pick a suitable DBMS Recommended Textbook for your better education.

  • Introduction to Database Systems, CJ Date, Pearson
  • Fundamentals of Database Systems, Elmasri Navrate Pearson Education
  • The Database Systems – The Complete Book, HG Molina, J D Ullman, J Widom Pearson
  • Database Management Systems, Raghuram Krishnan, Johannes Gehrke, TATA McGraw Hill 3rd Edition
  • Database Systems design, Implementation, and Management, Peter Rob & Carlos Coronel 7th Edition.

B.Tech 3rd Year Database Management System (DBMS) Syllabus

If you have a prior idea about the concepts of the DBMS then it will help you a lot at the time of exam preparation. So, to create some awareness of the DBMS Concepts, we have provided the latest Database Management System Syllabus in this section. Hence, check out the updated syllabus of DBMS and kick start your exam preparation.

Cover all DBMS concepts while preparation and score the highest marks in the examination. For your better preparation, we have also collected some important questions of a Database management system (DBMS) and listed them out in the below module, once refer to them also before appearing the exam.


An Overview of Database Management, Introduction- What is Database System- What is Database-Why Database- Data Independence- Relation Systems and Others- Summary, Database system architecture, Introduction- The Three Levels of Architecture-The External Level- the Conceptual Level- the Internal Level- Mapping- the Database Administrator-The Database Management Systems- Client/Server Architecture.


The E/R Models, The Relational Model, Relational Calculus, Introduction to Database Design, Database Design and Er Diagrams-Entities Attributes, and Entity Sets-Relationship and Relationship Sets-Conceptual Design With the Er Models, The Relational Model Integrity Constraints Over Relations- Key Constraints –Foreign Key Constraints-General Constraints, Relational Algebra, and Calculus, Relational Algebra- Selection and Projection- Set Operation, Renaming – Joins- Division- More Examples of Queries, Relational Calculus, Tuple Relational Calculus- Domain Relational Calculus.


Queries, Constraints, Triggers: The Form of Basic SQL Query, Union, Intersect, and Except, Nested Queries, Aggregate Operators, Null Values, Complex Integrity Constraints in SQL, Triggers and Active Database.


Schema Refinement (Normalization): Purpose of Normalization or schema refinement, the concept of functional dependency, normal forms based on functional dependency(1NF, 2NF, and 3 NF), the concept of surrogate key, Boyce-codd normal form(BCNF), Lossless join and dependency preserving decomposition, Fourth normal form(4NF).


Transaction Management and Concurrency Control: Transaction, properties of transactions, transaction log, and transaction management with SQL using commit rollback and savepoint. Concurrency control for lost updates, uncommitted data, inconsistent retrievals, and the Scheduler. Concurrency control with locking methods: lock granularity, lock types, two-phase locking for ensuring serializability, deadlocks, Concurrency control with time stamp ordering: Wait/Die and Wound/Wait Schemes, Database Recovery management: Transaction recovery.


Overview of Storages and Indexing, Data on External Storage- File Organization and Indexing – Clustered Indexing – Primary and Secondary Indexes, Index Data Structures, Hash-Based Indexing – Tree-Based Indexing, Comparison of File Organization

List of DBMS Review Questions – BTech 3rd Year

Here is the list of important review questions for each topic of the DBMS 3rd year BTech subject. Read all these Database management system review questions thoroughly and perform well in the upcoming 3rd-year exams.

  1. Explain briefly the languages supported by database systems.
  2. What is Data modeling? Explain the Relational Model.
  3. Why are foreign key constraints important? Explain with an employee database.
  4. What is meant by referential integrity? Explain.
  5. Where do we need nesting of queries? Give an example.
  6. Differentiate between updatable views and non-updatable views?
  7. Is the decomposition in 4NF always dependency preserving and lossless? Explain with an example.
  8. Consider the following relation R(A, B, C, D, E)and FD’s ABC, CA, DE, FA, ED is the decomposition of R into R1(A, C, D), R2(B, C, D) AND R3(E, F, D) lossless?
  9. What is timestamp ordering? Explain how it is used for concurrency control?
  10. Explain view Serializability with an example? How is it different from conflict Serializability?
  11. Explain Open hashing? Discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
  12. Compare dynamic hashing with static hashing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Database Management System Textbooks Pdf

1. What are the functions of DBMS?

Database Management System is often pointed by its acronym, DBMS. The functions of a DBMS incorporate concurrency, security, backup and recovery, integrity, and data descriptions. It offers many key benefits but can be costly and time-consuming to perform.

2. Which is the best book for Database Management System?

Best Database Management Systems Reference Books List are mentioned below for your reference. Once, have a look at them and select a suitable book for gaining knowledge on DBMS:

  • “ Fundamentals of Database Systems” by R Elmasri and S Navathe.
  • “ An Introduction to Database Systems” by Bipin Desai.
  • “ Database System Concepts” by Abraham Silberschatz and S Sudarshan.
  • “ Principles of Database Systems” by J D Ullman.
  • “ Database Management Systems” by Raghu Ramakrishnan.

3. How can I get the list of some good Books on Database Management System (DBMS)?

Simply go through this page and find out the best Database Management System Books & Study materials list along with the direct links to download DBMS Lecture Notes in pdf format. So, grab this chance for free of cost from our site and download all Btech 3rd-year textbooks & notes Pdf.

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