Crawl Method to Improve English Language Skills Fast

Do you want to speak in English Fluently? Without Learning how to converse in English confidently, we will not be able to use the language accurately. English being the global language holds an authoritative position, and readers in English are always required to push ahead for overall betterment.

In today’s world, the English Language has become one of the essential languages. We all apprehend having good English language skills; it is necessary to practice the language. Practice makes it perfect and also makes it dull at times.

So can we develop our English language skills and that too at a faster pace? Without getting bothered to learn. Yes, we can, exploring creative methods to express oneself is an excellent idea to make our learning enjoyable again while actively developing our English skills. Here we will talk about the ways to enhance English Language Skills Fast.

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What is Reading?

  • Reading is a methodology that allows for observations of symbols and as a process derives meaningful inference. When we read, we utilise our eyes to acquire written characters such as punctuation marks, letters, and spaces. We use our brains to transform them into words, sentences and passages that communicate something meaningful.
  • Reading can be quiet or aloud. It is a responsive skill – through it, we get information. But the complex process of reading also demands the gift of speaking to pronounce the words that we read. Reading is also a prolific skill in that we are both gaining information and forwarding it.
  • Reading is a complicated cognitive process of decoding representations to assemble or acquire meaning (reading comprehension). It is a method of language attainment, of information, and sharing knowledge and ideas.

How does Reading Help?

  • Reading helps in increasing exposure to the language.
  • It increases our Vocabulary.
  • It excites our brain and cognitive functions.
  • It Increases our capacity to understand.
  • It helps in preventing age-related cognitive deterioration.
  • It reduces Stress
  • It develops your understanding and makes you more intelligent.
  • It presents essential teachings from years of skills.
  • It enhances our focus and our memory function.
  • It strengthens our writing ability.

What is the Crawl Method

What is the Crawl Method?

Crawling means learning slowly and attentively. It is one of the best ways to improve our English language skills.  The crawling method or the slow reading method helps in giving more attention to the subject of the paragraph we are reading which helps us in understanding and paying more attention to the words and improves our English Language Skills.

Instead of attempting to optimise for pace, we should optimise for retention and comprehension. It’s more useful to learn fewer books which will develop our reasoning than to accumulate a long list of titles one can pretend to have read without any profound thinking to manifest for it.

Crawl method also assists in reading more. While pace readers optimise for productivity, slow readers take a moment to appreciate what they read. Therefore it helps to understand and develop language skills faster.

Crawl Method Benefits

Slow Reading or Crawl Method is the deliberate decrease in the reading pace, carried out to develop pleasure or comprehension. The idea appears to have started in the study of philosophy and literature as a method to comprehend and appreciate a complex text more thoroughly.

  • Crawling helps us understand deeper truths within the narrative.
  • Reading slowly enables us to accumulate more of the foreshadowing, symbolism, and other learned materials one might be glossing over if we read more promptly.
  • Crawling only offers the book experience much richer and more appealing.
  • Slow Reading is a community event, rebuilding kinships between ideas and characters.

Reasons behind the success of the crawl method

  1. One is attentive. Hence, the learning is faster and significantly better: In conventional ways of reading, attention is primarily given to the pronunciation of words rather than understanding the subtlety of the written text. Using the crawl method allows us to go beyond the simple words, and understand the in-between meaning of sentences, comprehend the nitty-gritty and in the process have a deeper understanding.
  2. Learning happens from richer content: We are used to consuming information from the internet and different readily available sources in bits and pieces. However, in this method, we generally read passages which are not isolated and thereby have a more complex understanding of the language.
  3. Learning from better sources: The crawl method becomes even more successful for people who employ this technique to read better books written for intensive readers. By employing this method, one consumes the highest quality information in a granular manner, thereby developing the reading and overall learning ability.


Crawling or Slow reading doesn’t have to pause, but it is better if it’s programmed.  Instead of attempting to read faster, try to read better. If you can make crawling a daily practice, you’ll develop your English language skills at a much quicker pace than your friends.

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