Courtesy Costs Nothing but Pays a Lot Essay | Essay on Courtesy Costs Nothing but Pays a Lot for Students and Children in English


Courtesy Costs Nothing but Pays a Lot Essay: ‘Little drops of water make the mighty ocean’.

Courtesy Costs Nothing but Pays a Lot Essay

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A drop of water in itself might appear to be meaningless but gathered together one by one and the mighty ocean is formed. What is an ocean but a collection of drops? So are the clouds, but they cover the entire sky on a rainy day.

This is what is true of courtesies. ‘Please let me go’ you say in a crowded place and there who form the crowd give you the passage and you in return say ‘Thank you so much’. What did you lose or what did ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ cost you but you have won the goodwill. You help an old man cross a busy road and he blesses you with all his heart. You did not know him, he did not know you but the show of the little courtesy by you have got you a store of blessings, and blessings from elders mean a lot.

You are moving in a crowded market place and tread upon somebody’s foot. Immediately you say ‘So Sorry, have hurt you?’ The man’s foot though might have been hurt but he would just pat you on the shoulder and say ‘no, nothing, young man’. What did it cost you to say ‘Sorry’ but you won the goodwill of the other man?

Courtesy Costs Nothing but Pays a Lot Essay

So the smooth functioning of the social life goes on only on mutual courtesies.

We call ourselves highly civilized. But being civilized does not mean living in posh bungalows and driving costly cars and dancing at clubs and having dinners at hotels. Being civilized means how you behave with your fellow social beings.

Every day you read in the newspapers how a young man of a so-called high family shot down a bar-maid for not serving him liquor past midnight, or a young man kidnaps and murders another young man out of malice. Such young men belonging to the so-called ‘high families’ are hardly civilized they are boorish and brute. They do not have even the primary lessons in courtesy or correct conduct.

Live with love and conduct yourself with consideration for others that make life in the society worthy of living and you a worthy member of it.

A.G. Gardiner — an English essayist writes in one of his essays ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ are like little drops of oil which help the machine of life ran smooth”. These little courtesies are like raindrops which make the face of nature shine up the clouds do not ask anything in return for what they do.

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10 Lines on Courtesy Costs Nothing but Pays a Lot

  • Little courtesies are like little drops of water to make the mighty ocean of social life.
  • Use courtesy in your dealing with people.
  • Even those people who are hard to deal with can be softened through common courtesy.
  • ‘Please’ and Thank you’ are little phrases that receive an immediate positive reaction.
  • So is the word ‘Sorry’ for any harm done to anybody unintentionally.
  • Being civilized means being courteous.
  • Big bungalows and big cars do not define being civilized.
  • Even when you need to be tough on an issue or situation, you can be courteous.
  • Mutual love, sympathy, and respect make society a worthy place to live and make a man a worthy citizen.
  • Courtesy is free. It costs nothing, builds relationships, opens doors and connections, and helps both the giver and receiver.

How do you show courtesy

FAQs on Courtesy Costs Nothing But Pays a Lot Essay

1. What is meant by courtesy?

A courtesy is a polite remark or a respectful act.

2.  Why should we show courtesy?

Courtesy is very important in life because when you are courteous people have a good impression of you and respect automatically follows, instead of hatred. Learning to have courtesy is a must for everyone who desires to make progress in life.

3. How do you show courtesy?

Here are some of the ways by which you can show courtesy

  • Show respect for others.
  • Always apologize when you do something wrong.
  • When someone is having a conversation, do not interrupt.
  • When you change your plans, let others know.

4. What does courtesy look like?

The definition of courtesy is polite behavior and the showing of proper manners or is a polite and socially proper act.
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