School Uniforms Essay | Essay on School Uniforms for Students and Children in English

School Uniforms

School Uniforms Essay: We all had or will have a time when we would be irritated because of school uniforms. And we all crave no uniform school day because no one wants to wear the same dress at a time.

But we all realize the importance of school uniforms after a time. School uniforms are suitable for schools as well as for the students. The school uniform is the best memorable thing in school.

Long and Short Essays on School Uniforms for Students and Kids in English

We provide students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic of school uniforms for reference.

School Uniforms Essay

Long Essay on School Uniforms 500 Words in English

Long Essay on School Uniforms is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

A school uniform is a dress worn by understudies principally for a school or in any case instructive organization. It is an attire for being formal.

Uniforms are both suitable for schools as well as for the students. Wearing uniforms will help build a feeling of cohesion within the school. Instead of anyone as a separate team, everyone will be in the identical group.

Wearing the same uniform helps to maintain discipline among school students. Teachers or any other person can’t get a chance to judge them by clothing. Even anyone can’t detect any poor student or any wealthy students by clothing.

Whereas we believe attire gives you the first impression of your personality and background. By these protocols, people can’t show their social status. And that discipline helps us to be a good human being.

School uniforms are believed to be an exercise which dates to the sixteenth century in the United Kingdom. It is thought that Christ’s Hospital School in England in 1552 used to be the first school to use a school uniform. Students were given a uniform consisting of a long blue coat and yellow, knee-high socks. An almost identical uniform is nonetheless worn by students attending the college today.

Private schools came first with the school uniforms. They wanted to present a safe and equal environment for all. School uniforms help to prevent bullying. Nowadays, students always wanted to show what they have or what trend is going on. Mostly they try to show their status. The students who don’t have those are bullied. They are led to physical harassment and mental breakdown. But another side, the students can be bullied outside too.

But there is some country who doesn’t want school uniforms because the colour of the uniform is sometimes the colour of the military. The students feel a war environment around them. Their child mind is being killed.

They think discipline can be taught in another way. There is another problem regarding school uniforms. The same style of uniforms is a problem for teenager students. These days, more adolescents are often dressing to explain or frustrate sex character and sexual direction.

An example of a uniform can be requiring button-down shirts, long pants for boys and blouses, pleated skirts for girls. Both can wear blazers as well. A uniform can be as simple as requiring collared shirts, choosing colour choices and limiting items students are allowed to wear.

On the other hand, a dress code is much less restrictive and trending with a present fashion statement.

It’s been years that the school uniform debate is going on. But many tailors are dependent on making school uniform. Their profession is making school dresses. But many schools appoint a clothing brand to make uniforms.

Some middle-class family can’t afford that. So the school uniform is good and evil in both ways. But after all this debate, it is proven that school uniform is an element of pride. The batch of the school uniform is a lifetime achievement.

Short Essay on School Uniforms 150 Words in English

Short Essay on School Uniforms is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

School uniforms are the only most visible essential elements of any school. We can identify the student inspecting their uniforms.

It is said that, in the 16th century, Christ’s Hospital School first used the school uniform. There has been a debate all over the world on the topic of school uniform is good or bad. Human rights activists say that school uniform is taking away their freedom of wearing anything. In defence, School Committee says they provide a school uniform to teach them discipline and unity.

School uniform can increase the income of a tailored community. And also a business company can make money by producing school uniforms. School uniforms are a formal dress code including shirt and full pant for boys and blouse and pleated skirts for girls. School uniforms can reduce cloth bullying.

But also nowadays teenagers are more conscious about their fashion sense and sexual orientation, so they don’t like to wear the same unisex dress code. But after all those conflicts and controversial theories, we can say, school uniforms are none other than pride for a student.

10 Lines on School Uniforms Essay in English

1. School uniforms may conflict with the right to free education.
2. A school uniform teaches students how to dress smartly.
3. School uniform is used to teach students discipline and unity.
4. Income level of any community or a business can increase by producing school uniform.
5. School uniform is the first identity of a school student.
6. School uniform can reduce clothing bullying.
7. The first use of school uniform took place in the 16th century.
8. A good number of schools have a school uniform policy.
9. A torn or dirty school uniform can be worn with permission from Principle.
10. National Center for Education Statistics states that about 20% of public schools adopted school uniform as mandatory.

FAQ’s on School Uniforms Essay

Question 1. 
Do uniforms stop bullying?

School uniforms can prevent the cause of cloth bullying, as all students are wearing the same uniforms.

Question 2. 
Can a student wear a torn shirt on game day?

It would be odd to see a torn shirt. But if principles permit, then the student can wear a torn shirt.

Question 3. 
Why should schools not have uniforms?

According to the human rights activist, school uniform is taking their freedom.

Question 4.
Do school uniforms improve learning?

When everyone is wearing the same uniform, students can focus on their learning. It may not improve knowledge but also may not disprove.

Animal Right Essay | Essay on Animal Right for Students and Children in English

Animal Rights Essay: Animal Rights is the thought or idea that says that some or all animals are entitled to their basic rights such as possession of their life, and other crucial needs to survive.

It is the idea that all animals are born free like humans, and we should not subject them to exploitation for our needs. Animal rights aim to give animals the same rights as humans in which they are not killed or tortured at the hands of people.

Long and Short Essays on Animal Right for Students and Kids in English

We provide children and students with essay samples on an extended essay of 500 words and a short piece of 150 words on the topic “Animal Rights” for reference.

Animal Rights Essay

Long Essay on Animal Rights 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Animal Rights is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Is it unjust to kill animals to feed ourselves? If you are a vegetarian or an animal lover, you might find killing animals to feed ourselves as unethical. There are various views on the subject, and continuous debates and articles try to resolve the matter.

Animal rights are the thought process that all animals have basic rights like all human beings, and they do not deserve to be killed at our hands or made to suffer. It is best not to view animals as our commodities. It is wrong to view them as our resources. If we can accept the fact that animals are not born to be killed or exploited at our hands, we can approach a human view of treating animals and can then genuinely discuss the rights of animals.

We wrongly believe that animals are the commodities that we use. If we adopt this thought, our actions towards them will be unethical and regrettable. If we think that animals have no moral status, we will be extremely apathetic, which is diametric to human nature. The wrong thought process can hamper the understanding and reasoning of everything in our life.

Animals are living creatures, and so are we. They too feel pain and suffering. Hence, it is not illogical to consider the topic of animals having rights.

Believing that animals have rights does not necessarily mean that eating meat is wrong or unethical. People of different backgrounds and religions follow different diets and have different eating habits. Some of them include non-vegetarian diets, and some of them don’t.

Eating meat is a lifestyle for some people, and others should respect it. But, eating meat is not the only question that comes to mind when we think about animal rights. Thousands of animals are kept in farms and slaughterhouses. They are brought up in extremely inhospitable environments and are ultimately killed. Many of them are brought and stored in labs, and people perform all sorts of heinous and inexplicable experiments on them.

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Humans torture millions of animals every year in labs. They burn, cut or starve animals in the name of research that does not always bear results. Most drugs that work on animals might not work for humans or not have the same efficiency. Hence, it is barbaric to meaninglessly kill animals and think that they do not have any rights.

People should never believe that animals are useless, dumb creatures. They too have a soul and can feel. Their emotions might not be as complex as humans, but they deserve to be acknowledged.

Humans are different than other animals. We have a moral compass and try to justify the events around us. Hence, when we think about any living creature being hurt, it makes us sad.

If you see an abused animal or an injured animal, you could walk past it. You could also report the animal abuse if it is a domestic animal, or take it to the vet for treatment. We should have realized that it is more peaceful to care for animals contently, than kill or capture them. Animals are soulful creatures like us and magnificent creation. We should respect them, and they do have rights.

Short Essay on Animal Rights 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Animal Rights is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The animal right is the thought that all animals have birthrights like humans. It is the liberal thought process where we consider all animals to have basic rights that would protect them from being subjected to torture, starvation, slaughtering, etc. for our benefits.

There are a lot of disagreements regarding animals having rights. Some people argue that animal rights should be protected, while others argue that there is no need for animal rights.

People who say that animals have no rights, think it to be true because they view animals as commodities that we can exploit whenever required. Some people think that animals are created for our pleasure and our needs since we are at the top of the food chain. These people are largely mistaken.

All animals have souls and are living beings just like us. They have sensations and can feel everything around them just like humans can. Hence, we are morally obliged to acknowledge the rights of animals and not harvest them.

10 Lines on Animal Rights Essay in English

1. Animal rights are the concept that animals have similar rights as human.
2. Many people support animal rights, and many people don’t.
3. Many believe that animal rights should be established to protect the basic needs of all animals.
4. Others believe that animals don’t require any rights, and are present to satisfy the needs of humans.
5. It is a wrong thought that animals are commodities for humans, and can be used as objects.
6. Animals are projected to cruel treatments in places like animal farms, animal testing labs, etc.
7. The animal rights issue is a hotly debated topic.
8. All animals are living organisms and can feel like us. Hence, we should treat them as such.
9. Humans are superior to other animals in terms of evolutions, but we belong to the animal kingdom as well.
10. Humans have morals, unlike other animals. We should use it to support the cause of animal rights.

FAQ’s on Animal Rights Essay

Question 1.
What are animal rights?

Animal right is the idea that animals deserve similar rights like a human. People who are supporters of animal rights believe that all animals have fundamental rights, such as the right to live and not tortured.

Question 2.
What is animal testing?

Animal testing is the method of using animals as test-subjects for testing drugs and products on animals.

Question 3.
Why is animal right relevant?

We use animals as a commodity and use them as we will. As human beings who have morals, we can think about considering the rights of animals too.

Question 4.
Why should we give rights to animals?

Like human beings, animals also are living being who can feel what goes on around them. Hence, animals should have the basic right to survive.

Teenage Pregnancy Essay | Essay on Teenage Pregnancy for Students and Children in English

Teenage Pregnancy Essay: Teenage pregnancies and teenage motherhoods have become a significant sector of concern all around the world. This essay aims to discuss Teen Pregnancy, to inform people on this social issue and provide answers to questions you may have.

The first question one may ask in ‘What is Teen Pregnancy’? It’s when girls are ageing between 14-19 fall pregnant. It’s seen that teen mothers are more likely to be judged by peers, family and the social eye compared to elder mothers.

Long and Short Essays on Teenage Pregnancy for Students and Kids in English

We provide children and students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic “Teenage Pregnancy” for reference.

Essay of Teenage Pregnancy

Long Essay on Teenage Pregnancy 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Teenage Pregnancy is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Teenage pregnancy is a serious cause of concern in the modern world. But if we see it in a historical point of view, Teen mothers were very common. Before the 20th century, most women were married off, and they became mothers by the second decade of their lives as it was socially acceptable.

But now teen pregnancy is a social anomaly, and it mostly affects the unborn child and the parents of the unborn child in a negative way. Today, the prevention of teenage pregnancies and teenage motherhood is a priority for public health in mostly all developed and increasingly in developing countries.

Teen pregnancy brings with it a set of health-related complications, but its impact is more on the social sphere. Teen mothers are seen to face various social disadvantages.

According to recent studies, teenage pregnancies are riskier on really young adolescent girls(>15 years old) who are confronted with several medical risks, like preeclampsia, preterm labour, and small for gestational age newborn.

In recent times, most of the teen pregnancies come from low-middle income countries with poor health care, resulting in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum complications. Maternal mortality has become the second most cause of death among teenage girls.

Apart from this issue, globally, 3 million teens go through unsafe abortions as a way to avoid becoming a victim of this social taboo, resulting in consecutive reproductive problems or even death.

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Statistics show that society is advertising premarital sex in today’s culture. Premarital sex is prevalent and not such a taboo topic of discussion. Hence we see today’s teens be more exposed to consensual sexual activates.

But in recent year, the awareness that sex education brings us has also increased but still has a long way to stop unplanned teen pregnancies from occurring.

Fifteen years ago, The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) stated that globally every fifth child is born by a teen mother and 80% of these so-called teenage pregnancies occur in third-world countries. But teen pregnancies are relatively common in developed countries with exceptional health care.

Apart from the health risks in an adolescent pregnancy mentioned earlier, the social factor comes into play. Most teen mothers receive inadequate academic qualification, poverty and are victims of social stigma. Studies also show older parents provide better upbringing to a child as they are financially and mentally stable.

The number of adolescent pregnancy is highest in many developing countries such as Niger, Liberia, Mali, Chad, Afghanistan, Uganda, Malawi, Guinea, Mozambique, and the Central African Republic. But developed countries like America and European countries also come to face this issue though in a decreased manner.

Here are few objectives to avoid adolescent pregnancies– reducing marriage before the age of 18, creating policies regarding this matter, increasing the use of contraception by adolescents at the risk of unintended pregnancy, and reducing unsafe abortion among adolescents.

So to conclude the society must try not to stigmatize teen mothers, instead find a way to avoid unplanned and non-consensual teen pregnancies from occurring.

Short Essay on Teenage Pregnancy 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Teenage Pregnancy is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

In Teen Pregnancies, the main person affected was the soon to be mother, the father, their baby and their parents. The mother is most likely to drop out of school; less than one-third of teen mums don’t receive child support.

Teen pregnancies have several social and medical complications, as carrying a child at that age has severe risks since the child does not have the body to carry an infant.

Not only does adolescent pregnancies result in cases of maternal mortality, but it also results in teen to seek unauthorized abortions causing severe damage to their reproductive system or even death.

Even if teen pregnancy is consensual, both the parents should think the matters through. Research shows elder parents are better for a healthy upbringing.

Through this article, teens should learn about prevention and contraception so that they can become successful and live their lives before handling a child of their own. However, society should not shun out teen mothers as they need support to raise a child in a healthy environment.

10 Lines on Teenage Pregnancy Essay in English

1. There is a high risk that babies born from teenage mothers are premature, or that they have a low weight at birth.
2. The mothers may also encounter complications or difficulties at birth; they have a higher risk of anaemia than mothers aged 20–24.
3. Three million teens die every year due to unsanitary abortion.
4. Like most other teenagers, teenage mothers may suffer from poor nutrition.
5. The risk for complications is higher for girl 14 years or younger because their pelvis has not yet developed fully.
6. Up to 70,000 teen girls in developing countries die from complications during pregnancy each year.
7. In almost all cases, teen mothers are not financially independent.
8. Being a young mother often affects education. Teen mothers mostly drop out of high school.
9. Teen pregnancy cases are highest in developing countries like– Mali, Afghanistan, Congo, Uganda etc.
10. Proper sex education and guidance counselling will help prevent unwanted teen pregnancies.

FAQ’s on Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Question 1.
What is Teenage Pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is when a woman under 20 gets pregnant. It usually refers to teens between the ages of 15-19. It’s also known as teen pregnancy or adolescent pregnancy.

Question 2.
What is the leading cause of teenage pregnancy?

The factors contributing to teenage pregnancy included: lack of school fees, lack of parental care, communication and supervision, poverty, peer pressure, non-use of contraceptives, desire for a child, forced marriage, low educational level and need for dowries.

Question 3.
What is the solution to teenage pregnancy?

To prevent teenage pregnancy, teenagers need to have a comprehensive understanding of contraceptive techniques and consequences.

Question 4.
Why teenage pregnancy is a problem?

Health complications are a major problem in teen pregnancy. Teenage parenthood is taken to be both– a cause and consequence of social exclusion. Adolescent parents are more likely to be unemployed, live in poverty, and to give birth to low birth-weight babies, who as toddlers are likely to be at increased risk of childhood accidents.

Confidence Essay | Self Confidence Essay for Students and Children in English

Confidence Essay

Confidence Essay: Confidence can be characterized as the conviction and affirmation you feel towards yourself. It isn’t something you are educated in school, as confidence needs to come from inside. As it were, it’s independence from questioning about each progression you make throughout everyday life. Confidence and trust are two interlinked words.

Confidence is perhaps the main course you need to take in your way to progress. It is the key to progress. It makes an individual free, excited, idealistic, cherishing and positive. Find essays on Confidence or Self-confidence in the article given here for students of schools and colleges. Reading the essays here will help you to boost your own confidence and you can lead a fearless life ahead.

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Essay on Self Confidence 350 Words in English

Self-confidence can be characterized as faith in yourself and your capacities. It is essentially independent of the question. It isn’t something that can be educated. It is something that we grow inside without help from anyone else. It is vital to carry on with a sound and cheerful life.

Self-confidence is valuable and imperative to accomplish objectives and satisfy your desires. Confident people achieve their goals always. One can’t accomplish his/her objective in existence without confidence in light of the fact that a self-assured individual is autonomous, energetic, hopeful, adoring and positive commonly.

The individual who needs Self-confidence is absolutely inverse. He/she is disengaged, sub-par, discouraged, confounded and delicate to analysis and disappointment. It doesn’t imply that a certain individual consistently gets accomplishment throughout everyday life except he/she takes life challenges emphatically. They gain from their slip-ups and continue to attempt to accomplish better throughout everyday life.

There are different ways by which one can chip away at and improve his/her confidence. Right off the bat, have faith in yourself and figure out how to say what you feel. A great many people deal with this issue of not denying something they don’t care for. It is essential to say ‘no’ amiably on the off chance that you are not happy with something. Try not to feel remorseful about it. There isn’t anything amiss with it.

Another approach to improve your confidence is to never presume. Numerous individuals have this propensity for regulating the negative. For instance, you are going to a drawing rivalry and you are apprehensive. Don’t overthink it. You are picked for this rivalry since you are acceptable at drawing. Try not to allow your negative presumption to shake your confidence.

Laying out sensible objectives is a decent practice to support confidence. We ought not lay out our objectives too high or too low as both can influence your Self-confidence severely. Too significant standards make one under-sure as she/he will be unable to accomplish and the too low objectives can create one presumptuous as one can accomplish it without any problem.



Long Essay on Confidence 600 Words in English

Confidence is a Key to Success. A few groups are brought into the world with it, some need to work for it, and others don’t have a clue how to acquire it. It is something possibly one has or doesn’t, however, can generally be refined over the long run. The inquiry that many needs responded to is “how would I be able to deal with acquiring confidence?” With the right companions, trust and time, we can easily achieve confidence in our life.

The indication of confidence is simply the “conviction and one’s forces or capacities.” Everybody is deficient with regards to trust in something; not every person is great. Regardless of whether it be giving a discourse before the class, contending in an enormous rivalry, or tolerating one’s appearance, individuals come up short on the confidence expected to appreciate life. Positive thinking is the confidence that prompts accomplishment. There is no hope without expectation and confidence.” This statement is totally evident since supposing that one doesn’t have confidence they can never accomplish or go past what they need to do.

As of late, I have battled with trust in quite possibly the main parts of my life: volleyball. With homework, I feel totally positive about my work, however, with volleyball, it is an alternate story. Recently, I have been disappointed and awkward with my presentation, rather than the facilitation that I used to play with. After each slip-up, I would get down on myself and not shake it off, similar to one ought to. It has been difficult for me to discover how to gain and arrive at confidence. Through a few discussions from mentors and colleagues, I, at last, accept that I am a sufficient player and that I can’t allow the strain to get to me. Every other person saw it other than me. I have discovered that on the off chance that one can’t have faith in having the option to accomplish something, one won’t do it. One actually should be positive about what they do to succeed. I’m gradually fabricating my confidence by having faith in myself and confiding in my capacities.

A few groups have such an excess of confidence that they are not hesitant to do anything. Others are the direct inverse and are frightened of being judged or disparaged by others. Fearlessness can’t be educated, yet is reached by the person when they choose to trust in themselves. To achieve fearlessness, one needs to accept that they can do the job needing to be done. It can’t be refined for the time being, yet gradually gets more grounded and more grounded throughout some undefined time frame. One of the significant approaches to acquire confidence is behaving like one is sure, in any event, when not. Acting will move into really acting naturally certain and having high confidence. Another approach to acquire confidence is by conversing with others. My illustration of acquiring confidence is a genuine confirmation that this works. Conversing with individuals that consideration will lift one up by discussing one’s stupendous abilities, boosting confidence level right away.

All in all, confidence is a trademark that everybody battles with at a certain point, yet can be accomplished by confiding in one’s capacities and talking with others that are steady. Imprint Twain once said, “The most exceedingly terrible depression is to not be alright with yourself.” Being OK with oneself is the way to accomplishment and pleasure throughout everyday life, so start without a doubt.

FAQ’s on Confidence Essay

Question 1.
What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence can be characterized as the conviction and affirmation you feel towards yourself. Confidence is quite possibly the main course you need to take in your way to progress. It makes an individual free, energetic, hopeful, adoring and positive.

Question 2.
Why is confidence important?

Confidence assists us with feeling prepared for life’s encounters. At the point when we’re sure, we’re bound to push ahead with individuals and openings, not move in an opposite direction from them. Also, if things don’t work out from the start, confidence assists us with attempting once more. If confidence is low, then we cannot achieve our targets or goals easily. Confidence helps us to gain fearlessness and less anxiety.

Question 3.
Confidence is the key to what?

Confidence is the key to success.

Who Am I Essay | Essay on Who Am I for Students and Children in English

Who Am I Essay

Who Am I Essay: Who am I? That is a question every individual should ask himself or herself. There are two situations to this inquiry. The primary situation is the point at which an outsider asks you, “Who are you?” Without a squint, you will reply, “Who am I? I’m this and that. I work at… .” For this situation, your answer is shallow and brief, since you need to complete your association with the outsider immediately.

The subsequent situation is the point at which an individual needs to get private with you like in a dating setting. So when s/he asks you “who are you?” what s/he implies is, “reveal to me more about you”. They need to know more than the shallow things that are utilized to portray you, like stature, age, work, titles, weight and so on They are keen on your interests, fears, diversions, interests and so on.

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How to Write Who Am I Essay?

Introduction (50-75 words) 

  • Snare The Question – who am I?
  • Brief synopsis: Well, I know very much about myself: I am a social, kind, deferential, and principled young fellow.
  • Proposal: I am a sort, well disposed of, deferential, and principled youngster.

Body Paragraph 1

  • Point: Social
  • Representation: Meeting new companions
  • Rationale: Makes me dynamic
  • Proposition connection: A happy, social and accommodative individual is the number of individuals who know me.

Body Paragraph 2

  • Point: Respectful and honest
  • Delineation: Want to coexist with everybody, the two youngsters and seniors. Vehicle seats, amiable character
  • Clarification: I know the cutoff points
  • Proposal connection: Every day, I need to be known as an individual who is deferential even to the individuals who least merit it.

Body Paragraph 3

  • Point: Hobbies
  • Representations: Sports, chess, music
  • Clarification: Clear my psyche, get better.
  • Proposal connection: Sportsmanship has instructed me to be reasonable, persistent and centered.

Last Paragraph

  • Point: I am not wonderful when I don’t hit my objectives, clear resistance from individuals who don’t cherish progress. My adoration for oddity makes me awkward with ordinary principles.
  • Delineations: My mum says I am self centered and that I generally need everything to turn out well for me. However, I’m as yet the individual you will discover in accomplishing deliberate local area work to help individuals.
  • Clarification: I surmise my confidence is excessively high for individuals to put down. This rubs feathers with individuals who stand my way to progress.
  • Postulation connection: I’d be a liar to say I am a virtuoso, immaculate or interminable and that is who I am.


  • Rehashing of postulation
  • Synopsis of paper
  • Marking out

Long Essay on Who Am I 500+ Words

I’m an adoring, kind and caring individual. I’m a social individual. My character deals with helping other people and has consistently assisted me with heaps of companions to my side. I favor others; I love to help the colleagues of my general public and my local area.

To this end, I am additionally the dynamic individual from the social associations of my space. However, it is truly great to serve others, be that as it may, it additionally costs your own time. You have next to no time left for your own-self and your close family also.

Understanding this, I’m attempting to keep harmony between friendly assistance and family responsibility. Also, I perceive that the abundance of anything is truly downright terrible.

Me As A Social Person

Helping other people nonetheless is all around appreciated. One feels glad, happy and merry consistently. Bliss can be basically capable at whatever point, you help other people, you understand the grin on their countenances and supplications from their souls.

Help a poor getting entrance into a school, help anyone monetarily or tackling different issues you will really feel the glow of joy inside. I never really do my degree to spread grins and satisfaction in general.

Once in a while, my companion can’t help thinking about why I have been so genuine in helping other people. This all, truth be told, I can identify with my granddad. My granddad has been an eminent individual in my space in aiding others at whatever cost.

My propensity for helping other people in overabundance has, somewhat, brought issues for me. I help my kindred understudies too. For instance, I help understudies in clarifying and aiding various subjects, I share my notes regardless of whether it is the second day of the test! I can’t deny anybody any assistance.

Otherly, I share my lunch, pocket cash, books and so forth with one who needs it! At times, it brings inconveniences for me also! Like you imparted your notes to other people and a similar one got torn and in an unwell condition!

You share your fixes and so forth with others and you get in broken condition! I have learned, from here, that for assisting others you have to be solid. You experience to confront the difficulties and difficulty from helping other people, now and then

Me As a Helping Person

With respect to my aiding nature, I in some cases face troublesome occasions. Here and there, I was unable to deal with my time. My investigations and my well-being at times get affected. This makes my mom anxious here and there. My family, however, lauds me for my earnestness and helping other people.

In any case, alongside it, my mom has instructed me to keep harmony between family time and social time. Furthermore, recently I have understood this. I accept that, when you help other people, you can’t end every one of the hardships of others.

Issues are there to remain in this world. At the point when we help other people, indeed we are contributing a little and to our own degree in limiting the difficulties of others.

I have understood the significance of self. Furthermore, I have been attempting to keep up a harmony between family obligations and social duties. My mom, in such a manner, has been a genuine motivation.

I’m an individual who loves to share love, chuckling and bliss throughout everyday life. I’m incredibly grateful for whatever I have in my life.


I’m genuinely grateful to my family and my companion for remaining adjacent to me in the entirety of my undertakings. Furthermore, I accept, social work is the aggregate work. I give credit to all my family and my companions.

Short Essay on Who Am I? 350 Words in English

The topic of “who am I” is by all accounts the least difficult inquiry one can reply to. However, when I set aside the effort to attempt to sort out Who am I, I discovered this inquiry is one that requires basic reasoning. By and large, the response to this inquiry is that I am a customary individual who loves investing quality energy with individuals I appreciate. Likewise, I commit myself to finish my obligations, and I have a fantasy about turning into an incredible individual. Notwithstanding, there are countless different things that make me an individual. I generally attempt to utilize each chance to possess all the more free energy for my diversions.

For one to be an extraordinary individual throughout everyday life, it is important that they pose themselves this inquiry, particularly given that it is an inquiry that assists an individual with being in a place of assessing themselves. By and large, the topic of who am I is feasible to offer a response by sorting the overall attributes of a person’s life into three divisions. The three classifications are otherworldly, individual attributes and how I see life and the general public around me.

As far as the otherworldly division, I would view myself as a moderately profound individual basing on the existence that I have been sustained through. The matter is that for my entire life, I have been raised up by guardians who are resolute Christians and who have shown me the significance of having an otherworldly existence.

As to character, I feel that I am a cordial individual deriving from how I identify with my friends, youngsters and more seasoned individuals. Actually, I like being idealistic, and I like discussing positive things in life since I accept that individuals have the ability to do incredible things as long as they trust in themselves.

In conclusion, discussing my insight about the world and the general public around me, I feel that I am a liberal person who accepts that the world is a decent spot to live in, just that it has been annihilated by individuals. Accordingly, it is our call as individuals to do our best and make commitments to transform the world into a greatly improved spot.

FAQ’s on Who Am I Essay

Question 1.
What to write in the “Who am I” Essay?

Be straightforward, yet sensitive. Affirmations officials just as recruiting chiefs read huge loads of CV’s, application articles, and introductory letters.

  • Expound on your energy.
  • Offer an intriguing story.
  • Switch on your inventiveness.
  • Go through make.
  • Reveal to them more.
  • Abstain from gloating.
  • Show your viewpoint.

Question 2.
What is the example statement of “Who am I as a person”?

I’m a person. I’m my own individual; an individual who commits errors, snickers, cries, damages, grins and loves. I’m who I am through my delights, distresses, heartbreaks, bliss and losses. Each progression in my life and every second that passes by makes me up as a unique individual.

Question 3.
How to be a good person?

Be kind, helpful, honest, polite, to others. Respect others and compliment them.

Question 4.
What makes you a bad person?

A terrible individual is somebody who is discourteous, mean, repulsive, obtuse, angry, barbaric, bossy, eager, manipulative, narrow-minded, coldblooded, disgusting, perverted, awful, snide, presumptuous, grandiose, irredeemable, despicable, cutthroat, unfaithful, untrustworthy, vicious, chilly, ruined, derisive, disagreeable and simply relentless.

Life Essay | Short and Long Essay on Life for Students in English

Life Essay

Life Essay: Perhaps the most mainstream article points among understudies is “My Life” where each understudy attempts to portray his/her life in subtleties – which issues exist, what needs, and viewpoints he/she has, and so forth It can likewise be called a personal paper yet no in the unadulterated structure where you give the peruser self-portraying subtleties – when/where you were conceived, at what school you were examining, and so on It’s somewhat extraordinary.

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To compose a decent enlightening article about existence, you ought to have the option to depict some vital components of your life:

  • Outlook,
  • Climate,
  • Connections,
  • Regular exercises,
  • Diversions
  • Encounters and numerous different things make up your life.

Begin composing an essay on your life in the wake of perusing this article – it contains valuable data on what to expound on in the given exposition. It very well may be required for an affirmation paper or some other task at school, school, or college.

Short Essay on Life in English

Life is excellent yet not in every case simple, it has issues, as well, and the test lies in confronting them with mental fortitude, letting the excellence of life behave like an emollient, which makes the torment endurable, during attempting times, by giving expectation

Joy, distress, triumph, rout, day-night are the different sides of the coin. Also, life is loaded with snapshots of bliss, joy, achievement and solace accentuated by hopelessness, rout, disappointments and issues. There is no person on Earth, solid, amazing, savvy or rich, who has not experienced, battle, enduring or disappointed.

Troubles test the mental fortitude, persistence, determination and genuine character of an individual. Affliction and difficulties make an individual solid and prepared to confront the difficulties of existence with poise. Everything comes with a cost in life. It is just when one works and works it out that achievement is supported and maintained.

In this way, life is and ought not to be only a walk in the park; thistles are additionally a piece of it and ought to be acknowledged by us similarly as we acknowledge the delightful side of life.

Essay on Life

Long Essay on Life in English


One significant part of Life is that it continues to go ahead. This amounts to nothing lasting. Subsequently, there ought to be motivated to remain in sadness. A glad event will happen, very much like a pitiful one. Most importantly, one should be hopeful regardless of how terrible things get. This is on the grounds that nothing will remain until the end of time. Each circumstance, event, and occasion will pass. This is surely a stunner of Life.

What does life bring to you?

Life is so natural, yet numerous individuals surge and miss what they need to accomplish throughout everyday life. Try not to surge throughout everyday life. Approach slowly and carefully. Each progression ought to be appropriately arranged prior to being dispatched. Consistent, equilibrium, imprint and shoot.

Every one of the incredible men of today, has for sure tasted the opposite side of life yet they didn’t fall down. All things being equal, they were reestablished to reclassify their objectives; they ride on with confidence, having faith in their latent capacity, zeroing in their brain on something, knowing completely well that in each dark cloud there is consistently a silver coating.

Numerous individuals become exceptionally tragic on account of disappointments. In any case, these individuals unquestionably neglect to see the splendid side. The brilliant side is that there is a justification for each disappointment. Consequently, every disappointment shows us an important exercise. This implies each disappointment fabricates insight. This experience is the thing that improves the abilities and proficiency of people.

Most likely countless people whine that Life is a torment. Numerous individuals accept that the word torment is equivalent forever. Nonetheless, it is a torment that makes us more grounded. Torment is unquestionably a phenomenal method of expanding mental versatility. Most importantly, torment advances the psyche.

The vulnerability of death is the thing that makes life so valuable. Nobody knows the hour of one’s passing. This presumably is the main motivation to make every second count. You are wasting your life if you remain in sorrow or just being a compulsive worker. One should surely appreciate the delightful favors of Life before death surpasses.

How to make a great life?

Generally significant, hopefulness is a definitive method of improving life. Hopefulness expands work execution, self-assurance, imagination, and abilities. An idealistic individual surely can defeat enormous obstacles.

Contemplation is another helpful method of improving Life quality. Contemplation presumably permits an individual to stay upon his past. This way one can stay away from previous oversights. It additionally gives significant serenity to a person. Moreover, contemplation lessens pressure and strain.

Seeking after a leisure activity is an ideal method to rejuvenate meaning. Without enthusiasm or interest, a person’s life would presumably be dull. Following a side interest unquestionably rejuvenates new energy. It gives a new desire to live and encounter Life.


Taking everything into account, Life isn’t something that one should underestimate. It’s unquestionably a disgrace to see people die their lives. We ought to be extremely appreciative for encountering our lives. Most importantly, everybody should attempt to make their life more significant.

FAQ’s on Life Essay

Question 1.
What is the major part of life?

The major part of life is experience. Since our birth, we are going through different phases of life and each phase has taught us something or other. Each experience counts in our life. It not only brushes us for a bright future but shapes our future too. The ups and downs of life are the key factors that groom us.

Question 2.
How to write a life essay?

To write an essay on your life you can include the following points:

  • Introduction (Explain what life is)
  • Your aim in life
  • Why is life important?
  • What are your experiences in life?
  • How do experiences matter in your life?
  • How to opt for the right goal?
  • Conclusion

Question 3.
What makes a happy life?

To be truly happy, a man should lead an honest and legitimate life. He should help his fellowmen and love them. A man cherished and regarded by others is consistently glad. To be guided by adoration in every one of the activities is the way to bliss.