Can Have a Great Career without Dream College? Yes, Read More

For many traditional companies, degree matters the most. It is the harsh truth. These companies prefer to hire people from tier 1 institutes. Yes, it looks embarrassing when a reputed corporate firm puts the ‘pass out from tier 1 colleges’ criteria in their job requirements. It limits a person’s ability to get a good job.

However, the world is changing with the change in the mentality of people. Start-ups which are now mainly engaged in innovative businesses are creating opportunities beyond educational degrees. For example, an Israeli video blogger started a channel on YouTube named Nas Daily. This channel has received popularity from different parts of the world.

In a video, the vlogger mentioned how his organisation does not care about its workers’ educational degrees at all. They believe that people do not need a degree from Harvard University to get a job in Google or Microsoft. There is more than an educational degree. Passion, hard work, persistency, and capability of learning make a competitive employee.

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You Are More Than Your Academic Degree

We do not disrespect your degree when we value you more than your degree. Degrees are undoubtedly a summary of your accomplishments. But it is dated. Degrees are not evolving. People learn and change. Nothing is permanent in this world. For example, online education is getting more valuable than before.

So, the teachers now need to learn the basics of the internet, use of the camera, and engaging students through a video call. A passionate mind that is open to learning is best suited as a good employee.

Skills Beat Degrees

Modern employers look for skills in people. Employers care about what you know and can do. Colleges do not teach humility, leadership, adaptability, and collaboration. You may get your first job with the help of a degree. But, you have to show capability while working with the organisation. With innovation in businesses, many skills are getting highlighted. Some of them are coding, digital marketing, and writing.

To learn these skills, you do not have to get a three or four years bachelor’s degree. You may learn it for free using the power of the internet. Many reputed virtual academies are teaching these skills for free of cost to students from all over the world.

Recruitment Process is Changing

New generation companies are least bothered about the prestige of college when hiring. Laszlo, the senior VP of Google, said that they were wrong to hire employees from top institutions only. He now believes in hiring exceptional minds from any school or college all over the world. Technology is the new buzzword in the 21st century.

These tech companies have dared to step out of the normal boundaries. They have started recruiting people without bothering about their educational background. Now, traditional companies like Goldman Sachs are also following the trend of choosing people based on their skills, not the prestige of their colleges.

The Concept of Elite College is Vague

It is seen in every part of the world that people with a degree from a top university earn better than the people passed out from normal colleges for doing the same work. Many students are not able to join top colleges due to financial or location issues.

For example, it is tough Indians to attend universities like Harvard or Cambridge. This does not make Indians less qualified than those who study at Harvard or Cambridge university. Many people who have not attended top universities found large start-up companies.

Colleges Can’t Create Passion

Passion can make a good professional. If you do not love what you do, it becomes stressful. Success comes through passion. Organisations nowadays look for passion in their employees. For example, suppose a person holds an MBA in Human Resources degree from one of the top universities but is not passionate about the management of people. In that case, the person can’t become a good HR. Top institutions can help you to learn polished skills. However, people can create their careers themselves if they are passionate enough.

Education Doesn’t Stop at College

It is true that there is a limit to educational degrees. You can do a PhD as the highest level of educational qualification. But in reality, there is no limit to education. The world is always changing. Things around us, including jobs, are also changing. For example, coding has become more important than ever.

Those who have completed their education long back did not know the importance of getting a degree in coding. But, they can still learn to code if they wish to. They can learn coding from any normal coding institution or even online coding academies.

Change Your Mindset

Many people think that they are not capable of getting a job at a top-level organisation just because they have not passed out from one of the top universities. The problem lies in your mindset. College degrees can not measure the quality of a person. The mindset of people and organisations has created this dilemma. The truth is that anyone from any college can secure a job in a top-level organisation if s/he has the potential and skills.

Real-Life Experience

Real-life experiences matter for getting a promotion. You can show your degree to enter the job market. But, you have to prove your skills to survive in the competitive job market. Always try to choose jobs that make you happy. Same as the prestige of your college, the prestige of an organisation should not matter to you.

Every large company has started its journey as a small one. If you have the determination, confidence, and passion within you, you can achieve success in any organisation, be it a start-up or a multinational company.

Degree or Skills

Degrees are undoubtedly the result of your educational accomplishments. However, degrees are dated. But, skills can get improved and are not bound by a time limit. Modern organisations are preferring skills over degrees. In a job or business, you have to show your skills. Your degree may help you to get the first job. You must polish your skills every day to survive in a competitive job market.

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