Best Books for Class 12 CBSE | Overview, Subjects, Books, and Scope

Best Books for Class 12 CBSE: Class XII board exams are just a few months away and students have already started burning candles at both ends. Marks of class XII are very important for students if they score good, it makes their lives better while if they don’t score well, they may have to face trouble in terms of higher education and career.

In fact, certain top-notch colleges in India demand higher percentages in board exams to get admitted to their colleges. DU cut off generally is somewhere between 98-99% every year. Also, to be eligible to compete in IIT-JEE, one must score good marks. Various colleges of MBA also accept students who’ve scored well in exams.

Therefore, it is significant to prepare for exams wisely, choosing the Best Books Class 12 CBSE and efficiently managing time.

Best Books for Class 12 CBSE Overview

When it comes to choosing books, many students fail to understand which book is the best for them. Usually, they end up picking out expensive guides and books and burning holes in their pockets. Therefore, it is crucial for students to make wise decisions in terms of choice of books since board results are certainly going to decide their future.

This article will prove helpful for all those students who are struggling to find the best books for themselves to prepare for boards.

There have been certain changes in class XII CBSE board examination 2020. As per the new pattern, CBSE has given more weightage to internal assessments. Also, the paper will include more multiple-choice questions. The aim of the board is to boost the students’ reasoning abilities. Although no final call has been taken by the board for the reduction of the syllabus of class XII students in final examination 2021, yet there has been a 30% reduction in the syllabus during online sessions owing to COVID19.

CBSE Class 12 Subjects

Students in class XII pursue the course of their choice as selected in grade XI. There are three options for the students to choose from-

Science, Commerce or Humanities

  • Science with BIO: Those who opt for Science with Biology have Physics, Chemistry and Bio as well as English as their core, which is followed by an optional subject that generally includes Maths or Computers. However, there has been the addition of a 6th subject that includes art, dance, music, computer, psychology and more.
  • Science with Maths: Major subjects in the Science with Maths section are more or less the same and include Physics, Chemistry, Maths as well as English and an optional subject followed by a sixth subject.
  • Commerce: Accounts, Business Studies, English and Economics are the major subjects for students in Commerce while they can choose from available options for 5th and 6th subjects.
  • Humanities: Political Science, History as well as English are the first three major subjects for those who opt for this course while the fourth major subject depends upon the school’s curriculum, some may choose for Economics, while some for psychology or some other subjects, followed by an optional and a 6th subject.

Best Books for Class 12 CBSE

We understand how pressurized children feel with their board exams nearing and so the following books and resources may come to your rescue:

Best Books for CBSE  Class 12

  • Physics
    • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
    • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker.
    • Students may also seek help from Objective Physics by DC Pandey
  • Chemistry
    • Pradeep’s Chemistry
    • Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon
    • Dinesh Chemistry by Dinesh
  •  Biology
    • ABC of Biology by Modern Publications
    • Book by S.Chand may also prove helpful
  • Mathematics
    • Science students can seek help from R.D.Sharma and ML Khanna. While those in Commerce can pick RD Sharma for Part 1.
    • R. S. Agarwal is also one of the best options for Maths practice
    • U-Like Papers for Mathematics is also a good option for those in Commerce.
  • Business Studies
    • C.B.Guptajagdish’s Business Studies will prove helpful
    • Business Studies for Class XII by Subhash Dey may also prove helpful
  • Economics
    • T. R. Jain’s  Economics book for class XII will prove helpful
    • VK Ohri U-Like Papers is good for practice
    • Sandeep Garg’s Macroeconomics
  • English
    • U-Like Papers
    • NCERT textbooks Flamingo and Vistas
  • History
    • NCERT’s “Themes in Indian History’
  • Geography
    • NCERT’s Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • Political Science
    • Besides NCERT’s students can seek help from ‘Political Science Reference Books’
  • Sociology
    • Books by AK Bhatnagar

Scope and Career Opportunities After CBSE Class 12

Students opting for humanities can generally go into the field of civil service, politics, acting, Mass-communication, dance, research, Lecturership among others after pursuing higher studies. While Commerce students pursue an MBA for Business or corporate world. Some also choose to take up a job as a CA.

While science students mainly get into the world of doctors, engineers, scientists and IT. Those who really score well in their respective courses, can get admitted to top colleges and even abroad.

FAQ’s on Best Books for Class 12 CBSE

Question 1.
Is RS Agarwal suitable for practicing sums for the preparation of Mathematics?

Yes, RS Agarwal provides multiple questions on the same problem and therefore it is a good option for practice.

Question 2.
Which is the best book for English grammar for class XII CBSE?

You can seek help from Wren and Martin or Raymund Murphy’s book for practice.

Question 3.
Which is the best book for Economics preparation?

TR Jain and Sandeep Garg’s book of Economics for Class XII can prove helpful.


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