Attention Is Such a Big Key to Learning English Fast

People who are trying to learn English try their best by watching movies, listening to songs or the radio, reading the newspaper, reading magazines, etc… However, they still can’t fully grasp the language, and this is because they aren’t paying attention properly. If you think about the word “attention,” it is quite a broad word and needs to be understood in its fullest sense. You will surely learn something when you aren’t altogether paying attention, but you will never understand everything. By watching a movie, you might be able to pick up a minimum of one-two words, but if you aren’t paying attention to the scenario, you won’t understand what it means and how to use it. So this is why it’s essential to pay attention, and in this article, we will look a little more deeper into how you can develop your attention skills.

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How to Pay Attention better to Learn More?

English can be a very confusing language for anyone studying it for the first time, so there are a lot of critical methods that work best, and these are mentioned in this article. This article will provide you with the best practices to learn and pick up English quicker by just paying attention to language more.  The various methods are as follows –

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Watch movies/shows without subtitles
  • Hiring a tutor


This is the best way to figure out how words are used in different ways on paper. Speaking English and writing it on paper are two completely other things. The best way to interpret English is by reading it. Take a story that you already know, like you know the main characters and the story’s entire plot. Now find that same story in English, and you will be able to follow through properly. It is essential to pay attention to all the different ways the story is narrated. Please pay attention to how different scenarios are written so you can grasp fully how it is written in English and understand how other words are used in various methods. You will soon be able to differentiate between words that have syllables.


Writing is a critical practice that you must try to implement daily when learning a new language. When you write, you will be able to figure out where to put different words, and also, you can put in other words you learned. By writing on a daily basis, you will be able to reinforce everything you learned. Practice writing at least 500 to 1000 words, as this will help you pick up the language quicker. By continually writing, you are questioning the accuracy of what you are reporting, making you a more confident writer. Make sure you continuously challenge yourself with different grammatical structures so that your writing makes more sense. Try writing about current topics, therefore making your writing more relevant, and you will be able to use it when you speak.


While you read, try and keep a practice of reading out loud as this will help you practice the language correctly. When you read aloud from a text, you will be speaking grammatically correct, unlike when you communicate with someone else. This also helps reinforce your accent so you can enunciate all the words more clearly, thereby making you more confident with new vocabulary. After practicing all this, you should also try talking in English in different social settings so that you can become more and more satisfied with the language. If the people you speak to in English are close to you, then you can also get different things you say corrected by them. Try committing at least an hour every day and be as consistent as possible because the moment you lose touch with the language, it will be challenging to start from scratch again.

How to Pay Attention better to Learn More 


This is the most important method as it helps you understand how different words are pronounced in different accents. The best way to listen is from the radio, songs, and movies. This can help you to connect different words with other phrases and learn more words. It is essential to pay attention when listening because this is the most beneficial out of the three so far as it can provide you with more terms and understand where and what to say things. You will also understand how to pronounce different words.

Watch movies/Shows without Subtitles

By watching a movie without subtitles, you will actually pay full attention to what the characters are saying. You will then try and understand things that the characters are saying based on the plot and the scene that is happening. This is important as it will help you build your listening skills as you will try and make sense out of the words that the characters are saying. First, try watching the movie without the subtitles, then watch it again with subtitles, and you can see if you missed any word from a scene or try to understand something you couldn’t before. This is the most fun you can have learning the language, so utilize it to its maximum.

Hire a tutor

This is one of the costliest methods so far and also the most beneficial. What better way to learn the language than from a professional whose job is to help you. Having a tutor, you will learn the most, and it will leave you more confident in the end. You will also decide if you would like a personal tutor who you’ll meet with alone, or if you would like to satisfy with a teacher and a little group. Meeting with a bit of a group provides you with more support and partners to practice English with. However, a personal tutor who you’re employed with alone will confirm you get much attention and can ensure that each one of your unique issues, needs, desires, and interests are focused on.


So from this article, it has become quite clear about the various problems that we can overcome if we pay proper attention. It is essential to pay attention to almost all of our day to day activities as we can benefit a lot from it. The various methods listed in this article will help in the long run, and you can use them when trying to learn English.

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