Advanced Excel Course Details | Eligibility Criteria, Course Duration, Admission Procedure, and Career Prospects

Advanced Excel Course Details: Advanced Excel course training is designed for aspiring to become successful Data Analysts or aspiring to start their careers in the field of Analytics.

Advanced Excel Courses aid students in becoming world-class financial analysts in firms such as private equity, investment banking, equity research, corporate development, and Financial Planning and Analysis sectors.

Advanced Excel courses offer an in-depth tutorial of all the formulas and functions a student must master to become well equipped.

This article gives brief and informational details on Advanced Excel courses for students. Below is the recorded structure course for aspirants to pursue after twelfth or after graduation. This report covers the overall topics like prospectus, course gradations, particulars on qualification, the confirmation process, fee structure, and vocation possibilities.

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A Brief on Advanced Excel Course Details

Advanced Excel courses offer skills that are available at a high level of proficiency with the software program- the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Advanced Excel course offers users and experts the lesser-known capabilities like pivot tables, lookup tables, pivot charts, and data validation and debugging features to ensure accuracy.

Advanced Excel Course educates students on the functions, types of financial analysis, and the advanced formulas required to function as an Excel power user. This course program builds skill enhancement, specifically for spreadsheet users, to strengthen their fundamentals in Excel to an advanced level.

Advanced Excel courses offer insightful dashboards, VBA macros, and SQL through a strong focus on hands-on learning practice and in-depth case studies. This course inculcates Advanced Excel skills, teaches powerful Data visualization tools, and a Tableau to present analysis.

Advanced Excel courses are available as certification and online courses with the flexibility to attend the live online sessions and self-paced video mode.

Advanced Excel Course Details Overview

  • Advanced Excel course allows the students to access to the 48 hours instructor-led live classes. Each class is of 3 hours and is spread over eight weekends.
  • The course program offers video recordings of the class sessions for self-study purposes.
  • The course offers weekly assignments, reference codes, and study material in PDF format for students to refer to and study.
  • The course program holds module-wise case studies or projects for interested students.
  • After completing the course, students will be given career guidance and career support based on certain selected assignments and case studies.

Advanced Excel Course Duration

The Advanced Excel course duration is usually conducted for 72 hours – with at least 36 hours of live excel training inclusive of Tableau and 12 hours of video-based training. The course also offers 6 hours of weekly self-study for practice and self-study.

Advanced Excel Course Eligibility Factor

This course certification programs hold no eligibility criteria. However, interested candidates from various quantitative backgrounds, looking for Advance Excel training and looking for job oriented scopes, must acquire some knowledge on analytics and reporting skills using MS-Excel, VBA, MS-Access, SQL, and Tableau.

Advanced Excel Course Overview

The course outline for Advanced Excel courses are as follows:

  • Creation of personalized templates
  • Knowledge on how to work with sparklines
  • Basic knowledge on how to create and manage scenarios
  • Use of Goal Seek and Solver
  • Creation, management, and formating pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Use of Excel mathematical functions
  • Creation and writing knowledge on complex formulas
  • Perform data lookups
  • Creation and use IF statements
  • Use of Excel’s data functions
  • Creation and use data validation rules
  • Application of custom and prebuilt conditional formatting
  • How to work with functions to manipulate strings of text and data
  • Creation and use of macros
  • Troubleshoot and audit formulas
  • Creation of pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Use of queries to import external data
  • Import and clean data
  • How to link and consolidate worksheets and workbooks
  • Troubleshoot errors

Top 10 Best Advanced Excel Courses

Here are the top best Advanced Excel courses, classes, certifications, tutorials, and programs for interested candidates.

  1. Microsoft Excel Course for Beginner to Advanced Learners
  2. Free Excel Essential Training
  3. Excel Skills for Business Certification
  4. Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series
  5. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel
  6. Basic to Advanced Excel Course
  7. Microsoft Excel: The Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions
  8. Microsoft Excel Crash Course
  9. Data Visualization with Advanced Excel
  10. Microsoft Excel Classes

Microsoft Excel Course for Beginner to Advanced Learners

This Advanced Excel course is conducted by Udemy and offers a range of applications such as CSS, Adobe Suite, HTML, Microsoft Office Suite, JavaScript, and VBA, among other subjects. Through this course, students will learn how to create powerful spreadsheets.

Course Duration: The course duration is for 14 hours of on-demand video. It consists of 27 supplemental resources and five articles.

Free Excel Essential Training

LinkedIn Learning offers this course. Through this course, students are taught how to work with multiple worksheets, do quick calculations through pure functions. This course also teaches students how to create Pivot tables and charts. The online course covers vast topics like VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, and other data analysis tools.

Course Duration: The course duration is for 8 hours and 53 minutes.

Excel Skills for Business Certification

This is a joint certification course program offered by Coursera in collaboration with Macquarie University. This comprehensive course is designed for interested candidates and educates them to develop their Microsoft Excel skills for business. The course utilizes various analytical tools and teaches students how to design a useful spreadsheet and solve complex calculations.

Course Duration: The course duration is for six weeks, with 2 to 4 hours of certification class per week.

Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series

Udemy conducts this course, and this course betters a beginner from the ground up to a Superuser. In this online course, students will learn the advanced concepts that aid the program of applications via VBA.

Apart from that, this online course comprises projects, video lectures, quizzes, and downloadable resources. Each resource is equipped with all levels that will help students analyze their core strengths and knowledge in Excel.

In short, students will enhance themselves and learn everything like that coder in Excel from a novice.

Course Duration: The course duration is for three to four days.

Microsoft Excel: The Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions

This Advanced online training session deals with 75+ formulas and functions of all the different Excel versions- Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and Excel 2016. This course is specially designed for beginners and advanced excel learners. This course also comes with one-one- instructor, quizzes, homework assessments, lifetime access, and project files.

Course Duration: The course duration is six hours, with nine supplement resources, six on-demand videos, and one article.

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

Rice University is th brain behind this online course program. This Advanced Excel online course focuses on powerful data analysis tools. This course teaches easy functionality and improvises student’s skills through Excel training. This course builds charting and advanced graphing and creates Histograms, pivot tables, scatter plots, etc.

Course Duration: The course duration is six hours, four weeks a study with one to two hours per week.

Basic to Advanced Excel Course

This course is offered by Linkedln Learning and provides excellent online tutorials. This course is specifically designed to cater to interested students on how to analyze data on any level, the creation of spreadsheets, and even perform advanced data analysis using complex functions and charts.

The online class covers avast range such as Excel 2016: Advanced Formulas and Functions, Excel 2016 Essential Training, Excel 2019 Essential Training, and Excel 2013 Essential Training. Through this course, students will equip themselves with the essential features and functionalities of Microsoft Excel.

Upon completing this course, students will be provided with a certification of completion on finishing the course with given assignments.

Course Duration: The course duration is self-paced, based on the flexibility and capability of students.

Microsoft Excel Crash Course

This online course is offered by Udemy and is termed as the best Microsoft Excel training online program. This course offers 75 video lectures to become proficient at Microsoft Excel.

You will get lifetime access inclusive of new learning or reviewing platforms with new materials. Through this course, students can conceptualize and become an expert at Microsoft Excel through the fundamentals and advanced features of the platform.

Course Duration: The course covers 6. 5 hours on-demand video. This course is inclusive of two articles and one supplemental resource.

Data Visualization with Advanced Excel

This course is a collaboration of Coursera with PwC and makes use of advanced Excel 2013 functions. This course program taught students how to build complex graphs and Powerview reports. This online course provides students with access to quizzes, videos, and programming assignments.

This program also offers course content and audit video lectures free of cost.

Course Duration: The course covers four weeks, with three to four hours per week.

Microsoft Excel Classes

This online course is offered by Go Skills and provides both basic and advanced course programs. This course program is designed to educate students on the basics of functions and techniques in Excel.

The course utilizes core topics such as Statistics, text functions, mathematics, effective presentation of data in several chart formats, organization of data through filtering and sorting, and many more.

This course also offers intermediate and advanced content levels like finding values with VLookup, recording basic Macros, Formatting PivotTables, and many more.

Upon completing the online course program, students will be well equipped with the skills required to boost a career.   

Advanced Excel Course Duration

The course covers four hours and 45 minutes.

Career Prospects of Advanced Excel Course Details

Microsoft Excel has been the most widely used pice of software at different organizations and businesses globally. The Advanced Excel course benefits careers covering significant markets such as retail store managers to marketing analysts and even sports reporters.

The Digital platform has revolutionized future-proof skills and enhances the ability to give an insight into both customers and business operations.

For some careers, advanced Excel is the central work function. Several companies manage massive spreadsheets in multiple business areas and tax jurisdictions to provide accurate data analysis in decision-making for investors, stakeholders, and other essential parties.

Business analysts also use Excel to build sophisticated financial models that guide portfolio allocations, company valuations, and other investment sectors. While data scientists rely mostly on more specialized software, several business affiliates use Excel for data analysis for some instances and organizations.

Salary Prospects of Data Analysts

The salary prospects for Data analysts with Advanced Excel skill fluctuates accordingly. The average salaries at HSBC are around ₹771,903 per month. Other corporate companies and industries that offer high salaries for candidates with this role, such as Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services Limited, earn a pay package around ₹494,315 and ₹424,145 per annum, respectively.

FAQ’s on Advanced Excel Course Details

Question 1.
What are the requirements for Advanced Excel courses in India?

Candidates should have completed high school or higher secondary school reading level. Candidates must be competent in primary computer usage and terminology. Interested candidates should also hold a working version of the tool Microsoft Excel to complete the assigned activities.

Question 2.
Which are the skills required to pursue advanced Excel course programs?

The three most valuable skill set required for Advanced Excel courses are:

  • The first essential skill is making the Spreadsheets accessible: Candidates must know general and number formatting. The most vital part is custom formatting, as it is the key to make people understand the model.
  • The second skill for candidates to acquire is pulling the numbers together through tools such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP.
  • Finally, students must know about data manipulation and navigation.

Question 3.
What is the course duration for Advanced Excel courses?

The Advanced Excel course duration is usually conducted for 72 hours – with at least 36 hours of live excel training inclusive of Tableau and a total of 12 hours of video-based training. The course also offers 6 hours of weekly self-study for practice and self-study.

Summary of Advanced Excel Course Details

We hope that the information mentioned above regarding Advanced Excel Course Details has helped improve your understanding of the subject with in-depth knowledge.

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