Advance Diploma in Computer Application Course Eligibility, Admission, Colleges, Syllabus, Career Options, Salary

Advanced diploma in computer application is one of those courses that many students opt for to upscale their competency level and also improve their knowledge in the subject-specific field in the field of computer application. In this article on Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA), we are going to provide a complete picture of the diploma course to the aspirants and help them gain enough information before pursuing the said course.

At the end of this article, one should be able to find answers to the following questions on the advanced diploma in computer application:

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What is an Advanced Diploma in Computer Application?

Advance Diploma in computer application is a one-year course with two semesters each. The course is designed with the objective to enhance the knowledge of computer applications for students concerning the changing trends in technology and computer-related software.

This course can be pursued by anyone who wants to make a career in software development, computer hardware, and software-related fields. Usually, students do this course after the 10th or 12th standard. However, students who have completed their Bachelors in Engineering or Diploma In Computer Application engineering can also pursue this course as an additional certification to enhance their knowledge as well as improve their curriculum vitae.

Unlike Bachelor’s in Technology (B.Tech) or a diploma course in computers, an advanced diploma in computer application teaches students an in-depth analysis of the subject of student’s desire. Practical and hands-on learning is prioritized over theoretical and classroom learning in advance Diploma in Computer Application. The fee structure, syllabus and pedagogy, top colleges in India, job prospects, and salary are some of the important things that are discussed in the subsequent sections of this article on Advanced Diploma in Computer Application.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria for a student to pursue an advanced diploma in computer application is to have a passing certificate of 10th and 12th standard from a recognized board in India. The minimum aggregate in these passing certificates is 50% for General Category students and 45% for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Class students. Also, students must have learned computer as one of the main subjects in his or their 10th and 12th standard with a minimum aggregate of 50% in the same subject.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application Colleges

The below list provides the names of the top colleges in India to pursue your advanced diploma in Computer Application

  • Thiruvallur University
  • Manipur University
  • Bengaluru University
  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Avadh University
  • Bharathidasan University
  • University of Mysore
  • Osmania University
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University

The fees structure for an advanced diploma in Computer Application varies anywhere between INR 20000 per semester to INR 2 lakh per semester depending on the type of university and the brand of the college that the student is meaning to get into.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application Syllabus

Advance diploma in computer application is a one-year course with two semesters where each semester is for 6 months. While it may seem that one year is a very small duration to learn computer applications and more or less that is true. But the whole objective of an advanced diploma in computer application is to provide a fundamental idea for students about the course wherein they can have enough knowledge to get into the job market and then upskill themselves on the go.

The course structure also involves studying theoretical subjects, practical subjects, and one month of compulsory internship in an IT company of the students’ choice. The following are some of the subjects that are thought in advanced diploma in computer applications

Subjects in ADCA

  1. Operating system
  2. Worksheets
  3. Front page complete internet
  4. Photo editing software
  5. Forms in database Management
  6. Basic concepts of accounts
  7. Software installation
  8. Virus protection and scanning
  9. Basics of computer hardware
  10. C language
  11. C++ language
  12. HTML
  13. JavaScript
  14. Software installation
  15. Maintaining ledgers and cash book
  16. Computer fundamentals
  17. Balance sheet, profit and loss.

The above are the subjects that are mostly thought in all of the universities that are providing the course of advanced diploma in computer applications. However, the names of the subjects may change but the basic concepts and fundamental theories behind computer applications remain the same across universities not just in India but around the globe. You can also study Bachelors of Computer Application if you are interested.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application Jobs

With the rapid digitization and adoption of new technology in old school industries around the world such as the manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, or textile industry, the need for quality computer engineers is ever increasing.

The need for graduates in computer application is anyway on a higher level in IT companies such as TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant, or Capgemini but since many companies want to digitize their business models, the need for computer application engineers and graduates in the pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, textile industry, food supplies industry, logistics, etc are also in high demand.

The vast ocean of opportunities that a graduate in advance diploma in computer application will have is enormous and the following are the industries that one can work in after graduating from the said course

  1. Automobile industry
  2. Information Technology industry
  3. Banking industry
  4. Financial industry
  5. Electronics and manufacturing industry
  6. Textile industry
  7. Agriculture and food technology
  8. Governmental and non-government organizations
  9. Academic institutions
  10. Retail Industry
  11. Online retail industry
  12. Food-Tech industry
  13. Petroleum industry
  14. Data analytics industries
  15. Service industry
  16. Advertisement industry

Some of the top companies that may hire a graduate of advanced diploma in computer applications are:

Top Recruiters that hire Advance Diploma Computer Application Graduates

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Infosys
  • Adventure
  • Cap Gemini
  • Cognizant
  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • JP Morgan
  • Goldman
  • SAP
  • Indian railways I
  • Indian revenue services
  • Central and state government organizations
  • Samsung
  • Hewlett Packard

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What are the advantages of an Advance Diploma Computer Application?

The following points should give an idea to an aspirant looking to pursue an advanced diploma in computer application, as to why he or she should pursue the said course:

Career Stability of Advance Diploma in Computer Application

In every sector, be it in manufacturing, service sector, government organizations, or academic institutions, the need for digitization is happening at a rapid pace. With this momentum across the industries and the world, the need for talented people in computer applications and related fields is very high. As a result of which, the career stability in this field is one of the strongest in comparison with any other technical field.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application Course Duration

Since the duration of the course of advance diploma in Computer Application is just one year, and one can pursue the said course after their 10th standard or 12th standard from a recognized education board in India, one can start earning and get into the industry much earlier in their life. This aspect would help them climb the career ladder in the IT industry at a much faster pace. Also, the knowledge that one gains through hands-on experience by working in a company is much more relevant than four years of classroom learning (in Courses such as B.Tech or B.E)

Advance Diploma in Computer Application Course Fee

The fees for this one-year course are highly reasonable in India. The whole course will not even cost half a lakh rupees, irrespective of which university the student wants to pursue the said diploma course in computers. The return on investment for an advanced diploma in computer application is very high (more than 1) since the package a student will land in after graduation will be much more than the fee he or she has paid to pursue the diploma course.


The Indian IT industry is one of the highest contributors to the GDP growth of India. Computers and computer-driven technology have been the backbone of the economic growth and prosperity of the country since the early 2000s (after the Y2k bubble).

There are Indian IT companies such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, Tech Mahindra, etc., which are providing employment opportunities to millions of people in India. These companies have grown to mammoth size, so much so that they influence government decisions and parliament legislatures. With such a scenario in place, the job market for computer applications is the highest in the country.

A graduate with an Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications can easily land a job in any of the top Indian companies or any of the MNCs such as Capgemini, Cognizant, etc. The starting salary will be anywhere between INR 20k to 60k per month, depending on the knowledge level and competency of the particular candidate. It will not be fair on our part to mention only the pros of an advanced diploma in computer applications. There are cons to this course as well that a student should be aware of before pursuing the said field of education.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application Course

What are the disadvantages of an Advanced Diploma in Computer Application?

  • Recruiters prefer an engineering graduate over a diploma graduate in the field of computer applications.
  • The starting salary might be not on par with the counterparts from an engineering background
  • Since the course duration is just one year, a candidate might not learn, thoroughly, all the general subjects that one should know in the field of computer applications
  • There are not many colleges, at least high-quality institutes, that offer a diploma in advanced computer application studies
  • Since the eligibility criteria to get admission for the said course are very relaxed, the quality of candidates passing out from the course might be a little compromised.

Then again, these points are subjective and can vary from student to student and from college to college.

FAQs on Advanced Diploma Computer Application Course

1. How much does it cost to do an advanced diploma in computer applications in India?

Since advanced diploma computer applications is a short duration course of just one year, the cost of education will not be more than 1 lakh if done in government or public universities and not more than 2 lakhs if done in private universities

2. Which is better-advanced diploma in computer applications are bachelors in computer applications?

Bachelors in computer applications will require students to learn for 3 years while advanced diploma in computer applications can be finished in 1 year as a result of which the student can get into the job market and start learning hands-on much earlier than other graduates of computer applications

3. How much salary will a graduate with an advanced diploma in computer applications get?

The starting salary of a graduate with an advanced diploma in computer applications will be anywhere between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 rupees per month. However, the salary might increase to more than 1 lakh per month after 3 to 4 years of hands-on experience in the industry?

4. What are some of the top IT companies in India that have hire graduates of advanced diplomas in computer applications?

Some of the IT firms in India that hire graduates with advanced diplomas in computer applications are Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, and Accenture.

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