A Street Hawker Essay | Essay on A Street Hawker for Students and Children in English

A Street Hawker Essay: Street hawkers are a very common sight in India. The street hawker is just like any other shopkeeper. The only difference between the two is that a street hawker does not own a permanent shop from where he may sell his wares. He either sets up his shop on a cart or on the pavement. Some hawkers manage to find a permanent place to set up shop, others have to move from one place to another.

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Short Essay on A Street Hawker 200 Words for Kids and Students in English

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Often, they carry goods to the customers. For example, the vegetable seller, who carries vegetables on a cart, from one colony to another. This saves customers from the trouble of going to the market for vegetables every day.

A Street Hawker Essay

The street hawker sells all sorts of things, from fruits and vegetables to clothes, plastic goods, peanuts and ice creams, etc. Each hawker has a different calling style to announce his arrival and his wares. In time, we learn to recognise his call.

A street hawker has to work very hard for his livelihood, carrying goods from one place to another. Since they do not have permanent shops, hawkers have to work in the open, whether it is hot, cold or raining. We should respect the dignity of labour. The hawker tries to earn an honest living and does not resort to begging or stealing.

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