List of Words by Length | 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15 Letter Words

People who are passionate about word games will know the importance of recognizing words by word length. Are you in the middle of a close game of scramble, crosswords, or any other? Then these skills begin at that point in time. These word lists will be very useful in these games. In the games like word hub, and words with friends, the vast majority of words that you will play will be two, three, or four-letter words.  You cannot able to memorize all these words. So, at that point, you need our website word by the length that provides you with all these words listed in one place.

You can find all two, three, four till fifteen letter words available on our page. Just by giving some letters in the search box of our word finder, you will find the words. It is a user-friendly website and very simple to use.

List of Words by Length

Following is the word list that is sorted by the number of letters. For user convenience, we have provided the list by letter count. Make use of these word lists wherever they are useful for you like in learning English, or in games like a scramble, or word hub.

Words by Length
Two Letter Words Three Letter Words
Four Letter Words Five Letter Words
Six Letter Words Seven Letter Words
Eight Letter Words Nine Letter Words
Ten Letter Words Eleven Letter Words
Twelve Letter Words Thirteen Letter Words
Fourteen Letter Words Fifteen Letter Words

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Advantages of Word Length List

These word lists are very helpful in word games and here are some of the advantages of using these word lengths other than using them in word games. See the list below and know all the advantages that we have provided for you.

  • Mainly these words list is useful for children. children will absorb knowledge quickly and they can use these word length tools to learn basic English.
  • These word length lists are useful for creating passwords too. For suppose if you want to provide the 8 letter password for your account you can search on this website and keep your password. It will be safe and you can remember easily.
  • And as a parent, you can give this tool to your children that will help them in playing games like word hub, and scrabble. This will improve their vocabulary and also sharpens their brain.

FAQs on Word by Length

1. How many length letter words are available in the word finder?

From two-letter words to fifteen letter words are available in the word finder.

2. How to use this word by length tool?

It is a very simple and easy-to-use tool, to use this you just need to enter the inputs in the boxes along with that provide all the conditions that the website needs and then click on search. So that you will get the words by the provided length.

3. What is the best online website to get words by length? is the best online website that provides you the list of words by length.


We as our team hope that the words that are given on our website in different lengths are useful for you in your learning and in your games. Still, if you think we need to update you can login to our site and comment to us in the comment section. And you can stay connected to avail of all the latest updates on our website. This tool will be very handy and easy to use.

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