What is X Percent of Y Calculator

What is X Percent of Y Calculator: Percentages are an important part of our everyday lives. Percentage is a very handy way of writing fractions. The percentage calculator, formula, example calculation (show work along with steps), real-world problems with solutions are very helpful for grade school students (K-12 education), and also for common people to learn how to find the percent of some numbers.

The percentage topic is very useful in real-life, for example, to solve problems based on discounts, markup and many more like these. Go through the further sections and get the complete details about what is X% of Y calculator and how to use and how it works in detailed steps. Make use of our free online percentage calculator tool and compute any type of your percent problems easier and faster.

What is X% of Y?

A percentage is a fraction expressed as a part of one hundred, instead of any other denominator. The word “percent”, originally “per centum”, means “by the hundred”. However, the percent is a ratio that compares a number to a hundred. We can also write these fractions in decimals. The symbol to represent the percentage is  % and it is placed after the number. For example, 50% represents 50/100, or 0.5. The result is obtained by multiplying a quantity by a percent.

Formula for X percent of Y

The formula that is given to calculate the x% of y is as follows

X% of Y = (X/100) * Y

where Y is the base.

How to Calculate X Percent of Y?

To determine X percent of a real number Y,

  • First, change the percent to a fraction or decimal i.e, 1/100 or 0.01, and then multiply it by Y value.
  • Here, the word ‘of’ means multiply.
  • Now, convert this statement into an equation using the percentage formula: P% * X = Y.
  • Else, Use the formula for X% of Y = (X/100) * Y
  • Thereafter, apply the given inputs in X and Y and calculate the X percent of Y.
  • Later, you will get the final output value for X% of Y.

To provide better knowledge on how to calculate x percent of y, we have taken an example and solved it in detailed steps in order to understand the concept and work behind every Math calculation. So, look at the real-world problems as an example from here and understand how to calculate the X percent of Y easily without any support.

Solved Real-world Examples to find X% of Y

Example 1: 

America has a sales tax of 19.6 percent. If we purchased a car for $25,000, how much would we pay for the car if we bought it in the USA?


Percentage solution with steps:

Step 1: Our output value is 25000.

Step 2: We represent the unknown value with x.

Step 3: From step 1 above, 25000=100%.

Step 4: Similarly, x=19.6%.

Step 5: This results in a pair of simple equations:

  1. 25000=100%
  2. x=19.6%

Step 6: By dividing equation 1 by equation 2 and noting that both the RHS (right-hand side) of both
equations have the same unit (%); we have

⇒ 25000o/x = 100%/19.6%

Step 7: Again, the reciprocal of both sides gives

⇒ x/25000 = 19.6/100

⇒ x = 4900

Therefore, 19.6% of 25,000 is 4900.

Example 2: 

There are 30 children in a class. If 20% of the children are absent, how many children are present?


First, we need to calculate what is 20% of 30.

For that, take the formula of X percent of Y = X/ 100 * Y

Now, substitute the values in the percentage formula,

= 20 percent * 30

= (20/100) * 30

= (20*30) / 100

= 600 / 100 = 6

Therefore 20% of 30 children is 6.

Now, to determine how many children are present, do 30 – 6 = 24

Hence, children present in a class are 24. 

How to use the Percentage Calculator?

If you are looking for the steps on how the percentage calculator works and determine the X percent of Y then here are the detailed steps for you. If you follow these simple steps then you will understand completely about how to use percentage calculator and make your real-world percentage calculations in less time.

  • Percentage Calculator is a free online algebra tool that needs two numbers X and Y as input values to find the X% of Y.
  • So, enter values for the X percent and the base Y in the input field. Remember that X value should be a positive real number and Y value should be a real number or parameter.
  • After entering the values, you need to press the ‘Calculate’ button to make the computation.
  • Later, it generates the output for X% of Y in a fraction of seconds.

FAQs on What is X% of Y Calculator?

1. What is meant by Percentage?

In mathematics, a percentage is a number in the fraction of 100. The representation of percentage is “%”, or simply “pct” or “percent”.

2. What is the formula to calculate X percent of Y?

The percentage formula to determine X% of Y = (X/ 100) * Y.

3. What is 16 percent of 180?

We know that X% of Y = (X/ 100) * Y,

Substitute the value into the equation,

Then, (16/100) * 180 = (16*180) / 100 = 2880 / 100 = 28.8.

Therefore, 16 % of 180 is 28.8.

4. How to use what is X percent of Y calculator? 

All you have to do is enter the variable in both X and Y input fields and then press the Calculate button. That’s it! the output for your required inputs will be displayed on our page along with a detailed explanation in a short time.

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