UP Board Class 8 Books PDF Free Download 8th All Subject Textbooks

UP Board Class 8 Books: Class 8 is one such stage where teachers mostly focus on inculcating good knowledge building to the students. As the 8th Standard sets up the foundation for your higher classes, it’s important to pay good attention to the study. In order to further boost your preparation, you can download UPMSP Books PDF for Class 8. This article covers all the Class 8 subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu. Moreover, these NCERT Books for Class 8 follow the syllabus guidelines of UP Board and are available in English, Hindi & Urdu medium. Hence, you can go for UP Board Books PDF Free Download in Hindi and English for a good preparation ahead.

We understand the importance of choosing a reliable Uttara Pradesh Board Class 8 study material because sometimes it may get a little hard while choosing the right book. This is why many academic experts strongly emphasise on the best books to prepare for Class 8. Therefore, UPMSP Class 8 Books have adopted the NCERT publications as their main channel of all the study materials.

UP Board Class 8 Books PDF For All Subjects

The books mentioned below follow all the guidelines of Uttara Pradesh Board and provide you with all the details/concepts of every chapter. Furthermore, every topic is skillfully explained by means of interactive examples to understand it. The questions given at the back will further help you revise all the concepts given in the book and will give you an added advantage to score higher in your exams.

UP Board Class 8 Books For Maths

Mathematics is one of the most complex subjects called by many students. However, if it’s interpreted logically, you can easily crack this subject. The Class 8 Uttara Pradesh Board Maths book is available in three languages for your convenience. Students can download the textbook by clicking on the respective links in the table given below:

Medium UPMSP Class 8 Maths Book Download Link
English Mathematics
Hindi Ganit
Urdu Riyazi (Urdu)

UP Board Class 8 Textbooks For Science

The concepts of Science will get further divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology as you go towards higher grades. Therefore, it is important to build foundational knowledge in this class. The Class 8 UPMSP Science book can be download from the links given below.

Medium Uttara Pradesh Board Class 8 Science Textbook Download Link
English Science
Hindi Vigyan
Urdu Science (Urdu)

UP Board Class 8 Textbooks For English

UP Board has prescribed the two textbooks in its Class 8 English syllabus. The books along with the download links are given in the following table.

It So Happened

UP Board Class 8 Books For Social Science

Social Science comprises of three main parts, i.e., History, Civics and Geography. This subject can be of significance because a lot of competitive and government exams ask General Studies in their papers. If you are aiming for it, then you should start preparing for it from the initial level. The download links for Uttara Pradesh Board Class 8 books of Social Science is given below.

Medium UP Board Class 8 Social Science Textbook Download Link
English Our Past III
Social And Political Life – III
Resource and Development (Geography)
Hindi Humare Atit III (Itihas)
Samajik Avam Rajnatik Jeevan – III
Sansadhan Avam Vikas (Bhugol)
Urdu Hamaare Maazi (Urdu)
Samaji Aur Siyasi Zindagi (Urdu)
Geography (Urdu)

UP Board Class 8 Textbooks For Hindi

UP Board Class 8 Hindi book features the major textbook as well as the supplementary textbooks. This enhances the adaptability of students in Hindi language. Click on the link below to access every Hindi book implemented as per your syllabus.

Bharat Ki Khoj
Sanshipt Budhcharit

UP Board Books For Class 8 Sanskrit

There is only one standard Sanskrit language adopted for Uttara Pradesh Board Class 8 textbooks. You can find the direct access link below.


UP Board Class 8 Textbooks For Urdu

UP Board has allotted four NCERT Class 8 books for the Urdu Language. It will make them solidify their concepts in Urdu. Find the links to download every book as under:

Apni Zaban
Urdu Guldasta
Door – Paas
Jaan Pahechan

Free NCERT Solutions For Class 8 At NCERTBooks.Guru

To further assist in your UP Board Class 8 Preparation, the academic experts at NCERTBooks.Guru get you the NCERT Solutions. These solutions will help you if you get stuck in any question given in your UP Board Class 8 books. Moreover, the solutions prepared by our experts are step-by-step and follow every Uttara Pradesh Board guideline. This will help you understand every fundamental step behind solving any problem. We have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 PDF Download.

UP Board Books & Study Material: Important FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions related to UP Board Class 8 books:

Q: How to utilize these UP Board Class 8 books PDF?

A: The best thing about a PDF format is that you can access it anytime and from wherever you are. You can utilize these UP Board Class 8 books PDF excessively towards understanding any concept. You can click on any chapter and start studying. In case you have any difficulties, we have solutions for every chapter question as well.

Q: Where can I find solutions for my UP Board Class 8 Science subject?

A: You can find NCERT Solutions for your Uttara Pradesh Board Class 8 Science books at NCERTBooks.Guru for free.

Q: What are the Social Studies textbooks for UP Board Class 8?

A: There are three books of Social Studies as implemented by Uttara Pradesh Board. These are:

  1. Our Past III
  2. Social And Political Life – III
  3. Resource and Development (Geography)

Q: What is the best method to learn Maths in Class 8?

A: You can start learning Maths concept by concept. Once you have finished one chapter, you should attempt the questions given at the back of your Uttara Pradesh Board Class 8 Maths textbook. You have to follow this for every chapter. Once, you are done with the entire syllabus, you can practice free Class 8 questions at NCERTBooks.Guru. You can also check out Maths formulas for Class 8 to know about important formulae.

Q: How many books of Hindi are there as per the UP Board Class 8 curriculum?

A: ‘Vasant’ is the Hindi Class 8 book and ‘Durva’ is for students who take Hindi as their second language. While the book ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ and ‘Sanshipt Budhcharit’ are designated for supplementary reading.

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