The Story of My Life by Helen Keller Chapter 11 Summary

The Story of My Life by Helen Keller Chapter 11 Summary, Notes and Question and Answers

The Story of My life- Novel for class 10- English CBSE By Helen Keller

Introduction of Chapter 11- the Story of My Life by Helen Keller

Helen spent the autumn months with her family on a mountain. Fern Quarry. about 14 miles from Tuscumbia. The mountain was thickly wooded. Many visitors came to Fern Quarry and related stories about wildlife. Helen considered them to be brave hunters who could frighten even ferocious animals. She enjoyed the ride on her pony which she had named Black Beauty because of its glossy black coat. One day Mildred. Miss. Sullivan and Helen lost their way in the woods. They narrowly escaped from being hurt by climbing onto the braces under the bridge on which the train passed.

Conclusion/ Chapter in short/ Analysis of Chapter 11/Understanding the Theme of Chapter 11

Helen describes several experiences in this chapter like her outing to the summer cottage in the mountains, campfire evening, hunting expeditions. She talks about her pony, Black Beauty.

 Short Summary of Chapter-11 The Story of My Life by Helen Keller in Simple Words

In this chapter, Helen describes the rich experience she had and how her mind blossomed upon reaching home. She describes the outing to Fern Quarry, the family cottage in the mountains. She elaborately describes the ferns, the great oaks and the splendid Evergreens that surrounded Fern Quarry. She also describes their pretty cottage situated on top of the mountain among the oaks and pines. She mentions the visitors at the campfire every evening, and the hunting expeditions the men went on. She talks of the barbecues and describes her pony, Black Beauty. Her happiest hours were spent on his back. She enjoyed gathering Persimmons and nuts and hearing the rail go by. She also recounts the adventure she had when she, Miss Sullivan and her little sister, Mildred got lost.

Extra Important Questions and Answers of Chapter 11

Where did
the family spend their autumn months?
The family spent the autumn at their summer cottage on a mountain, fourteen miles from Tuscumbia, called Fern Quarry.

How did the family spend the evenings?
In the evenings, the family along with visitors sat by a campfire where the men played cards and spent time talking about their success at hunting.

Why was there such excitement and movement in the mornings?
In the mornings, all the visitors who had arrived much bed the night before got ready to go off on a hunting spree amidst great excitement preparation.

What was ironic about these hunting expeditions?
The irony was that though the men boasted about all the animals they had killed and made all kinds of preparation for the hunting expedition, they usually returned without any success.

Who was Black Beauty? Why was it so named?
Black Beauty was a pony that Helen rode sometimes. Helen had named it after the horse in the storybook Black Beauty, as it had the same glossy black coat with a white star on its forehead as described in the book.

What made Helen gather the Persimmons?
Though Helen did not eat the Persimmons, Helen loved their fragrance and enjoyed looking for them in the leaves and grass.

What does Helen mean by the word ‘nutting‘?
By ‘nutting’, Helen refers to looking for nuts like chestnuts, hickory nuts and walnuts.

Why were Miss Sullivan and the girls forced to walk over the trestle?
Since Miss Sullivan, Helen and her sister lost their way in the woods and had been wandering for hours, it was too late for them to take any other way and they had to cross over the trestle, as it was a short way home.

Why did they find the cottage empty on their return?
Miss Sullivan, along with the two girls found the cottage empty on the return because everyone was out looking for them.

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