The Right Way to Choose Your Career

The Right Way to Choose Your Career

One of the best ways to choose the right career is to go by your hobbies and interests, be it cooking, sports, fashion, writing, meeting and interacting with people, teaching, music, dance, fine arts, etc. Focus your strengths on the career you choose. And you must “advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavour to live the life which you have imagined.”

Choosing your career is a crucial step as it involves your entire future career prospects. Often, it is observed that a large number of students are unaware of what they want to be. This confusion amounts to aimlessness and can be compared to a situation like boarding a train without knowing one’s destination. Undoubtedly, it may result in waste of your precious time, efforts as well as money, resulting in repentance, disappointment and frustration.

This underscores the need for exploring the various career options available and their suitability with reference to your career dreams, qualifications, talent, interests, strengths and weaknesses, career growth potential in proposed career option. It is important because setting an unattainable goal would prove incoherent.

The following guidelines, in this regard, may prove useful:
How to check what you are passionate about, where your interest lies and if you have some inborn talent in you?
(i) Any activity, hobby or work which you enjoy doing again and again is one of important signs of discovering your passion. It could be playing one of the popular games like cricket, football, tennis, etc.; listening and singing songs, dancing, drawing and making sketches, love for nature, plants, being exited to know how a toy, motor car works, dismantling and assembling parts, etc., visiting places, interest in reading stories, essays, poems and other forms of literature and gardening, dreaming about flying an aeroplane etc.
Once you’ve thought about the subjects and activities you like best, the next step is to look for careers that put those interests to use. If you love sports, for example, you might consider a career as a gym teacher, recreational therapist, or coach. If you like math, a career as a cost estimator, accountant, or budget analyst might be a good fit Thus it is essential to know yourself, discover your talent and determine your interest i.e. what you love to do.

(ii) The type of interest, hobby or work you always look forward to do and you never feel tired in performing the activity. And you always get excited and curious on getting an opportunity to do what you like.

(iii) Another significant indication of your passion is that you are not bothered about the reward you will get for pursuing your passion.

(iv) You often dream about your passion. The right choice of a career begins with a dream. A dream is where you want to see yourself one day.

To find the right career, choose one that suits your interests, aptitudes, work- related values, and personality type. While you should also consider earnings, job outlook, and duties, nothing contributes more to job satisfaction than matching your occupation to your character traits and motivations.

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Career Path for 10+2
It’s time to say good-bye to all confusions, tensions and apprehensions about your future. We are here to guide you in this not-so-easy task of choosing a career. We have tried to make it simple for you by providing complete information regarding different fields – the usual and the not-so-usual, the different and the not-so-different, the exciting and the not-so-exciting. In short, we have attempted to cover each and every topic to facilitate you choose your career. Read carefully, and make the right choice.

#1. Broadly speaking, career route after passing out from school begins either by seeking admission to any educational, professional or vocational course, depending upon the student’s performance in terms of eligibility conditions laid down by various institutes or, of course, before the enrolment, the student and his advisers must keep in mind his or her interest, attitude and future prospects in that particular field. Important courses after 10+2 have been mentioned in the following paragraphs.

#2. Nowadays it is almost essential that one has to face tough competition for getting admission into any professional, vocational and prestigious course- be it admission to Medical, Dental, Para Medical (like Nursing, Pharmacy, etc.) Engineering, Architecture, Computer, Information Technology, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Law or National Defence Academy and Naval Academy, Merchant Navy, Special Class Railway Apprentices exams etc. It is necessary to bear in mind the particular course/institute to which one wants to get admitted and to start preparing well in advance.

A large number of coaching institutes, both regular and correspondence, are offering preparation facilities. Here, a little care is needed to go in for an institute which has a good track record of achievements, qualified and experienced faculty and is professional in approach.

#3. You can prepare for direct recruitment in a Bank, Insurance Company, Defence Forces, Para Military Forces, or other competitive examinations conducted by Staff Selection Commission, New Delhi or State Staff Selection Commissions for various jobs. Competition is also very tough here and hard work with consistency is needed for success.

#4. You can go for self employment by starting your own business like opening your own shop, running your own factory, trading of goods etc. To be successful in this field one needs to possess entrepreneurial qualities. Some of these are: knowledge of the particular line of business you want to enter, confidence, leadership, good communication skills, ability to work hard, risk bearing capacity, far-sightedness, ability to manage your time and your staff well, to get along with people comfortably, and preferably a good personality.

In addition, you need to make investment. But those having meagre financial resources can also start from a shoe string budget and with their efforts expand their business gradually and ultimately make it big. Financial assistance is also made available by State Financial Corporations, Banks and Organisations related to promotion of small scale industries etc.

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