Selina Concise Physics Class 9 ICSE Solutions PDF

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Selina Concise Physics Class 9 ICSE Solutions – PDF Free Download

  • Chapter 1 Measurements and Experimentation
  • Chapter 2 Motion in One Dimension
  • Chapter 3 Laws of Motion
  • Chapter 4 Pressure in Fluids and Atmospheric Pressure
  • Chapter 5 Upthrust in Fluids, Archimedes’ Principle and Floatation
  • Chapter 6 Heat and Energy
  • Chapter 7 Reflection of Light
  • Chapter 8 Propagation of Sound Waves
  • Chapter 9 Current Electricity
  • Chapter 10 Magnetism

Physics is a nightmare for every student. The concepts and fundas are really tough to understand in physics. If you want to excel in physics and gain good marks, you definitely need regular guidance and mentoring. Not everyone can become a physics champ but by your hard work, dedication and right approach towards concepts may result in making you a champion.

We all know teachers, mentors and your peers may not be available at every time to guide you through. But you may need help at any point of time. Then Concise Physics class 9 ICSE solutions PDF turns up your best friend who is available 24 x 7 x 365.

Physics and Mathematics are two such subjects, which you cannot write a single step if you don’t know the concept.   No Guess work is applicable. You have to know the concept else you will get a zero in exam. We all know that ICSE board is much tougher and stricter than CBSE. The students studying   in ICSE board’s schools need to study harder than other Children.

There are total 10 chapters in ICSE class 9 curriculum. Each chapter is important in itself from examination point of view. Some important topics are International systems of units, tabular and graphical representation of data, estimation of size and time.

The next chapter covers the rest, motion, distance, speed, time, velocity and their equations, concepts related to motion and inertia, Laws of motion and gravitation. The next chapter deals with fluid mechanics. In this chapter you will know about Archimedes principle, buoyancy, density and pressure of fluids, hydrometer and other principles of floating.

You also need to be solid in your preparation in heat and temperatures, expansions of solids, energy flow, thermometers, vacuum flasks etc. Optics unveil some basic concepts of reflection and refraction of light on regular as well as irregular surfaces, images formed by mirrors when placed on different angles, spherical mirrors and  its usage.

Nature of sound waves, sound propagation in different mediums, its speed in comparison with speed of light hearing Range and Ultrasounds & its applications are covered in the chapter Sounds which is indeed another crucial chapter. The last but not the least electricity and magnetism make the base for you higher classes.

The topics such as static electricity, electric charge and charging by friction, orbital model of atom, sparking and lightning conductors, Simple electric circuits, open and closed circuits, direction of current, Resistance in parallel and series are must to be covered.  The students studying magnetism should be well versed with magnetic field and its neutral points, properties of bar magnet, induction and magnetic compass.

If you feel difficulty in solving any problems related to any of the topics, feel free to refer to the solution book. We have tried to kept the language interactive so that student may feel as of the teacher is teaching and clearing the concepts.

All the solutions are up to date and follow the latest marking scheme by ICSE. All the solutions have been framed by extensive research by our founders and the team.

All the Concise Physics class 9 ICSE solutions are available for PDF format that too for free.

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