Selina Concise Chemistry Class 6 ICSE Solutions PDF

From class 6 onward, the general science subject is split into sections, namely physics, chemistry and biology. A different teacher is assigned for each subject who is a professional in that particular subject. Chemistry is a very interesting and scoring subject as compared to physics and biology.

Chemistry is the study of matter. From class 6 onward you need to work a little harder on understanding the concepts rather than mugging up the things. The textbook prescribed in the Selina concise Chemistry. You have to learn and understand each and every line of the book by heart.

Selina Concise Chemistry Class 6 ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download

In class 6, you are considered as grown up and all the back exercise questions are not covered in class and they are given to the students to be done on their own as homework. You may or may not be able to get the answers. Most of the students start to take tuition’s or coaching classes by paying some hefty money.

Friends, why waste so much money just for completing the homework. No one can beat you if you perform self study. For your help, we bring to you Selina Concise Chemistry class 6 ICSE solutions.

You can easily download the PDF by clicking on the download links given below that too for free. Even if you join the tuition class, you will never know that the answers you have been dictated are as per the latest pattern or not. Our solution book provides you the most latest and revised edition of PDFs.

All the solutions are as per the latest curriculum by ICSE. The language used in the book is very user friendly and interactive. The student will feel as if the teacher is teaching you. To secure good marks in your chemistry paper, here are some tips which you should follow.

  • Always underline the sentences which you feel are important while reading the chapters.
  • When you make notes of any chapter, make them point wise. This will help when you will revise the lesson.
  • Make a separate sheet for formulas or elements symbols and laws.
  • Practice diagrams or illustrations wherever necessary.
  • Read the chapter again and again and keep revising it. You will get the answers on your own.
  • Don’t rely totally on the summary of the chapter. Read it full.
  • Solve all the practice exercise given at the back 2-3 times so as to attain a firm grip over them.

All the seven chapters in class 6 chemistry have been covered chapter wise in the solution PDF. You can download chapter wise solutions as well. Class 6 forms the base of chemistry with Introduction to chemistry, apparatus, formulas and symbols of elements, mixtures, air and water. is a well known name in the educational world. We have taken every possible step to provide our users with latest and revised editions of textbooks along with its solutions.

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