Salesforce Course Details | Duration, Fee, Eligibility, Admission, Scope and Salary

Salesforce Course Details: Salesforce is a revolutionary platform built around customer relationship management. It integrates and connects customers and businesses through specialized practices and techniques that drive sales. This platform is not just limited to marketing. It also extends to the IT sector, e-commerce, and sales. As technological needs see an exponential rise, salesforce proves to be the key to a fast-paced and continually growing business space.

Salesforce involves extensive customer study that makes personalized marketing possible. It also deals with customer support issues and understands the needs and concerns of the target base, something that businesses always struggle with.

Thus, Salesforce professionals will always be in need, no matter what business or what year it is. In the post-pandemic world, as businesses see a seismic shift towards an online mode of work, salesforce opportunities are definitely on the rise. As top companies around the globe scope for salesforce professionals, it is not only wise but also the need of the hour to invest in a salesforce certification.

Now, let’s have a look at how you can study the course. Here are some Salesforce Course Details for you.

About Salesforce Course Details

Salesforce certification is one of the most revered and reputed among all other cloud computing certifications. A Certification in Salesforce will assist you in the following sectors that also form a crucial part of any recruitment process. With new radical technological solutions making their way into the market every day, a salesforce certification provides you the necessary knowledge to keep your skills up to date and increase your chances of employment.

While a lot of people venture into the field of cloud computing, global companies always look for skilled professionals with reputed certifications. With a salesforce certification, you’ll always have an edge over the others. While you may already know the fundamentals of salesforce, certification courses help you understand and decode the nuances of this CRM based service right from the grassroots. Self-guiding and digital learning resources help you take the certification course at your own pace.

Salesforce Course Details

When you apply for a certificate, you would also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in challenging projects and industry-relevant case studies. This hands-on experience is extremely important and helps you test your theoretical knowledge. Salesforce is best learned through experimental practice and a certificate course provides you with exactly what you need to give your career an ultimate boost.

Certified Salesforce Developer

Salesforce offers a three-tier developer framework, each certificate designed to gauge a developer’s potential along with rigorous testing in real-time scenarios. A developer is generally associated with personalization and is responsible for creating CRM applications specific to the client’s needs. Accordingly, the developer certification lays great emphasis on coding and data models.

  • Starting Salary: $47,000
  • On an average: $87,000

Certified Salesforce Administrator

This course specifically caters to advanced administration, creation of dashboards, reports, configuring, and automation. The primary objective is to be able to score and make optimal use of every feature and utility that a salesforce platform is capable of.

  • Starting Salary: $40,000
  • On an Average: $64,000

Salesforce Course Fee Structure

The average cost of a salesforce certificate comes close to $200-$400. An exception can be made for the salesforce technical architect course that costs a hefty $6000.Retakes generally cost half the original price.

Salesforce Course Eligibility Criteria

The minimum Salesforce Course eligibility criteria for this course is one of the following degrees:-

BBA, BCA, MCA or MBA. Additionally, a basic understanding of salesforce platforms and dynamics is preferred.

Salesforce Course Structure

The certificate comes with the promise of better job opportunities. A typical salesforce certification course involves a carefully segmented outline. 12 hours of training are allocated to industry and real-time scenario projects and the remaining 20 involve in-class practice. The lab practice will guide you and will also endow you with expertise in your specific domain. Salary hikes and other prospects are brighter for those who opt for a certification course.

Salesforce Course Job Opportunities And Scope

Salesforce is one of the hottest cloud computing services when it comes to the IT-industry. It is also the vastest and expansive in terms of choice and opportunities. Salesforce certifications are built around different needs and career trajectories, each kind catering to the interests and prospects of an individual.

Whether you wish to be a salesforce administrator, a developer, an architect, or an implementation expert, the choices and opportunities are endless. The one thing that is guaranteed is better job offers and high paying employers. There have been numerous instances when people have tripled their salary and embarked on huge scale projects after the addition of salesforce certificates to their resume.

On average, with a single credential, a professional in this domain can expect a whopping 30-40% pay hike. Additionally, the more salesforce certificates you have, the better the chances of a hike. A 2013 study concluded that a certificate helps you earn 25% more than other salesforce professionals who do not take a course. When equipped with a salesforce certification, you can expect your average salary to be close to $87,000.

Salary and Profile Offered to Salesforce Professionals

While the salaries differ from one credential to the other, they are always a notch above the average salary for a person who lacks a certificate. A salesforce certificate comes with the promise of better career prospects, regular pay hikes complemented by demand for such professionals in the market.

This course, not only benefits you monetarily and is a wise investment but also adds to your knowledge pool and helps you keep your skill set up to date. To everyone who wishes to be a part of the future that will be heavily dominated by cloud computing, a salesforce certificate becomes indispensable.

Salesforce Course Details

FAQ’s on Salesforce Course

Question 1.
How is a salesforce exam set?

Multiple choice questions crowd the majority of the paper. However, real-time and fact-based questions are also included from time to time.

Question 2.
Is there a cap on the number of times you can take the salesforce certification exam?

You are allowed to take 3 attempts for one exam. If you pass in all three but still wish to improve your score, you will have to take a one year gap.

Question 3.
Is there negative marking in a salesforce certification exam?

No. There is no negative marking and you can attempt all questions without the fear of being penalized for incorrect ones.

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