RPSC Books | Details, Syllabus, Exam Notes and Study Materials

RPSC Books and Study Materials: The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is the conducting body designing the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) exam. The RPSC is the highest state-level civil services exam conducted as a gateway to enter into the RAS.

The RPSC is a three-step civil exam that tests a candidate’s factual and conceptual information. To crack the RPSC examination, candidates should conduct thorough preparation.

Sources of information like books, reference materials, notes, and sample papers play a vital role as they provide a crisp and detailed structure of the RPSC syllabus. Therefore, candidates should understand and read through all the topics falling under the RPSC syllabus before commencing with their preparation. It’s always better for candidates to refer to the RPSC books and study materials as a few topics under the curriculum may be confusing.

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RPSC Exam Syllabus

The conducting body sets the Exam syllabus for the RAS or RTS Combined Competitive Exam- Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).

For all PSC exams, candidates should study and learn topics from the State’s perspective as well. The RPSC exam falls similar in line to the other civil service examinations, including the UPSC IAS exam.

The RPSC exam occurs in three stages- the RPSC Preliminary Stage, the RPSC Main Stage, and the RPSC Interview Stage. However, the RPSC exam curriculum falls under two categories-

  • RPSC Prelims Syllabus and
  • RPSC Mains Syllabus.

The detailed structure of the RPSC syllabus is as follows

RPSC Preliminary Syllabus

The RPSC Prelims is a screening test for which the marks remain unaccounted for the final merit list. The RPSC Prelims conducts only one paper. The paper comprises objective-type questions on General Science and General Knowledge.

The RPSC Prelims paper comprises 150 questions for 200 marks and three hours.

The basic overview comprising a list of the topics that fall under the RPSC Prelims subdivides into topics or section focusing on Rajasthan and general topics as follows:

General Topics Rajasthan-Specific Topic
Indian Economy and Economic Concepts Economy of Rajasthan
Indian History regarding to Ancient, Medieval, and Modern period Rajasthan’s Literature, Tradition, Culture, Art, History and Heritage
Reasoning and Mental Ability Administrative and Political System of Rajasthan
Indian Political System, Indian Constitution and Indian Governance Rajasthan’s Geography Features
Geography regarding to India and World Current Affairs and Event-related to Rajasthan
Science and Technology
Current Affairs and Events

RPSC Mains Syllabus

The RPSC Mains conducts four papers. The paper comprises theoretical or descriptive type questions sectioned as short, medium and long questions. Each paper holds three units on General subjects and General Knowledge. Each of the RPSC Mains papers is for 200 marks and three hours. The RPSC Mains holds no optional papers unlike a few of the other civil service exams. The marks obtained from the RPSC Mains remain counted in the final merit list.

Paper-One General Studies Paper-I
  • Unit-1 is on  History
  • Unit-2 is about Economics
  • Unit-3 is about Sociology, Management, Accounting and Auditing
Paper-Two General Studies Paper-II
  • Unit-1 based on Administrative Ethics
  • Unit-2 based on General Science and Technology
  • Unit-3 based on Earth Science regarding to Geography and Geology
Paper-Three General Studies Paper-III
  • Unit-1 based on Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs
  • Unit-2 based on Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management
  • Unit-3 based on Sports and Yoga, Behaviour and Law
Paper-Four General English and General Hindi Papers
  • Unit-1 based on Grammar and Usage
  • Unit-2 based on Comprehension, Translation and Precis Writing
  • Unit-3 based on Composition and Letter Writing

The RPSC Interview or Viva Voce or Personality Test stage is for 100 marks and the questions asked during this stage aims to test the candidate’s attitude, personality and assess his or her overall suitability for a career in administration.

RPSC Exam Notes and Books

The RPSC exam is a Combined Competitive Exam (CCE) conducted by the Rajasthan Government to recruit eligible candidates for several vacancies in the Administrative department.

The RPSC exam tests the conceptual and factual information of the candidates and the standard of papers test the subject knowledge and current affairs or events about the State.

Candidates can check the below-mentioned important books broken up in a subject-wise manner. These books aim to aid the preparation for the Rajasthan state-related topics or questions in the RPSC exam.

Subject Name Book Name
History of Rajasthan
  • Book published by Lakhya publication
  • Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi Publications Book
Political Science and Administrative System of Rajasthan
  • Laxmikant’s Indian Polity Rajasthan Book
  • Indian parliament by Subhash Kasyshap
Current Affairs or Current General Knowledge Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Bhaskar
History of India NCERT Class XII history Notes
The Economy of Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Studies School Textbooks
  • Book by Lakshya publication
Math’s, Mental Ability and Reasoning
  • Kiran Publication Mathematics Book
  • R.S. Agarwal and S.Chand publications Book
Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of Rajasthan
  • Book by Rai publications
  • Book by Lakshya Prakashan
  • Book by Arihant publications
Geography of India
  • NCERT Class XII  Books
  • NCERT Class XI  Books
Rajasthan General Knowledge
  • The monthly Sujas
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Edition
  • Bharat 2013
  • Monthly edition of  P.D. and Chronicle
The Economy of India
  • Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri
  • Shastri IAS Economy Guide
  • Bhartiya Arthvayavastha by Datt Sundaram
Geography of Rajasthan
  • Books by Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi Publications
  • Raj Kumar Sharma’s Rajasthan Geography Book
General Science and Technology NCERT Class VI to Class X Science TextBooks

RPSC Exam Study Materials

The Rajasthan Government conducts the RPSC civil services examination to recruit eligible candidates for various vacancies in the State Administration. The RPSC exam designs standard papers to test a candidate’s subject knowledge along with State and Country’s current affairs and events.

Apart from subject books knowledge, candidates should also refer and practice various other study materials such as the NCERT Notes and Newspapers. Candidates can even download NCERT notes from the official website and refer them for their RPSC preparation. Given below are a list of a few of the recommended RPSC preparation study materials that aid the candidate’s reading and practice:

  • Budget and Economic Surveys
  • State Board Notes
  • NCERT Notes

As stated earlier, NCERT Notes are universally recommended for starters or beginners preparing for any of the Civil Services examinations as these notes are of great help. Candidates can segregate the highlights and jolt make their notes from the NCERT books as it helps during the time of revision. A few of the recommended NCERT books for the RPSC examination as are follows:

  • NCERT Notes on Ancient Indian and Rajasthan History Notes
  • NCERT Notes on Art And Culture
  • NCERT Notes on Medieval Indian and Rajasthan History Notes
  • NCERT Notes on Geography Notes
  • NCERT Notes on Modern Indian and Rajasthan History Notes

Candidates can also refer to the subject-based notes from their schools either in English or Hindi such as- Environment Notes, Polity Notes, Science and Technology Notes, and Economics Notes. These study materials play a crucial role in the holistic RPSC exam preparation.

Conclusion on RPSC Books

The RPSC exam organised by the Rajasthan Government is a well-known civil service examination. A few of the best and highly recommended subjects books, notes, and other various study materials mentioned in this article aim to help the aspiring candidates at the time of preparations.

FAQ’s on RPSC Books

Question 1. 
What are a few preparation tips that aid the study for RPSC exams?

A few RPSC preparation tips that help candidates to crack the exam are-

  • Candidates preparing for the RPSC exam should have a good collection of right text and reference books.
  • Candidates must avoid Television and other screens that act as distractions.
  • Candidates must start their preparation through a proper timetable and schedule each subject accordingly.
  • Read more newspapers, books, magazines and various other news sources that keep one updated on current affairs and events.
  • Candidates must ensure to revise often and solve sample papers as revision.

Question 2. 
What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the RPSC examination?

The eligibility criteria for the RPSC examination comprises age limit, nationality, and educational qualification.

  • For educational qualification: Candidates must hold a graduate degree either from a university recognised by the Government in consultation with the RPSC or the University incorporated by an Act of the Central Legislature.
  • Age Limit: The lower age limit is 21 years of age, and the Upper age limit is 40 years of age.
  • Nationality: The aspiring candidate must be an Indian citizen.

Question 3.
How many papers does the RPSC exam hold?

The RPSC exam occurs in three stages- the RPSC Preliminary Stage, the RPSC Main Stage, and the RPSC Interview Stage.

The RPSC Prelims conducts only one paper that comprises objective-type questions on General Science and General Knowledge for 200 marks and three hours.

The RPSC Mains conducts four papers which are either theoretical or descriptive, and each paper holds three units for 200 marks and three hours.

The RPSC Interview or Viva Voce or Personality Test stage is for 100 marks and the questions test candidate’s attitude, personality and assess his or her overall suitability for a career in administration.

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