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RBI is all set to conduct RBI Grade B examinations, which involve two phases of examinations such as Phases I and Phase II, followed by a final interview of the shortlisted candidates. Aspirants interested and want to make a good career in the finance sector can apply for this post. The examination phases test the candidate’s command over the English Language, Logical Reasoning, and conceptual and factual capabilities. The aspirants will have to pre-prepare for the examination with certain self-study modules. We have piled up a great set of RBI books for Grade B, which would be helpful and knowledgeable; if studied sincerely, you can surely crack the examination with good grades. Though these books will get you good grades and clear the examination and will be useful and pretty knowledgeable enough. 

RBI Grade B Post

Every year the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) conducts a Grade B officer examinations to pick the most suitable candidates for the post. What exactly are the RBI grade B position, the duties, and responsibilities of the officer?  This particular position in the RBI is solely dedicated to maintaining the department’s cash flow every day. The officer has to record all the day-to-day activities of cash inflow and outflow in the exact order for banking. The grade B officer will also handle the banks for swift and smooth functioning with its regular operations. However, it is the managerial level in RBI; also, the responsibilities will differ with regards to which departments you have been placed in. 

RBI Grade B Examination

This particular examination is conducted for recruiting grade B officers, and every applicant applying for this post will have to attend and clear the rounds of examinations and interviews. Yes, it is a bit long process, but if you have the right knowledge, then it would seem easy. This grade is a sought after position in the Banking sector. It gives you job security, with a good salary and of course, the benefits are amazing!  The examination will be conducted during October 2020, and the examination dates are mentioned in the exam notification released in August 2020. If you seek a good career in the finance sector, then an RBI grade B post should be the perfect suitability for you. All those successful candidates will be posted and placed as officers in the following departments with different responsibilities:

  • Officers in Grade B (General department)
  • Officers in Grade B (Department of Economic and Policy Research)
  • Officers in Grade B (Department of Statistics and Information Management)

The examination notification is expected to be released and announced by October 2020 or probably in October 2020. Online registration began in September 2019. The examination was conducted until December 2019. The final interview is expected to be conducted on October 5 and October 12, 2020. 

RBI Grade B Preparation

Of course, you all might have already passed the examinations and are waiting for the final interview announcements. However, this year once again, there will be another recruitment process for the same post. The dedicated aspirants will soon have to begin with the same preparation, as there would be more competition this year than the previous year. Here we have mentioned a few tips on preparing for the post of RBI Grade B officer post.

  • Yes, there is no time left to prepare, and the candidates should start preparing for the examination with all and the entire Syllabus and revise the Syllabus completely.
  • There are many practice papers and tests available online; you have to attend these tests to be prepared with time allotment during your examination.
  • The mock tests you will attend will give you strategies to use in your examination with a stipulated time.
  • The aspirants can also go through or even probably attend the previous year question papers, which will help you identify the examination’s difficulty level.
  • Finally, you have to select the right books to read; you cannot just go through any and every book that you come across.

RBI Grade B Syllabus

The Syllabus for the RBI Grade B examination is not wide, but it is a bit lengthy, and hence one should know how to manage time according to every section of your examination and the Syllabus.

  • The first part would be English, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, error findings, jumble words, comprehension, sentence formation, and framing, which will help the examiners know your basic ability in the language.
  • Quantitative aptitude test is a part where your mathematical ability is tested regarding concepts like time and work, distance, speed, probability, average, ratios, percentage, data interpretation, and a lot more than would be applied in your regular responsibilities of the post.
  • Logical Reasoning is another part of the Syllabus where there would be puzzles to be solved with different difficulty levels, directions, and distance, seating arrangements, data sufficiency, coding and decoding, blood relations, etc.
  • Furthermore, lastly, comes the general awareness. There would be questions related to your general knowledge, most questions related to the banking and finance sector, economics, government, schemes, and similar areas.

RBI Grade B Books

Here are some of the best books available for RBI Grade B job and syllabus preparation, which covers both phases I and II, and that also covers all the topics required in the examination.

  • Indian Financial System – Bharati Pathak –Development Financial Institutions

The book encompasses different levels and developments in the Indian financial system while also discussing the components of financial markets is a critical and analytical manner. The book is divided into four sections, which consults the relationship between economic growth and financial growth, objectives, elements, and the Indian financial system’s entire management.

  • Indian Economy – Puri and Misra – (Commercial Banking, The Reserve Bank of India)

The book entirely talks about the Indian economy, its history, and the different methods used to raise the economy, which also speaks of the growing dimensions in the economy.

  • Business Studies Part II Financial Markets by NCERT

Business Studies book mentions details on the management principles, financial markets, economy, growth, and developments.

  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

The book is based on the UPSC syllabus, which links to the current developments from all the levels and aspects of the Indian economy. 

  • Financial Management- Prasanna Chandra

The book discusses everything about modern finance, developments from different aspects. It also explains the financial decision-making techniques to be more effective and productive.

  • Introductory Macroeconomics

It teaches the basic principles of consumer issues, national economic issues, inflation, unemployment, government economic policy, demand and supply model, international finance, and trade.

  • Indian economy Development- Uma Kapila

It discusses the basic economic development issues, policy regimes, structural changes, sectoral trends, and a few methods and techniques for growth and development.

FAQS on RBI Grade B Books

  • What are some good English books for RBI grade B exams?

The aspirants can refer to high school grammar and composition, objectives General English, and word power made easy. 

  • Can the candidates refer to the institutionally based modules for preparation?

They are a complete comprehensive material that surrounds all the knowledge and preparation required to crack RBI Grade B examinations.

  • Do the books contain solved questions papers?

Not all the books contain these facilities, but yes, some of the books have solved question papers combined with previous year question papers.

  • Does RBI recommend any books for Grade B preparations?

RBI recommends books only for the Phase II examinations; for phase I, you will have to prepare with self-study.

  • Can I also refer to finance magazines or banking sector magazines?

Yes, it is recommended that you gain knowledge from anywhere and everywhere, and as much as possible.  Conclusion You can go through all these books and other important subjects and concepts that include macro and microeconomics, sociology, growth and development, monetary and fiscal policy, and budgetary of the country with different government policies. These books will cover you for the examinations in both the Phases and guide you through your job role and responsibilities.

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