Pollution Speech | Speech on Pollution for Students and Children in English

Pollution Speech: Pollution continues to be one of the most significant problems of this century. It has become a chronic problem of every nation to face various kinds of pollution ranging from soil, land, air, water to even radioactive pollution. Humanity is well aware of what pollution is and how it has adverse effects on humans and all living organisms. Pollution is such a thing that poisons the mother earth with its ill-effects causes imbalance in the ecosystem, which leads to hazardous natural disasters and many harmful diseases.

Many such harmful effects include soil erosion, tsunamis, landslides, floods, drought, and diseases such as cancer.

However, with changing times, pollution is now associated with natural resources and pollution of human-made resources. Thus, now there are new kinds of pollution, such as visual pollution. Visual pollution refers to the impacts of pollution on the aesthetics of a human. Visual pollution causes disturbance in humans’ humans’ peace, such as the electric wires running across the roads, wastes left unattended, open drains, sewage canals, etc.

Long and Short Speeches on Pollution for Students and Kids in English

Below mentioned are the short and long speeches covering the topic “Pollution.” The word limit is approximately 500 words. The students and kids can refer to this speech and accordingly restructure the essay based on their requirements.

Speech on Pollution

Long Speech on Pollution 500 words in English

Long Speech on Pollution is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Good morning/evening to everyone present here.

Let us take a moment to think about how we, as a generation, have contributed to the growth of pollution. There is no one in particular whom we can blame or call out to increase the level of pollution. The entire humankind is responsible for the continuous rise in pollution. The harmful effluents and substances released in the atmosphere by the factories, industries, and plants contaminate the environment, which is very harmful to humans to live in such an atmosphere.

These wastes generated are directly drained out to the larger water bodies (rivers, ponds, seas, and oceans), which get mixed in due course with the drinking water causing water pollution. The toxins that get mixed with the water like various bacteria, germs, etc. can be life-threatening to the living beings consuming this water daily.

Land pollution is one of the most dangerous kinds of pollution, leading to a huge number of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. air pollution is another vital matter that we should be concerned about. Air pollution refers to the toxic materials present in the air that has risen to the extent that it can become a threat to all living beings. The harmful toxins in the air deplete the ozone layer and enable harmful Ultra Violet radiation from the sun to directly enter Earth, causing serious health problems.

These toxins also are the major reason for acid rain, which damages the age-old monuments of the world. Next comes water pollution, which has posed a serious threat to the aquatic life on Earth, endangering various aquatic species’ species’ lives. The industrial waste sewage, oil spills, and wastewater also contribute to the cause of water pollution. The amount of drinking water is reducing with each passing day, putting the lives of many in distress.

Radioactive pollution is another dangerous kind of pollution that has severer effects on the living population. It consists of the harmful alpha beta and gamma rays along with free neutrons. Some of the major harmful effects include skin cancer, burning of the skin, improper organ build-up of the offsprings, etc.

Knowingly or unknowing humanity has themselves given rise to many harmful elements to receive the benefits by exploiting nature. One example in this regard can be that of the use of fertilizers. We created fertilizers to increase the production of food crops; however, this has become one of the major reasons for land and water pollution due to the chemicals present in those fertilizers. Numerous such examples can be given in this regard. However, I will not be going into the details of it.

Thus, as a community, it is our sole responsibility to fight against pollution by minimizing the uses of non-biodegradable substances and use more eco-friendly things. We can overcome pollution by taking up simple measures in our day to day lives; thus, taking small measures is of utmost importance from the very start. Even simple things like using jute bags instead of plastic can go a long way.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Pollution 150 Words in English

Short Speech on Pollution is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Good morning/ evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today I will be talking about a rising problem of our generation which has been a concern for over a decade, that is pollution. I will keep the speech short and not take much of your time. Thus, I will not go into a detailed explanation about what pollution is and what its effects are, because, by this time, we are all well aware of it.

In my speech, I will mainly talk about our responsibility to save the environment and our upcoming generation from facing the more severe consequences of pollution. The awareness should be implemented among the kids at a basic level from day to day life.

It is high time that we take action against pollution and put a ban on the usage of different carcinogenic compounds such as polymers. No matter how efficient they are, utilizing more eco-friendly vehicles will also help us curb pollution. It should be a combined effort to build a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and attention.

Pollution Speech

10 Lines on Pollution Speech in English

  1. Global warming is one of the most dangerous effects of pollution. It is caused due to the depletion of the ozone layer.
  2. We think that pollution is a recent problem, but it has been there ever since the invention of fire.
  3. The industrial revolution was a key event that kick-started the process of pollution.
  4. Pollution growth is an understated yet a major catalyst for any pollution.
  5. The cleaner air law dates back to the early 1880s.
  6. Chicago and Cincinnati were the first two American cities to enact the cleaner air law.
  7. Recently, the term POP (persistent organic pollutant) is used to describe a group of chemicals.
  8. Pollution is another reason for the melting of the ice caps, thus giving rise to the sea level.
  9. It also is a cause behind the extinction of various species.
  10. The migration of birds worldwide has been disrupted due to pollution.

FAQ’s on Pollution Speech

Question 1.
Currently, what are the different types of pollution?

Noise, air, water, land, soil, etc. are the different types of pollution.

Question 2.
What can be done to curb pollution?

The main solution to curb pollution is to make ordinary people aware of the existing scenario and understand the importance of the issue of pollution so that people value the environment in which they live.

Question 3.
Which elements are responsible for air pollution?

Ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide are some of the most common elements leading to air pollution.

Question 4. 
What is BS-IV?

BSI, BSII, BSIV are all Bharat stage emission standards implemented by the Government of India.

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