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Candidates can get guidance regarding the Operation Research Notes & Study Material from here. Apart from the regular study material we also provided important questions, reference books syllabus, etc. Students pursuing their B.Tech can use the direct links available on our page to access the Operation Research Notes. Make sure you use all the ultimate resources for preparation and score well in the exam.

Mechanical Engineering Operation Research Notes PDF

Candidates pursuing the B.Tech can have a look at the Operation Research Notes existing here. You can access the Operation Research Study Material & Notes through the quick links available. Access the Previous Year Question Papers too so that you can estimate the kind of questions to appear in the exam. Have deeper insight into the topics and get a grip on the fundamentals of the subject.

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Operation Research Reference Books

Having the right books during preparation will always be an extra edge during your preparation. We have compiled some of the best books for Operation Research that can ace up your preparation. Begin your preparation right now so that it becomes easy for you to score more marks. Pick any of the following Operation Research Books based on the level of understanding and prepare accordingly. Make the most out of these preparation aids and have an indepth knowledge of the concepts.

  • P. Sankara Iyer,” Operations Research”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2008
  • J K Sharma. “Operations Research Theory & Applications, 3e”, Macmillan India Ltd, 2007
  • A.M. Natarajan, P. Balasubramani, A. Tamilarasi, “Operations Research”, Pearson Education, 2005
  • N.V.S. Raju, “Operations Research”, HI-TECH, 2002
  • J K Sharma., “Operations Research, Problems and Solutions, 3e”, Macmillan India Ltd
  • P. K. Gupta and D. S. Hira, “Operations Research”, S. Chand & co., 2007

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Operation Research Syllabus

Operation Research Syllabus is designed in a way that it boosts the knowledge and polishes the skills of students. The Syllabus varies from institute to institute and the core of it remains the same. Have a look at the Operation Research Exam Syllabus prevailing and get to know the topics you need to cover. Check out the Unitwise Operation Research Syllabus PDF and know the concepts in advance. Make your preparation plan in accordance with the Syllabus or Curriculum over here. Complete all the topics in advance so that you will not have any difficulty while attempting the exam.

Unit – I

Introduction to Operations Research: Basics definition, scope, objectives, phases, models, and limitations of Operations Research. Linear Programming Problem – Formulation of LPP, Graphical solution of LPP. Simple Method, Artificial variables, big-M method, two-phase method, degeneracy, and unbound solutions.

Unit – II

Transportation Problem, Formulation, solution, unbalanced Transportation problem, Finding basic feasible solutions, Northwest corner rule, least cost method, and Vogel’s approximation method, Optimality test: the stepping stone method and MODI method

Unit – III

Assignment model. Formulation. The Hungarian method for the optimal solution, Solving the unbalanced problem, Traveling salesman problem and assignment problem Sequencing models, Solution of Sequencing Problem, Processing n Jobs through 2 Machines, Processing n Jobs through 3 Machines, Processing 2 Jobs through m machines, Processing n Jobs through m Machines

Unit – IV

Dynamic programming, Characteristics of dynamic programming, Dynamic programming approach for Priority Management employment smoothening, capital budgeting, Stage Coach/Shortest Path, cargo loading, and Reliability problems Games Theory, Competitive games, rectangular game, saddle point, minimax (maximin) method of optimal strategies, value of the game, Solution of games with saddle points, dominance principle, Rectangular games without saddle point, mixed strategy for 2 X 2 games.

Unit -V

Replacement Models, The Replacement of Items that Deteriorate whose maintenance costs increase with time without a change in the money value, Replacement of items that fail suddenly: individual replacement policy, group replacement policy

Unit – VI

Inventory models, Inventory costs, Models with deterministic demand – model (a) demand rate uniform and production rate infinite, model (b) demand rate non-uniform and production rate infinite, model (c) demand rate uniform, and production rate finite.

Important Questions List for Operation Research

Aspirants willing to appear for the Operation Research Exam should go through the list of the important questions over here. There are more chances of appearing in the exam. So, read the review questions without fail and crack the exam with confidence.

  • Explain briefly the characteristics of a queuing system?
  • Find the optimal economic order quantity for a product having the following characteristics: Annual demand=2400 unit Ordering cost=Rs.100 Cost of storage=24% of unit cost.
  • A TV repairman finds that the time spent on his jobs has an exponential distribution with mean 30 minutes. If he repairs sets in the order in which they come in, and if the arrival of sets is approximately Poison with an average rate of 10 per 8 hour day, what is repairman’s expected idle time each day? How many jobs are ahead of the average set just brought in?
  • What are the demerits of dynamic programming?
  • Discuss the types of simulation models?
  • What do you understand by simulation? Explain briefly its advantages and disadvantages?
  • What are the pre-requisites for applying dynamic programming?

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FAQs on Operation Research Notes

1. What books should I read to learn Operation Research?

We have compiled some of the best books for Operation Research recommended by subject experts. They are as follows

  • P. Sankara Iyer,” Operations Research”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2008
  • J K Sharma. “Operations Research Theory & Applications, 3e”, Macmillan India Ltd, 2007
  • A.M. Natarajan, P. Balasubramani, A. Tamilarasi, “Operations Research”, Pearson Education, 2005

2. Where can I get Operation Research Notes & Study Material PDF?

Aspirants can get the Operation Research Notes & Study Material in PDF Format through the direct links available on our page.

3. How can I Learn Operation Research?

You can learn Operation Research subject through the ultimate preparation resources available on our page like Study Material, Notes, Syllabus, Review Questions, etc.


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