Class 3 Olympiad Books & Study Materials For Preparation | Get Best Olympiad Class 3 Textbooks for Level 1 & Level 2

Best Books for Olympiad Class 3 Exam Preparation: Teachers, students, and parents who are looking for the best Olympiad class 3 books can avail on this page. Aspirants who want to perform well in the Olympiad exams should aware of this certain NCO, IIO, IEO, IGKO, IMO, NSO, UIMO exam books. To make you aware of it and to guide you at your preparation, we are providing the list of best Olympiad Class 3 books. These Olympiad Class 3 Books will assist you to enhance your talents and skills in the respective subject.

By participating in such Olympiad exams, students can improve their analytical & critical thinking skills in a better way and it helps them to become more passionate about the subject. So, parents and teachers are recommended to observe the students who need some push and encourage them to participate in these Olympiad exams in class 3 or from an early age. To clear the exams and reach your goal, you should make use of these ultimate guides i.e., Olympiad books for Class 3 preparation.

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Best Olympiad Books For Class 3 Exam Preparation | Check NCO, NSO, IIO, IEO, IMO Class 3 Books & Study Materials

Olympiad Examinations are conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) every year to identify young students’ capabilities and talents all over the world. Olympiad exam is a unique competitive platform for school students from class 1 to 10 to prove their skills and improve them by learning in various ways. From class 3 onwards SOF Olympiad Exams are classified into two levels; Level 1 and Level 2. Class 3 students should perform well in both levels to clear the Olympiad exams.

There are some popular Olympiad exams for class 3 students to appear. Students can go for any Olympiad examination and enhance their skills and knowledge about the subject. Candidates qualified in level 1 can sit in level 2 so go through with the following Olympiad books for Class 3 exams and win at the international stage. Access the links and directly jump into the selected Olympiad exam book list for class 3 and prepare well.

Now, let’s look into the list of best Olympiad books for Class 3 for certain exams.

NCO (National Cyber Olympiads) Class 3 Books

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) conducts the NCO (National Cyber Olympiads) annually for school students. SOF is the most respected talent search exam in Asia countries. NCO test the computer and reasoning abilities of the aspirants and creates some good vibes to inculcate the subjects as their career in the future. The best National Cyber Olympiad Class 3 books are listed below:

  • National Olympiad Workbook 3, Meetu Misra, Edition 2019-2020
  • Reasoning Workbook 3, Pallavi Agarwal, Edition 2019-2020
  • National Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS), MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2019-2020

Good Books for NSO (National Science Olympiads) Class 3

The NSO (National Science Olympiad) conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) every year to identify young talent across the world. NSO concentrates on the scientific and logical reasoning abilities of class 3 students. In order to gain more knowledge about these subjects, aspirants have to refer the following NSO Class 3 preparation books:

  • Learning Science for Smarter Life, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2017-2018
  • Environmental Studies for Smarter Life, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2017-2018
  • Olympiad Prep Guide, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2019-2020

Best Books for Class 3 IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad)

Every year SOF conducts the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) for class 1 to 10 students to identify the talented ones. For Class 3 students, the IGKO exam paper includes 35 MCQ questions duration of 60 minutes. After appearing the exam, the SPR report will be available for candidates to compare the performance with other students at International, City, School, and Zonal level. In order to score high, you have listed the following IGKO Books for Class 3 Exam preparation:

  • IGKO Daily Online Practice Sets, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2018-2019
  • Learning and Knowing for Smarter Life, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2017-2018
  • IGKO Olympiad Workbook 3, Raghav Singh, Edition 2019-2020

Class 3 IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) Books for Preparation

IMO Exam helps students to grasp the fundamental Mathematics topics to excel in the subject. This International Mathematics Olympiad can assess the aspirant’s control over the Maths subject. To crack this exam by class 3 students, need to ace up their preparation with the following best IMO books. The books for IMO class 3 preparation are as under:

  • Maths Practice-cum-Workbook, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2019-2020
  • IMO Olympiad Workbook 3, Mahabir Singh, Edition 2019-2020
  • Learning Mathematics for Smarter Life, MTG Editorial Board, Edition 2017-2018

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IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 3 Textbooks

International English Olympiad (IEO) estimates the student’s knowledge & control over English grammar and language. To make you fluent in English and to perform well in the exam, all you need is the best class 3 IEO books. And these books are tabulated here by our team to help during your preparation for the IEO. So, refer to the below tabulated IEO Best Book for Class 3 and score high.

Name of the Book Description
IEO Olympiad Workbook 3, Zarrin Ali Khan, Edition 2019-2020 The workbook will assist aspirants to become aware of the several types of questions asked in IEO. Also, this book comprises previous years’ question papers along with answer keys.

Textbooks for Class 3 IIO (International Informatics Olympiad)

IIO Exam conducts by SOF and it consists of 50 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. Appearing students are tested in three levels i.e., Computer science, Reasoning & Aptitude, and Scholar’s Zone. Class 3 students should clear all three sections within a one-hour duration. If you do thorough preparation & have a grip on time management skills then you can easily crack this IIO. Thorough preparation can be done via the best books of IIO. So, we have compiled IIO Class 3 Books in the below table for the sake of your preparation so check out the book from here:

Name of the Book Description
Silver Zone Olympiad Books Computer (Informatics) IIO Comprihenshive Book Class 3, Silver Zone, Edition 2018 The book covers all the relevant topics in detail along with exercises at the end of each chapter. The book will help and guide the aspirants with the format of IIO and other Olympiad exams as well.

Best Books for UIMO (Unified International Mathematics Olympiad) Class 3

Unified International Mathematics Olympiad (UIMO) is a program-based exam that evaluates the aspirants’ weak points and strong points in Maths subject. The main aim of this UIMO is to enlighten young students spirt of competition and help them do better and improve skills and affection about the subject. In the UIMO exam paper, students can expect the questions from Logical Reasoning, Mathematics, and Critical thinking. To help you all, we have mentioned class 3 important books for UIMO and these prep books will surely assist candidates to stand out in the competition with the highest scores.

  • International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Work Book Class – 3, MTG Editorial Board, Edition – 2017-208
  • IOM 3 International Olympiad of MATHEMATICS Class 3 Previous Year Question Papers with Answers, Silver Zone, Edition – 2018

FAQs on Important Books of Olympiad Class 3

1. Which book is best for Olympiad 3rd Class Exam Preparation?

Telling one specific best book for Olympiad preparation is really tough and it also depends on designed expert teachers. So, to clear all your doubts and make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of all Olympiad best books for Class 3 students on our page. Check out the good Olympiad books for Class 3 and kick start your preparation.

2. How do I prepare for class 3 Olympiad?

To excel in these Olympiad exams, students of the 3rd class should do a solid preparation before appearing the exams. This happens by practicing a complete Olympiad syllabus using the best books and taking online tests while preparation. By taking the online mock tests you can train in all aspects and helps you to score well in the Class 3 Olympiad examination.

3. Where can I get Olympiad Class 3 Books for both Level 1 and Level 2?

Aspirants can get the Level 1 and Level 2 Olympiad Books for Class 3 from our page. Access the books over here and practice all the concepts included in the syllabus by using these best books for Olympiad class 3 & secure more marks.

4. Which is the best website to find the list of best Olympiad Textbooks for 3rd standard students? is the most reliable and best website that provides complete details about the Olympiad Class 3 books and other exam preparation resources also. The team of this portal dig deep for gathering the best Olympiad class 3 books in order to help their viewers during their preparation. So, visit the site and check out the best books for class 3 Olympiad exam preparation.


We think now you got enough data about the books and study materials for the Class 3 Olympiad exams. In the above article, we have covered the best Olympiad books for Class 3. So, make the most out of these Olympiad Class 3 books and ace up your preparation effectively. If you have any doubts or need any prep resources for Olympiad Class 3 examination, please ask us via the comment section below. We’ll back soon with the best possible solution. Moreover, visit our site and find Olympiad books for Class 1 along with other information too.

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