OBC Certificate | Format, Guidelines, How To Apply? Classification, Documents Required

OBC Certificate: What is OBC? The term OBC stands for Other Backward Class. It is collectively used by the Indian Government to identify castes that are socially deprived or educationally backward.

Need of OBC Certificate

Individuals who fall under this category are mostly underprivileged and need the aid of the government. Hence, this certificate is issued to such individuals seeking government-sponsored funding for education or professional benefit programs. The certificate also enabled the OBC candidates to seek government jobs with reservations for the same.

Classification of OBC

The OBC category is further divided into two categories:

  • Creamy Layer OBC
  • Non-creamy Layer OBC

Creamy Layer OBC

Individuals who fall under the creamy layer of OBC are defined as having an annual family income of more than INR 8 lakhs. Moreover, if the parents of candidates hold a group A or group B officer post before the age of 40, then the candidate is said to belong to the Creamy layer of OBC.

Non-creamy Layer OBC

Non-creamy layer OBC candidates will have an annual family income of less than INR 8 lakhs. Moreover, if the parents of such candidates do not hold a Group A or Group B government post, nor any constitutional post, then they are said to fall under the Non-creamy layer.

OBC Certificate

How to Apply for OBC Certificate

Candidates have the option of applying for an OBC certificate through offline and online means.

Offline Method to Apply for OBC Certificate

  • Candidates must visit either a Revenue Office, SETU/CSC centres, SDM office or Tehsil office.
  • Candidates must request an OBC Certificate application form from any of the above-stated offices
  • Ensure to fill up all the required details
  • If the candidate’s father is no more, then they will need their closest blood relative’s caste certificate
  • Choose the caste option that you are applying for
  • If the candidate has migrated from their home state, they need to mention this fact in their application
  • Self-declaration has to the signed for the application to be processed successfully
  • Submit a copy of the documents as stated in the application form. To ensure that the documents are self-attested
  • If all the aforementioned steps are performed correctly, then the candidate will get their certificate within a span of 30 – 35 days

Online Method to Apply for OBC Certificate

Note: not every state offers the provision to register online. Moreover, the process of online registration may slightly vary from state to state as their application portals are different. Following is a general guideline to apply through online means:

  • Visit your state’s respective website for applying for an OBC Certificate. Alternatively, candidates just can just google “OBC Certificate” along with the name of their state. Doing so will most likely show the website where the respective state’s application is processed.
  • In most instances, candidates will have to create a new account within the portal. This new account will also have a username and password to securely access their account.
  • Click on “apply for caste certificate” or any other link in the website which implies the same.
  • Fill in the required details correctly. Do not omit any details unless specified
  • Candidates will also have to upload scanned copies of their documents.
  • After filling in the application and uploading all the required documents, candidates must submit the application
  • After submission, candidates may get an acknowledgment, which they are instructed to save.
  • If the aforementioned process is done without errors, then the candidate will be issued their OBC certificate, which can be accessed from the portal or through their email.

List of Required Documents/Checklist for OBC Certificate

The following are the list of documents to be submitted/ uploaded at the time of application. Kindly ensure to attest to the copies of the documents before submission.

  • SSLC marksheet/ admit card/ school certificate of the applicant
  • Aadhar card of the candidate/ candidate’s father/ closest blood relative (in case the father is no more)
  • Caste certificate of a blood relative with the applicant
  • Voter ID/ Ration card of the application
  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • Passport photographs of the applicant (3-5)
  • Domicile certificate (if required)
  • Income certificate issued from local councilor/ salary slip from the head of the department
  • Income tax returns for past 3 consecutive years

Official OBC Certificate Format

Following is a certificate format used by Other Backward Classes when applying for posts under the Government of India.

OBC Certificate Format

This is to certify that Shri/ Smt./ Kumari _____ son/daughter of ______ of village/town ______ in  District/Division _____ in the State/Union Territory ______ belongs to the _____community, which is recognized as a Backward Class under the Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s resolution no# ___ dated ___ *.

Shri/Smt./Kumari ______ and/or his/her family ordinarily reside(s) in the __ District/Division of the _____ State/Union Territory. This is also to certify that he/she does not belong to the persons/sections (Creamy Layer) mentioned in Column 3 of the Schedule to the Government of India, Department of Personnel & Training OM No. 36012/22/93-Estt.(SCT) dated 08.09.1993**.

District Magistrate

Dy Commissioner etc


Authorized Seal:

(*) The authority issuing the certificate may have to mention the details of the Resolution of Government of India, in which the caste of the candidate is mentioned as OBC

(**) As amended from time to time

FAQ’s on OBC Certificate

Question 1.
What is OBC?

OBC is an abbreviation for Other Backward Classes – a term used by the Indian Government to identify castes that are socially and/or educationally backward.

Question 2.
What is the purpose of an OBC Certificate?

OBC certificates are issued to individuals that are socially and economically disadvantaged. It provides opportunities for such candidates to seek government-sponsored funding for education or even reservation for seeking government jobs.

Question 3.
What are the methods to apply for an OBC Certificate?

Candidates can apply online or offline for their OBC certificate. For either, they will have to submit a filled application form along with supporting documents. However, please note that not every state has the provision to issue an OBC certificate online.

Question 4.
What are the categories of OBC?

OBC category can be divided into two categories – Creamy Layer OBC and Non-creamy Layer OBC.

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