NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths Term 1 and Term 2 [Updated 2021-22]

Maths is one of the most important subjects for high school students as it covers all fundamentals topics in a comprehensive manner. So, students are advised to download NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths PDFs Chapter-wise from the available links and kickstart the preparation.

Practice each and every concept of the 7th class math chapters and solve the problems effectively in the final CBSE 7th Maths Board Exam. Our subject experts designed these chapterwise PDF formatted NCERT 7th Maths Solutions in a simple language based on the NCERT Textbooks and the latest CBSE Guidelines.

CBSE NCERT Solutions Class 7 Maths Chapter-wise & Exercise-wise Free PDF Download

Students who seem emphasized seeking step-by-step and detailed NCERT Maths Textbook Solutions for Class 7 can get them at NCERTBooks.Guru in a very explanative manner. So, download the NCERT Solutions for Class 7th Maths by going through the below exercise-wise chapters links and start preparing all the concepts of mathematics efficiently.

All these exercises questions and answers are formed by our subject teachers to help students during exam preparation and achieve their academic goals with good scores. Simply click on the respective chapter links of Maths NCERT 7th Class Solutions PDFand prepare thoroughly for your examinations.

Chapter 1 Integers

One of the main concepts in Mathematics is Integers. Studying more about the major topic will guide solve the related problems so easily at any time and also help in facing higher classes concepts. In this chapter, you are going to learn the exercise-wise concepts like properties and operations of integers, the addition and the subtraction of the integers, properties of addition and subtraction of integers, multiplication & division of integers, properties of multiplication and division of integers.

Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals

NCERT Book Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals start explaining the concepts of the operations of multiplication and division on fractions as well as on decimals. Moreover, you can continue your practice with the topics covered in these exercises like multiplication of a fraction by a whole number, multiplication of a fraction by a fraction, division of the whole number by a fraction, division of a fraction by a whole number, multiplication of decimal by 10,100, 100, etc.

Chapter 3 Data Handling

Students who feel risky to learn how to do data handling can go with these exercises and come across with some more kinds of data and graphs. Moreover, you will also understand how to organize experiences and draw inferences from them.

Chapter 4 Simple Equations

NCERT Textbook solutions of 7th maths chapter 4 simple equations covers the concepts like setting up an equation, solving an equation, transposing a number, applications of simple equations to practical situations. Below are exercise solutions links of the ch 4 simple equations NCERT Solutions Maths.

Chapter 5 Lines and Angles

This chapter explains various types of angles at length. Concepts like elated angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles, adjacent angles, linear pair, vertically opposite angles, pairs of lines, intersecting lines, transversals, the angle made by a transversal, transversal of parallel lines, and checking of parallel lines are also covered in the chapter 5 Lines and Angles Class 7 NCERT Textbook Maths Solutions.

Chapter 6 The Triangle and its Properties

Class 7 Maths NCERT solutions chapter 6 the triangle and its properties deal with the topics like Drawing the median and altitude of triangles, determining the exterior angles, and finding the value of unknown angles using the angle sum property, and many more. It provides students a detailed knowledge of the elements of a triangle. Furthermore, this chapter also covers an illustration of the isosceles and equilateral triangles.

Chapter 7 Congruence of Triangles

Here, you have seen the provided chapter 7 exercises solutions links where students introduced a term known as “congruence”. Students will study the major topics like Congruence of plane figures, congruence among line segments, congruence of angles, congruence of triangles, criteria for congruence of triangles, congruence among right-angled triangles in this chapter.

Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities

Class 7 Maths Chapter 8 describes the importance of comparing two quantities in our everyday life. They may be heights, weights, salaries, marks, etc. From this chapter, students will understand the method of using ratios for the comparison of the given quantities.

Two ratios can be compared by converting them to like fractions. We say the two given ratios are equivalent when the two given fractions are equal. Fun with estimation, interpreting percentages, converting percentages to how many, ratios to percents, increase or decrease as percent, profit or loss as a percentage, charge given on borrowed money or simple interest are few other interesting topics covered in this chapter.

Chapter 9 Rational Numbers

The Rational Numbers Chapter deals with the topics like positive and negative rational numbers, rational numbers on a number line, rational numbers in standard form, comparison of rational numbers, rational numbers between two rational numbers, operations on rational numbers. The provided 2 exercises include problems related to these concepts.

Chapter 10 Practical Geometry

Training on how to properly use geometrical instruments to construct transversals and parallel lines, building triangles using the SSS, SAS, ASA, and RHS criteria are the concepts covered in the 5 exercises of the practical geometry chapter.

Chapter 11 Perimeter and Area

Perimeter is the distance around a closed figure while the area is the part of a plane or region occupied by the closed figure. In this class 7 Maths NCERT Solutions Chapter 11, you will learn directly how to find the perimeter and area of different geometrical shapes. Also, it includes converting units and applying the topics discussed here to real-life problems.

Chapter 12 Algebraic Expressions

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 Maths Chapter 12 Algebraic Expressions deals with the knowledge of some algebraic terms such as coefficients, like and unlike terms, monomials, binomials, trinomials, polynomials, addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions, finding the values of an expression, and more. All these concepts are explained in these exercise-wise solutions links. So, download and start preparing them for free & easily.

Chapter 13 Exponents and Powers

Dealing with the exponents’ concepts is not so easy as it should be applied with various rules. Students should know that Exponents are the power of the number. So, in this chapter, you will study the multiplication, addition, division, etc. of numbers having exponents. All the concepts are covered in the below chapter 13 exercises with detailed solutions.

Chapter 14 Symmetry

Here, the geometrical concept of symmetry is presented. Lines of symmetry for regular polygons and rotational symmetry are explained in this chapter. So, students are advised to download all the concepts by going through these three exercise-wise solutions links.

Chapter 15 Visualising Solid Shapes

The ending part of the Class 7 Maths NCERT Solutions is the Visualising solid shapes Chapter. From here, you will study the concepts like how to classify figures in terms of dimensions, what are plane figures and what are solid shapes, what are 2D and 3D figures, top view of figures, side view, etc.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths

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Importance of NCERT Solutions of Class 7 Maths PDF

There are countless advantages of referring to the NCERT Solutions of 7th Class Maths and they are as such:

  • Understanding & solving the Maths concepts can be quite tricky but with the help of NCERT 7th maths solutions pdf, it will be easy for all students.
  • All the NCERT Book Solutions for Class 7 Maths are available for free access and download offline to practice at any time and anywhere.
  • By using this self-evident NCERT 7th Std Solutions, you can have a solid grip on the basic concepts of maths and get a foundation for further classes too.
  • Our in-house subject matter experts have created the 7th Class NCERT Maths English and Hindi Medium as per the latest & updated 2021-22 academic year CBSE curriculum & syllabus.

FAQs on NCERT Book Class 7 Maths Solutions Free PDF Download

1. What is the best reference material to score more marks in CBSE Class 7 Maths Exam?

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths is the best reference material that covers all chapters and exercise questions and answers in a comprehensive manner. By practicing all these solutions thoroughly can help you score more in the 7th maths exams.

2. Where can I get the Solutions for 7th class maths NCERT Textbook Questions? 

The detailed and step-by-step solutions for 7th class maths NCERT Textbook Questions are designed by subject experts as per the latest & updated CBSE Guidelines and you get them on our page at NCERTBooks.Guru

3. How many Chapters are there in the Class 7 Maths Textbook?

There are 15 Chapters present in the Class 7 Math Textbook.


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