NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Health and Medicine Chapter 2 Laughter – The Best Medicine

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Chapter 2 Laughter – The Best Medicine are part of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English. Here we have given NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Chapter 2 Laughter – The Best Medicine.

Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 10
Subject English Main Course Book
Chapter Unit 1 Chapter 2
Chapter Name Laughter – The Best Medicine
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CBSE Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Health and Medicine Chapter 2 Laughter – The Best Medicine


Question 1.
Read the following poem. Take turns in reading them aloud with your partner and ensure that you put in the right sort of feelings and emotions and voice modulations and intonation to make your partner laugh heartily.
Students to read the text on their own.

Question 2.
Discuss with your partner which part of the poem you liked the most and give reasons for your preference.
Classroom activity. The following information shall he useful in assessing the poem.

In a way, the entire poem is beautiful seeing the subject and its musical aspects. However, the last part is the most likable. It is the climax and underlines the fact that the narrator has been riding all the time, yet he is where he had begun from. This is also because of his realizing that whatever he had been doing was a crime though a muddle-head he was. It means that he regains some sensibility. This redeems his muddle-headedness.

Question 3.
Humor is infectious. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. In addition to the domino effect of joy and amusement, laughter also strengthens your immune system, boosts energy, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use. Given below the table are the benefits of laughter in a jumbled form. Complete the table by putting them in the relevant column.

The Benefits of Laughter

Physical Health Benefits:A

Boosts immunity

Lowers stress hormones

Decreases pain

Relaxes your muscles

Prevents heart disease

Mental Health Benefits:B

Relieves stress

Helps defuse conflict

Eases anxiety and fear Improves mood

Adds joy and zest to life Enhances resilience

Social Benefits:C

Strengthens relationships

Enhances teamwork

Promotes group bonding

Attracts others to us

Question 4.
Read the following article Fundamentals of Laughter Yoga
Students to read the text on their own.


The most important principle behind Laughter Yoga and the driving force behind Laughter Clubs is the theory that Motion Creates Emotion. Some persons wonder how a person can laugh when he is in no mood to laugh. The answer is simple. It is : what happens to the mind happens to the body as well. Also there is a link between the body and the mind.

A simple thing between a father and his son proves it. The father told his son that if he was sad, he should not sit idle. But he should do some physical work or go for a walk. He would feel better and it happened. It means in a sad mood if we behave happily we shall start feeling happy.

Laughter Yoga aims to use the two-way body-mind link to change the state of mind. It is through clapping, chanting or some body movements like breathing exercises. The result has been positive. Laughter Yoga has been seen to overcome severe and chronic depression in thousands of people across the globe. Several Laughter Clubs have adopted the motto : If your Mind can’t laugh, bring your Body to our Club’.

Laughter is all about playfulness. Children laugh 300 to 400 times a day. This is because of the brain. Adults first use their brains to understand humour to decide if they have to laugh. This is linked to the LKK syndrome, that is, ‘Log Kya Kahenge’. This is called the ‘Mind-to-Body Model of Humour. But children do not bother about it. Even if they fall into mud they laugh even at the spoiling of their clothes. Their laughter comes straight from their bodies and not brains. They exhibit the ‘Body-to-Mind Model of Humour’. It is this playfulness that Laughter Yoga aims at cultivating in people who are stressed. More and more people are becoming the members of Laughter Clubs.

Laughter distinguishes between Happiness and Joy. Happiness is a conditional response of the mind. It depends solely on the fulfilment of certain desires of the mind. It is related to how one’s life had been in the past and how it will be in the future ! It is a sad fact that even if some goals or dreams have been obtained, happiness disappears quickly. It is because the mind starts searching for new goals like a new house, a car etc. On the other hand, joyfulness is the unconditional commitment to be happy each moment despite the problems of life. It is the promise that the Body makes to the mind to indulge in playfulness. This playfulness is caused by dancing, singing, playing and laughing. Physiological and biochemical changes occur within the body. This gives us a sense of well-being which changes the negative outlook towards life into positive one.

In Laughter Clubs members develop positive conditioning of joy. In chanting ‘Ho Ho Ha Ha’ and “Very Good Very Good Yay Yay’ the brain develops new neuronal connections to produce neuropeptides and hormones in the body. This gives a new life and rejuvenates the members.

Finally, Laughter Yoga rectifies irregular breathing. It is the direct consequence of stress and negative mental state. According to Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Laureate, one reason for falling sick is the lack of oxygen in the body cells. It is due to incorrect breathing. So let us laugh together and get oxygen back into our cells !

Question 5.
Given below in jumbled form are the sub-headings for the paragraphs of the article that you just read. Arrange the headings in the right order against the paragraph numbers :

(para 4) The unconditional nature of joy
(para 6) Healing power of laughter yoga
(para 2) Laughter-Positive Impact-making members refreshed
(para 5) The conditioned Mind
(para 1) The link between Body and Mind
(para 3) Spontaneous laughter


(para 1) The conditioned Mind
(para 2) Laughter-Positive Impact-making members refreshed
(para 3) The link between Body and Mind
(para 4) The unconditional nature of joy
(para 5) Spontaneous laughter
(para 6) Healing power of laughter yoga

Question 6.
Now write an e-mail to your overstressed sister who is preparing for her Class XII exams suggesting her to join a laughter club to combat her anxiety. Youmay use the following points along with your own.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Health and Medicine Chapter 2 Laughter - The Best Medicine 2


Date : 10 January, 20 —
From : [email protected]
Subject : joining laughter club to combat anxiety
To : [email protected]

Dear Roma

I hope all at your side are fine. I felt a little distressed to know that you are under stress due to your preparing for your class XII examinations. You’ll agree with me that stress is more because of a worrying nature and a tendency to be sad and fallen. Just imagine if you tend to be more stressed what gain you will get ! No gains except more sadness and frustration. So stop worrying about those things that are to happen in future. We, you know, can’t foresee future happenings. What is important is cheerfulness and happiness. We should not spoil our present for the sake of future as we can’t see it.

I, therefore, advise you to feel light in every way. Join a laughter club as it is a panacea for these modern diseases. Laughing lowers blood pressure. It reduces stress hormones and cleanses lungs and body tissues. It also increases blood circulation and boosts immune function. In a way, laughing produces a general sense of well-being. One feels fresh zest and enthusiasm thereafter. You yourself will see a sea change in your body after a few days on joining this club. All of us here are already the members of this club.

With best wishes
Yours affectionately

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