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Naturopathy Courses: Are you having a great interest in learning natural ways to treat ailments? If yes, then the Diploma in Naturopathy is for you. It is a diploma level course, which includes the discipline of Yoga along with Naturopathy. The course is shaping a critical understanding of Yoga and other fundamental techniques among the candidates. The students can learn how to cure illness and other health-related issues by using the natural way of diet and efficient exercise.

The course encompasses of structuring a general establishment regarding nutrition and health. The students looking to get admission to the program should have an overall preference to learn about the information and latest technologies related to naturopathy. Additionally, the students must have the ability to apply logical reasoning to reach concrete solutions. After completing the Diploma in Naturopathy, the students become capable of offering excellent care accessible for patients in eliminating illness.

Diploma in Naturopathy – What’s the Program is About?

Naturopathy is the branch of science, which deals with sickness and treatment by using natural ways. Without the use of any alternative medicine, the students can learn about the latest natural techniques to cure ailments. The candidates who have a keen interest in studying the science of health can pursue a Diploma in Naturopathy. The program generally deals with the system of using effective medicines and the science of Yoga. The candidates can learn the following subjects present in the course program:

  • Nutrition, Hygiene, and Yoga
  • Various Naturopathy systems
  • Underlying Philosophy of Natural cure
  • History of Natural cure

The students can develop their learning in the following areas:

  • Anatomy
  • Public Health
  • Nutrition
  • Natural curing techniques
  • Physiology

The students get familiar with various techniques of massage, exercise, and directing diet, which is beneficial to treat illness. The program is well-organized to explain the aspirants with a developed knowledge of operative curing without supporting any antibiotics. Additionally, the students can acquire proficient skills to have patience and remain calm before going to start the illness treatment.

Top Colleges Offering the Course of Diploma in Naturopathy

  • NCHS- National College of Health Sciences is in Punjab.
  • Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research, that is, IAMR, which is in West Bengal.
  • Swami Vivekanand Institute of Management, that is, SVIM, which is in Uttarakhand.
  • Jain Vishva Bharati Institute- It is in Rajasthan.
  • PIU- Pragyan International University is in Jharkhand.
  • Vardhman Mahavir Open University- It is in Rajasthan.

Diploma in Naturopathy Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria to get admission in Diploma in Naturopathy

  • The aspirants applying for the course must have a passed-out 10th class with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • The candidates who have qualified 12th class in any stream with a minimum aggregate of 50% can apply for the program.
  • The students must be in good health status. If the applicants are suffering from any illness, then it can stop them from practicing or teaching yoga.
  • While taking admission for the course, the aspirants should be of 18 years or above.

Diploma in Naturopathy Admission Process

What is the admission process for the Diploma in Naturopathy?

Generally, the admission to the course program is on the Merit basis, which the students obtain in their qualifying exam. There is no entrance test accompanied for the course program, but the students must the eligibility requirements for pursuing the course.

The aspirants can apply for the program offline by visiting the respective colleges. Additionally, they have a choice to visit the official website of the college and apply there for the program. The students can get all the vital data related to the entrance exam, date of admission, and many more on the official site.

Diploma in Naturopathy Syllabus

The course introduces the students with the alternative methods and latest techniques involved in the field of curing ailments. The candidates get relevant training for treating ailments without making the use of any medicine. Generally, the course syllabus varies from college to college; however, the students will study the following fundamentals during the program:

  • Foundation of Health, Naturopathy, and Nutrition
  • Fundamental Anatomy of the Human Body
  • Method of Nature Care
  • Illness and Treatment by Naturopathy

Diploma in Naturopathy Course Fee

The duration for completing the Diploma in Naturopathy is 1 to 3 years in the country. The course fee ranges from Rs. 7,200 to 13 lakhs. Generally, the fees charged for the course vary from one college to another. Before taking admission in any college, the students must check their status, rating, location, and the staff. Additionally, it is beneficial to check out if the college is offering any scholarship or not.

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Diploma in Naturopathy Career Prospects

Undoubtedly, the program opens a broad range of prospects for the aspirants. From the research programs to teaching, the students can choose an opportunity to get a great career life. The candidates can practice in the following government agencies:

  • Ministry of health
  • Government of India
  • Ministry of AYUSH

The students can choose from any research councils mentioned below

  • CCRYN – Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy
  • NIN – National Institute of Naturopathy
  • Hospital Administration
  • Private Clinics
  • Research Centers
  • Management and Administration
  • Healthcare centers
  • Spa Centers

Additionally, the students have the opportunity to become

  • Assistant Research Officer
  • Research Officer
  • Publication Officer
  • Naturopathy Physician
  • Therapist
  • Naturopathy Experts
  • Naturopathy Consultant

Naturopathy Courses

Diploma in Naturopathy Salary Packages

After the completion of the program, the graduates can apply for jobs in various government sectors. Even students can pursue research programs to gain more knowledge. The candidates can earn about 1 to 9 lakhs INR per annum after the course program. However, the salary packages vary for graduates and post-graduates aspirants. Additionally, the status of the institute from which the students have completed their education matters while finalizing the salary.

Undoubtedly, the course program is a career turning in nature, which opens tremendous jobs in both government and private sectors. Though the minimum qualification for a Diploma in Naturopathy is one year, it can be a two or 3-year course depending on the institute. With the use of self-healing principles, non-medical testing, and natural therapy, the students get efficient training to cure illness efficiently.

While considering the salary packages, it depends upon several factors, and you must take care of them. Students can get a wide range of choices with a Diploma in Naturopathy course, and hence they can even pursue a job in many government agencies. They can refer to a good salary package through this.

FAQ’s On Diploma in Naturopathy Courses

Question 1.
Which place is best to perform yoga?

Perform yoga in a neat and clean place away from insects and other animals. But if you prefer indoor areas, then the area must have full light and ventilation for airflow.

Question 2.
How often should you perform yoga?

It is all on your capabilities to perform yoga, but for best results, perform the exercise for at least one hour a day in the morning or evening time. However, you must be aware of the purpose before performing yoga.

Question 3.
Is it important for your body to be flexible first to start yoga?

There is no pre-requirement to perform yoga, but yoga brings flexibility in your body.

Question 4.
How will you state the minimum gap between your meal and the yoga session?

Put the gap of at least four hours in between your meal and the yoga session. However, if you take a liquid diet, then there should be a gap of one hour, at least.

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