MPPSC Books 2023 | Overview, Subjects, Books and Scope

MPPSC BooksFor any individual willing to work with the administration and operational services of the country or their state, the civil service examination is the best option. The civil service examinations for every state works on the guidelines and modes suggested by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). But there remain some specific areas of confusion and doubt which must be clarified before getting started with the process of preparation. 

The MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission) is the governing and controlling body for recruitments and conducting civil service examinations for the state. Many different posts within government departments are available which makes the exam very prestigious. If you are someone who is confused about what track you must follow or how exactly to go about your upcoming MPPSC exams, this is the right article for you.  

To know more about MPPSC books, syllabus, exam pattern and scope after qualifying, keep reading through.

MPPSC- Overview

Jumping right to the specifics might not be helpful for someone who is new to the idea of MPPSC. So, let us look at an overview of what the MPPSC exam is all about.

The exam pattern is similar to the UPSC exam structure except for the fact that the preparation specific to all subjects and areas must be centered on Madhya Pradesh. The structure of the exam is divided into three stages that include the prelims, mains and interviews similar to the UPSC CSE. What is a must for any aspirant is to be aware of the exact syllabus and methods with the utmost details. The registration dates, important announcements and the timeline of exams must be figured carefully. From the preparation perspective, candidates must be very well versed and aware of the current affairs and in particular of the state.

Any civil service examination has a key factor that is, NCERT books that are available for different subjects. NCERT Books combined with other reference books are known to bear relevant outputs for the exam, over the years. These books include the likes of Laxmikanth for polity and Bipin Chandra for the history topics. 

With these points in mind, you must move on to the next step – selecting books, notes and study material for all the different subjects. To know more about materials and  MPPSC books, scroll down. 

Before that, getting a grasp of the subjects necessary for MPPSC is very important. 

MPPSC- Subjects

A wide range of subjects from all domains of the country that need to be dealt with as a civil servant in implementing and framing policies and laws are included in the exams conducted by public service commissions. With the need to being constantly updated with the current affairs in the country and within the state, there are specific subjects that must be covered. Some of them are as follows:

  • History of Madhya Pradesh
  • Geography and Economy of Madhya Pradesh
  • Modern History 
  • Indian polity

There are different levels of information and data related to the culture, art, politics, social structure, different impacts, inventions and innovations in science that should be covered before appearing for the MPPSC or any public service commission examination. 

MPPSC- Books

Knowing all that is needed regarding the syllabus, it is also essential to stick to particular books for each subject that will give you syllabus specific information. Usually, it is recommended to refer to a single book for each subject to avoid complexities and misunderstandings that may arise. A general idea of the best MPPSC books include:

< NCERT books up to class 12th for each of the different subjects.

< In History, special reference needs to be used for Famous Temples in India, Types of Vedas, Tribal Paintings in India, Hindu Widow Remarriage Act, Ancient Dynasties and Kingdoms, Rig Veda, Legislation in British India and much more. 

< The India Year Book

< Economy can be studied through the different state board textbooks prescribed at the school level.

< Modern History (Rajiv Ahir’s Spectrum) 

< Madhyapradesh Ek Parichaya by McGraw-Hill publication

< For Geography, the maps and detailed information of the Neighboring countries, major mountain ranges, Natural disasters, landforms and other relevant information from the geography of Madhya Pradesh may be asked.

< Reading the newspaper and in particular, the Hindu and its daily analysis can be useful for helping the candidates sharpen their current affairs.

< The Yojana Magazine, Press Information Bureau updates and conferences can play a pivotal part in helping you clear the MPPSC exam. 

MPPSC- Scope & Career Opportunities

Clearing all three sages of the MPPSC Examination will ensure that you are eligible for a job as an officer in any concerned government department after completion of the training period. The vast career scope and security is what makes the demand for qualifying for the MPPSC exam high. Some career opportunities may be listed as:

< State Services

< State Forest Services

< State Engineering Services

< Assistant Geologist

< Assistant (Farmer Welfare andDevelopment Department)

< Sub- Inspector

< Scientific Officer 

< Assistant Horticulture Officer 

< Assistant Officer (Social Justice Department) 

< Assistant Fisheries Development Officer 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the eligibility criteria for appearing in MPPSC?

Answer. Candidates must be citizens of India and must be of 21 years of age. There are category-based relaxations and strict restrictions for both women and men based on marital status.

2. How many vacancies are available for the MPPSC exam?

Answer. The number varies each year but an average of around 200 to 350 recruitments may be provided in a year.

3. What are the probable dates for MPPSC the year 2020?

A. The prelims were held in the month of January this year and the recruitment process is still in continuation as of October 2020.

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